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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kel'Thuzad-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Tinchi  Kel'Thuzad-EU245Not updated
2Xethesh NoirKel'Thuzad-EU244Not updated
3Svetix  Kel'Thuzad-EU243Not updated
4Anywen NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU241Not updated
5Sinsanity NoirKel'Thuzad-EU236Not updated
5Markia  Kel'Thuzad-EU236Not updated
5Domitían NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU236Not updated
8Arkam ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU235Not updated
9Knuddel ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU234Not updated
10Itako Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU231Not updated
11Mindchen NoirKel'Thuzad-EU230Not updated
12Syriôn Lord of MoneyKel'Thuzad-EU229Not updated
12Fireprism  Kel'Thuzad-EU229Not updated
14Judgemebad ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU227Not updated
15Dekona Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU226Not updated
15Xânobiâ NeophobiaKel'Thuzad-EU226Not updated
15Böbs Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU226Not updated
18Ranada The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU222Not updated
18Nulgar The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU222Not updated
20Russky Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU221Not updated
20Katarn CrazyClanKel'Thuzad-EU221Not updated
22Lavera MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU220Not updated
22Majoo MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU220Not updated
24Selinia MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU219Not updated
24Mashed MüsliMüsliMjamMjamMjamKel'Thuzad-EU219Not updated
24Sinôra  Kel'Thuzad-EU219Not updated
27Johannah Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU218Not updated
27Áragòn ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU218Not updated
27Tsukurz One PercentKel'Thuzad-EU218Not updated
30Serraphine Gardh en TeliadKel'Thuzad-EU217Not updated
30Chimon The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU217Not updated
32Mortiferus excubitoris ex lucernaKel'Thuzad-EU216Not updated
32Taarnagh The Wild HordeKel'Thuzad-EU216Not updated
34Fraiz NoirKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Ishanas Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Leshawna LemmingsKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Xadramas SilentiumKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Chógall SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Vola Bad CompanyKel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
34Xaraz  Kel'Thuzad-EU215Not updated
41Kaj IllustrisKel'Thuzad-EU214Not updated
41Ölüm AssassinKel'Thuzad-EU214Not updated
41Cyborgia Deathless AngelsKel'Thuzad-EU214Not updated
44Maria Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU213Not updated
44Jellosubmari SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU213Not updated
44Scâla Legends of KalimdorKel'Thuzad-EU213Not updated
44Mcmonky NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU213Not updated
48Nuky ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU212Not updated
48Mistresz ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU212Not updated
48Ralis CoreKel'Thuzad-EU212Not updated
51Lënny ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU211Not updated
51Charming Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU211Not updated
51Vilari Memento moriKel'Thuzad-EU211Not updated
54Florixx SturmhaufenKel'Thuzad-EU210Not updated
54Silin Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU210Not updated
56Viha IllustrisKel'Thuzad-EU209Not updated
56Rynouk  Kel'Thuzad-EU209Not updated
56Sônyâ Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU209Not updated
59Skúbi IronHammerKel'Thuzad-EU208Not updated
59Creven SchattenblutKel'Thuzad-EU208Not updated
61Todessaufi Wächter der InnbrückeKel'Thuzad-EU207Not updated
61Hysh  Kel'Thuzad-EU207Not updated
61Girard Spirits of BloodKel'Thuzad-EU207Not updated
64Zyrák MadvillainyKel'Thuzad-EU206Not updated
64Badorgg The Big Gank TheoryKel'Thuzad-EU206Not updated
64Profreestyle  Kel'Thuzad-EU206Not updated
64Scazzo Worg this wayKel'Thuzad-EU206Not updated
64Durdon riseKel'Thuzad-EU206Not updated
69Lácey ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU205Not updated
69Amilya SchattenblutKel'Thuzad-EU205Not updated
69Janita NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU205Not updated
72Tíríon DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU204Not updated
72Sunshìne  Kel'Thuzad-EU204Not updated
74Osorxom NeophobiaKel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
74Navra ManasturmKel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
74Ariol RevéngeKel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
74Nilturion Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
74Taaví TryAgainKel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
74Suupa  Kel'Thuzad-EU203Not updated
80Tamino Damned SoulsKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Hèra MîdgardKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Crowleý TryAgainKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Mctastey NoirKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Ziý NaitomeaKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Wowheal  Kel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
80Darkfay One PercentKel'Thuzad-EU202Not updated
87Demolay ShadowrunKel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated
87Diaochan DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated
87Deathstôrm Suum CuiqueKel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated
87Katri DemolitionKel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated
87Hülyâ DragonknightsKel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated
87Cheneta  Kel'Thuzad-EU201Not updated

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