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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Mastatd KyphosisKazzak-EU172Not updated
2Bigevilz KyphosisKazzak-EU170Not updated
2Argús KyphosisKazzak-EU170Not updated
4Turambar KyphosisKazzak-EU164Not updated
5Tawtem KyphosisKazzak-EU150Not updated
6Shekemyst KyphosisKazzak-EU143Not updated
7Zato KyphosisKazzak-EU132Not updated
8Ayoi KyphosisKazzak-EU126Not updated
9Mïshon KyphosisKazzak-EU125Not updated
10Kokonassars KyphosisKazzak-EU119Not updated
10Fearforfree KyphosisKazzak-EU119Not updated
12Kimiky KyphosisKazzak-EU112Not updated
13Celtis KyphosisKazzak-EU107Not updated
14Ayolalola KyphosisKazzak-EU104Not updated
15Mondryin KyphosisKazzak-EU100Not updated
16Xerpo KyphosisKazzak-EU92Not updated
17Irondevil KyphosisKazzak-EU89Not updated
18Holyhottie KyphosisKazzak-EU75Not updated
19Retenz KyphosisKazzak-EU74Not updated
19Dooba KyphosisKazzak-EU74Not updated
21Detoxicate KyphosisKazzak-EU73Not updated
22Nirvannawarr KyphosisKazzak-EU72Not updated
23Gigator KyphosisKazzak-EU68Not updated
23Beorên KyphosisKazzak-EU68Not updated
23Xabio KyphosisKazzak-EU68Not updated
26Frozenbeach KyphosisKazzak-EU65Not updated
27Sealarion KyphosisKazzak-EU63Not updated
28Inheritancé KyphosisKazzak-EU62Not updated
29Jellyjuice KyphosisKazzak-EU60Not updated
29Rockstedy KyphosisKazzak-EU60Not updated
31Kennydude KyphosisKazzak-EU59Not updated
32Anitðv KyphosisKazzak-EU56Not updated
32Purplehazz KyphosisKazzak-EU56Not updated
34Lenser KyphosisKazzak-EU53Not updated
34Fistyfluffs KyphosisKazzak-EU53Not updated
36Dísregard KyphosisKazzak-EU51Not updated
36Hodini KyphosisKazzak-EU51Not updated
38Kashyo KyphosisKazzak-EU49Not updated
38Draugon KyphosisKazzak-EU49Not updated
40Theblood KyphosisKazzak-EU47Not updated
41Lochem KyphosisKazzak-EU44Not updated
42Venomyc KyphosisKazzak-EU43Not updated
43Detator KyphosisKazzak-EU41Not updated
44Diabolos KyphosisKazzak-EU40Not updated
45Supirior KyphosisKazzak-EU38Not updated
46Thundcanon KyphosisKazzak-EU35Not updated
47Nurarihyon KyphosisKazzak-EU34Not updated
47Lucìs KyphosisKazzak-EU34Not updated
49Kaivega KyphosisKazzak-EU32Not updated
50Darksymbol KyphosisKazzak-EU31Not updated
51Gooly KyphosisKazzak-EU30Not updated
52Proutfoot KyphosisKazzak-EU28Not updated
53Familyguy KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
53Korin KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
53Lonbxseq KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
53Deadnipple KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
53Deathpill KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
53Cobrashot KyphosisKazzak-EU27Not updated
59Vanessâ KyphosisKazzak-EU26Not updated
59Radioheadz KyphosisKazzak-EU26Not updated
61Chogat KyphosisKazzak-EU25Not updated
62Upew KyphosisKazzak-EU23Not updated
62Holyfields KyphosisKazzak-EU23Not updated
64Cøja KyphosisKazzak-EU22Not updated
65Coja KyphosisKazzak-EU21Not updated
65Lyfthrasir KyphosisKazzak-EU21Not updated
65Fartmouth KyphosisKazzak-EU21Not updated
68Goproo KyphosisKazzak-EU20Not updated
69Alkahestry KyphosisKazzak-EU19Not updated
69Prødîgy KyphosisKazzak-EU19Not updated
71Karnaf KyphosisKazzak-EU18Not updated
72Imsomnia KyphosisKazzak-EU17Not updated
72Armanit KyphosisKazzak-EU17Not updated
74Mopsa KyphosisKazzak-EU15Not updated
74Ashanthalas KyphosisKazzak-EU15Not updated
76Grodá KyphosisKazzak-EU14Not updated
76Sparkrider KyphosisKazzak-EU14Not updated
78Gamba KyphosisKazzak-EU13Not updated
79Tryndãmere KyphosisKazzak-EU12Not updated
79Pendeja KyphosisKazzak-EU12Not updated
81Bunnyhugger KyphosisKazzak-EU11Not updated
82Morduh KyphosisKazzak-EU10Not updated
83Sawyèr KyphosisKazzak-EU9Not updated
83Noxcius KyphosisKazzak-EU9Not updated
85Yaiks KyphosisKazzak-EU8Not updated
86Glomax KyphosisKazzak-EU6Not updated
87Ramilevi KyphosisKazzak-EU5Not updated
87Afuzzy KyphosisKazzak-EU5Not updated
87Flootz KyphosisKazzak-EU5Not updated
87Theskinner KyphosisKazzak-EU5Not updated
87Xtcdk KyphosisKazzak-EU5Not updated
92Faindead KyphosisKazzak-EU4Not updated
92Marchini KyphosisKazzak-EU4Not updated
94Redjacket KyphosisKazzak-EU2Not updated
95Ronykk KyphosisKazzak-EU1Not updated
95Shakabulbul KyphosisKazzak-EU1Not updated
95Shamruk KyphosisKazzak-EU1Not updated
95Danielbro KyphosisKazzak-EU1Not updated
99Microt KyphosisKazzak-EUNot updated
99Dovshamen KyphosisKazzak-EUNot updated

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