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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kargath-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Excálibur Old SchoolsKargath-EU256Not updated
2Anok Die brennenden SchattenKargath-EU235Not updated
3Mâgus Die brennenden SchattenKargath-EU234Not updated
4Grimnuth NástrandirKargath-EU232Not updated
5Nülle DarkphoenixKargath-EU231Not updated
6Djinn Das TRIBUNalKargath-EU230Not updated
6Lîlou RushKargath-EU230Not updated
8Misantrophia Scattered DreamKargath-EU228Not updated
9Dakany Bewahrer des LichtesKargath-EU227Not updated
10Kasurî Rare EliteKargath-EU226Not updated
11Drogrim MonochromeKargath-EU225Not updated
12Lardara Lucretius CurateKargath-EU224Not updated
13Aisle Día de MuertosKargath-EU222Not updated
13Ugg DoomKargath-EU222Not updated
13Doty  Kargath-EU222Not updated
16Betecé Rare EliteKargath-EU221Not updated
16Krûmel The Lost OnesKargath-EU221Not updated
16Xanid NástrandirKargath-EU221Not updated
16Tinchen Awoken KitesKargath-EU221Not updated
20Nataku DarkphoenixKargath-EU220Not updated
21Citus ThoregonKargath-EU219Not updated
21Thoridal DarkphoenixKargath-EU219Not updated
23Refia InfamousKargath-EU218Not updated
24Grommril Spott ImmunKargath-EU217Not updated
25Lamerjack Heimdalls MannenKargath-EU216Not updated
25Chessy Heimdalls MannenKargath-EU216Not updated
25Sanguinius Deamon SoulsKargath-EU216Not updated
25Anástasia Ocean SoulsKargath-EU216Not updated
29Nørdi NástrandirKargath-EU215Not updated
29Venoshine Die Wächter der DraenorKargath-EU215Not updated
29Silou out of mindKargath-EU215Not updated
29Egellu PiranjasKargath-EU215Not updated
33Mariah ElysiumKargath-EU214Not updated
33Heexos Opus BellumKargath-EU214Not updated
33Mepi Spott ImmunKargath-EU214Not updated
33Alyara InfamousKargath-EU214Not updated
37Dobendan Trinity of AzerothKargath-EU213Not updated
37Galdear Entropy of the HordeKargath-EU213Not updated
37Gazikalle StereophonicsKargath-EU213Not updated
40Drizzte ThoregonKargath-EU212Not updated
40Adurna Aus der AscheKargath-EU212Not updated
40Faedwen  Kargath-EU212Not updated
40Nathárion Odem der EwigkeitKargath-EU212Not updated
44Alexander DoomKargath-EU211Not updated
44Tungdiel Rare EliteKargath-EU211Not updated
44Sephira Nos ExiliumKargath-EU211Not updated
44Josalyn Liga of FaliviensKargath-EU211Not updated
44Láluná Legaten des LichtsKargath-EU211Not updated
44Graveball Ventus NovusKargath-EU211Not updated
44Kazur Pro FuchsKargath-EU211Not updated
51Zerzal Heimdalls MannenKargath-EU210Not updated
51Kew Stern von KalimdorKargath-EU210Not updated
51Baíley Warlords of AzerothKargath-EU210Not updated
51Heracless NástrandirKargath-EU210Not updated
55Yonglai StereophonicsKargath-EU209Not updated
55Braxus SacrificeKargath-EU209Not updated
55Isbjörn StereophonicsKargath-EU209Not updated
55Krueger ASGARDKargath-EU209Not updated
55Mielle StereophonicsKargath-EU209Not updated
55Heilômat Sons of DestructionKargath-EU209Not updated
55Adarien Opus BellumKargath-EU209Not updated
55Cesare Pro FuchsKargath-EU209Not updated
55Tyrissa Orden der VerdammnisKargath-EU209Not updated
64Shiaz ThoregonKargath-EU208Not updated
64Hulkzwei Lucretius CurateKargath-EU208Not updated
64Darkanubis Soulblades of NightmareKargath-EU208Not updated
64Insertnamê HavocKargath-EU208Not updated
64Shoqxör  Kargath-EU208Not updated
64Adarîa Opus BellumKargath-EU208Not updated
64Oimaus Legend of KargathKargath-EU208Not updated
64Zworx GmbH und Co KGKargath-EU208Not updated
64Sakafuru  Kargath-EU208Not updated
64Rúna Pro FuchsKargath-EU208Not updated
74Dramohr StereophonicsKargath-EU207Not updated
74Escarda StereophonicsKargath-EU207Not updated
74Xilef DoomKargath-EU207Not updated
74Denice DoomKargath-EU207Not updated
74Bateu  Kargath-EU207Not updated
74Micro AwesomeKargath-EU207Not updated
74Rökkva Pro FuchsKargath-EU207Not updated
74Selfurion Scattered DreamKargath-EU207Not updated
74Niorna Día de MuertosKargath-EU207Not updated
74Schakazz Ring des LichtsKargath-EU207Not updated

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