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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Aegon StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU267Not updated
2Ziyal StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU266Not updated
2Cersei StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU266Not updated
4Auril StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU264Not updated
4Gurkenmelee StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU264Not updated
6Caladnei StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU263Not updated
7Marilith StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU262Not updated
8Ensi LEGIONKil'jaeden-EU249Not updated
9Bêko DiVerseKil'jaeden-EU243Not updated
10Febia eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU241Not updated
11Manta Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU239Not updated
11Diotíma eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU239Not updated
11Ladanis eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU239Not updated
14Hanar eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU233Not updated
15Ronnya Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU231Not updated
16Börti FinitasKil'jaeden-EU229Not updated
16Malícia Under Jolly RogerKil'jaeden-EU229Not updated
18Eìr SUN TZUKil'jaeden-EU227Not updated
19Nocturnal MidgardKil'jaeden-EU224Not updated
19Hadès MidgardKil'jaeden-EU224Not updated
21Varag MidgardKil'jaeden-EU223Not updated
22Râven MidgardKil'jaeden-EU222Not updated
22Maddoc MidgardKil'jaeden-EU222Not updated
22Meridis MidgardKil'jaeden-EU222Not updated
22Avaris MidgardKil'jaeden-EU222Not updated
22Salador MidgardKil'jaeden-EU222Not updated
27Gustavor Silver LegionKil'jaeden-EU219Not updated
27Mellthas FinitasKil'jaeden-EU219Not updated
29Zacharias Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU217Not updated
30Vipi European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU216Not updated
30Ràvén Tha Dogg PoundKil'jaeden-EU216Not updated
30Zalera MidgardKil'jaeden-EU216Not updated
33Mâriâ FinitasKil'jaeden-EU215Not updated
33Deevel StormspireKil'jaeden-EU215Not updated
35Belorelol Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU214Not updated
36Urjelke Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU213Not updated
36Nauthiz AlamoKil'jaeden-EU213Not updated
38Drhomie StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU212Not updated
38Lorley Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU212Not updated
38Haerry Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU212Not updated
38Tamiyo MoschaboyzKil'jaeden-EU212Not updated
38Maddor Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU212Not updated
43Hufflepuf CalimieroKil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Becki AlamoKil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Crâwl Deprived ChildrenKil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Imaldur MidgardKil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Denoría  Kil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Noveria EmpathyKil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
43Jæsøn  Kil'jaeden-EU209Not updated
50Habanero MoschaboyzKil'jaeden-EU208Not updated
51Epiâ Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU207Not updated
52Duncun  Kil'jaeden-EU206Not updated
52Sandstein Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU206Not updated
54Tholgrim Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU205Not updated
54Josephinchen CrusadersKil'jaeden-EU205Not updated
54Zooq PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU205Not updated
54Bäddäd GothicKil'jaeden-EU205Not updated
58Marnex Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU204Not updated
58Legerés W H FKil'jaeden-EU204Not updated
60Feìmata BrandinesaKil'jaeden-EU203Not updated
60Lytâ  Kil'jaeden-EU203Not updated
62Kelridan Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU202Not updated
62Qtepia Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU202Not updated
62Kriad FidelityKil'jaeden-EU202Not updated
62Rikira Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU202Not updated
66Elishea HellboundKil'jaeden-EU201Not updated
66Xantscha Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU201Not updated
68Junichi PlainCrazyKil'jaeden-EU200Not updated
68Terénce Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU200Not updated
68Yinson  Kil'jaeden-EU200Not updated
68Chianna Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU200Not updated
68Sejire DilaMentaKil'jaeden-EU200Not updated
73Bartornado  Kil'jaeden-EU199Not updated
73Dólor StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU199Not updated
75Shanééa FinitasKil'jaeden-EU198Not updated
75Jyria Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU198Not updated
77Orângîn JagdHundeKil'jaeden-EU197Not updated
78Neyu Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU195Not updated
78Powermetal Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU195Not updated
80Queasy ArmagedonKil'jaeden-EU194Not updated
80Livediili SadgasmKil'jaeden-EU194Not updated
82Gravi PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82Knixi Communio ImmortaliumKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82Sônja Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82Shawty Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82Seraphór ExiliumKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82ßestjal SyncedKil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
82Fulana  Kil'jaeden-EU193Not updated
89Aileen FinitasKil'jaeden-EU192Not updated
89Drenni Ala RubraKil'jaeden-EU192Not updated
89Marti  Kil'jaeden-EU192Not updated
92Lydîa A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU191Not updated
92Lussinda Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU191Not updated
94Dasire Die Hüter alter TugendenKil'jaeden-EU190Not updated
94Tinnedmend A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU190Not updated
94Ameron eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU190Not updated
97Kysha European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU188Not updated
97Nyrok FinitasKil'jaeden-EU188Not updated
97Nfgmagier Patrioten der HordeKil'jaeden-EU188Not updated
97Viatrix Veritas InvictusKil'jaeden-EU188Not updated

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