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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jubei'Thos-US Faction Only Mounts
1Zeirath Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US256Not updated
1Damnflanders THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US256Not updated
3Nînja The Phallus PalaceJubei'Thos-US254Not updated
4Misswhipper PermanentJubei'Thos-US253Not updated
4Shë RevelationsJubei'Thos-US253Not updated
6Peggysui Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US244Not updated
7Gooeysnack GIRL WITHOUT A MICJubei'Thos-US243Not updated
7Hôlylôrd THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US243Not updated
7Sahariah  Jubei'Thos-US243Not updated
10Tanitha PhantomJubei'Thos-US241Not updated
11Mypally Makes me MoistJubei'Thos-US236Not updated
12Haiah InsurgenceJubei'Thos-US235Not updated
13Mirrian voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US234Not updated
13Eggsampled The Saddle ClubJubei'Thos-US234Not updated
15Animã Kia OraJubei'Thos-US233Not updated
16Yousamurp Chaos StormJubei'Thos-US232Not updated
17Raguil Raiders ValiantJubei'Thos-US231Not updated
18Critmespears Heretics of DuneJubei'Thos-US230Not updated
19Pandalel Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US229Not updated
20Bearzhuzade PermanentJubei'Thos-US228Not updated
20Moondruid Me Myself And IJubei'Thos-US228Not updated
22Sullani THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US227Not updated
23Purplemage CrushersJubei'Thos-US225Not updated
23Lightspear Blood FuryJubei'Thos-US225Not updated
25Realistkilla A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US224Not updated
25Fronkadin The Saddle ClubJubei'Thos-US224Not updated
25Phaseolus THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US224Not updated
25Gnomerender Youre WelcomeJubei'Thos-US224Not updated
29Erythro Deus Ex MachinaJubei'Thos-US223Not updated
29Lepandalor KopítiamJubei'Thos-US223Not updated
29Rîsk HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US223Not updated
32Pewpewtron Plug And PlayJubei'Thos-US222Not updated
32Chargintarge The Saddle ClubJubei'Thos-US222Not updated
34Safira Plug And PlayJubei'Thos-US221Not updated
35Opbear Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US220Not updated
35Wipebringer HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US220Not updated
35Òckdknight KopítiamJubei'Thos-US220Not updated
35Dimonlord FrienDsMNJubei'Thos-US220Not updated
39Starsmash PermanentJubei'Thos-US219Not updated
39Inspectahd ConquerorsJubei'Thos-US219Not updated
41Drilled Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US218Not updated
41Arlexior Light SalvationJubei'Thos-US218Not updated
41Pkjai InsurgenceJubei'Thos-US218Not updated
41Pandý ShadowscourgeJubei'Thos-US218Not updated
41Malkira  Jubei'Thos-US218Not updated
46Kiyoto  Jubei'Thos-US217Not updated
47Maddusdoggus Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US216Not updated
47Chaotic DownfallJubei'Thos-US216Not updated
49Tsoz FluxJubei'Thos-US215Not updated
49Sheepagnome True BloodJubei'Thos-US215Not updated
49Zarriaa Kings PillarJubei'Thos-US215Not updated
49Pyus Wizards IRLJubei'Thos-US215Not updated
53Shaftiel Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US214Not updated
53Thetaxman DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US214Not updated
53Druidgazzy ReasonJubei'Thos-US214Not updated
53Altington ConquerorsJubei'Thos-US214Not updated
53Taxfraud DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US214Not updated
58Davinity EminentJubei'Thos-US213Not updated
58Gogopets KopítiamJubei'Thos-US213Not updated
58Igorpse  Jubei'Thos-US213Not updated
58Canossa RevelationsJubei'Thos-US213Not updated
58Topp Adventure TimeJubei'Thos-US213Not updated
63Hatred A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US212Not updated
63Tauran KingSlayerJubei'Thos-US212Not updated
63Satanachia StrifeJubei'Thos-US212Not updated
63Vanhurskas Lethal DescentJubei'Thos-US212Not updated
67Luglug Power Word GravyJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
67Unheart KingSlayerJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
67Akiyo A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
67Selenaa CondimentsJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
67Chuxy AsgardJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
67Axzo DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US211Not updated
73Estillia Power Word GravyJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Hælend Déjà VuJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Agibro A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Qatthy NiflheimJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Khalten ConquerorsJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Nekita  Jubei'Thos-US210Not updated
73Jellyberry THATS NO MOONJubei'Thos-US210Not updated
80Minibyte FluxJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Zorai Ex HardcoreJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Splattadin Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Kiyota MinervaJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Klausbarbie Adventure TimeJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Felsodom A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Overpowdered The Saddle ClubJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
80Plopcorn AscensionJubei'Thos-US209Not updated
88Coffeeneeded Pants on HeadJubei'Thos-US208Not updated
88Crosszeria SymphonyJubei'Thos-US208Not updated
88Tyerdot Apocalypse WoWJubei'Thos-US208Not updated
88Paligir FocusJubei'Thos-US208Not updated

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