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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Nemsìs IndependanceKael'thas-EU260Not updated
2Dragfir StraticsKael'thas-EU257Not updated
3Growpltwo StraticsKael'thas-EU251Not updated
4Leediéti RoyautEKael'thas-EU250Not updated
5Méaméa GeneseKael'thas-EU246Not updated
6Kiisib  Kael'thas-EU244Not updated
7Belphi ErymantheKael'thas-EU243Not updated
8Karä BetaTestKael'thas-EU241Not updated
9Erytheia Cursed by NatureKael'thas-EU240Not updated
9Abesses MystKael'thas-EU240Not updated
9Ënvÿ Sacoche CrewKael'thas-EU240Not updated
12Chyne MandragoreKael'thas-EU238Not updated
12Grór EreborKael'thas-EU238Not updated
14Inmille MandragoreKael'thas-EU237Not updated
14Grakhul  Kael'thas-EU237Not updated
16Eydis MystKael'thas-EU235Not updated
17Amerion MandragoreKael'thas-EU234Not updated
17Rägmiss The HowlKael'thas-EU234Not updated
19Alima HostileKael'thas-EU232Not updated
19Corellia ErymantheKael'thas-EU232Not updated
19Aurevizna RoyautEKael'thas-EU232Not updated
19Laureth omniumKael'thas-EU232Not updated
23Adras MystKael'thas-EU231Not updated
23Lilette GatecrashKael'thas-EU231Not updated
25Garffield FreedomKael'thas-EU230Not updated
25Frahïr MystKael'thas-EU230Not updated
25Wyzn EternalisKael'thas-EU230Not updated
28Yxiéme EternalisKael'thas-EU229Not updated
29Cätwoman FreedomKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Glïxx Jamaicans GirlzKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Wÿzn EternalisKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Azyn EternalisKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Elyween DrawKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Yxilaule EternalisKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Toffel EternalisKael'thas-EU227Not updated
29Caymette MystKael'thas-EU227Not updated
37Delurin Autant PliésKael'thas-EU226Not updated
37Cyrena MystKael'thas-EU226Not updated
39Matraque MandragoreKael'thas-EU225Not updated
39Aponi Cursed by NatureKael'thas-EU225Not updated
39Siptah ébèneKael'thas-EU225Not updated
42Twixdeudoigt RévolutionKael'thas-EU224Not updated
42Eryia NightcallKael'thas-EU224Not updated
42Kementàri EternalisKael'thas-EU224Not updated
45Brisingar BetaTestKael'thas-EU223Not updated
45Yamatø The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU223Not updated
45Tweeny MystKael'thas-EU223Not updated
48Aküma HostileKael'thas-EU222Not updated
48Ludovic BetaTestKael'thas-EU222Not updated
48Ravenel Les LycansKael'thas-EU222Not updated
48Yxilol EternalisKael'thas-EU222Not updated
52Siteal MystKael'thas-EU221Not updated
52Kahlàn Alba NovaKael'thas-EU221Not updated
54Aristott BasterdsKael'thas-EU220Not updated
55Dämagforever ParadøxKael'thas-EU219Not updated
55Juliju SolsticeKael'thas-EU219Not updated
55Bhelial MystKael'thas-EU219Not updated
58Kharisma sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU218Not updated
58Fujie DrawKael'thas-EU218Not updated
60Langshui sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Uslok FreaksKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Dimiriel MyrthKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Devoria MystKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Exhume sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Taktïa VaapadKael'thas-EU217Not updated
60Goratryx  Kael'thas-EU217Not updated
67Erizu The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU216Not updated
67Sayern TenoobraeKael'thas-EU216Not updated
67Owl Les Lapins De LumièreKael'thas-EU216Not updated
67Balent Alba NovaKael'thas-EU216Not updated
67Yongby MandragoreKael'thas-EU216Not updated
67Pras Show TimeKael'thas-EU216Not updated
73Mastâ  Kael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Garmarar ParadøxKael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Stephany EternalisKael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Tiguimie InfamøusKael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Anoa MandragoreKael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Cukyna  Kael'thas-EU215Not updated
73Sôphîe AggroKael'thas-EU215Not updated
80Shashauna BetaTestKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Hanslanda BasterdsKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Argoworg sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Amoilatune Est un PøneyKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Tsunian Ordre des SamaritainsKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Lolitoy The HowlKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Aaka WrathKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Afkdot The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Trèslaid For the fourKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Lockmouche ébèneKael'thas-EU214Not updated
80Snøwback eXiKael'thas-EU214Not updated
91Deedlyth The HowlKael'thas-EU213Not updated
91Halzael MystKael'thas-EU213Not updated

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