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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Mamarules BlowIllidan-EU269Not updated
2Galaxïe InSiemIllidan-EU255Not updated
3Grenât Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU253Not updated
3Stellie AmenoIllidan-EU253Not updated
5Théory InTenebrisIllidan-EU250Not updated
6Anamisk KaminaIllidan-EU248Not updated
7Rorzette KaminaIllidan-EU245Not updated
8Killeak Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU243Not updated
9Ãodren  Illidan-EU242Not updated
10Erù Nø MercyIllidan-EU238Not updated
11Metalman  Illidan-EU236Not updated
12Deshi antichambreIllidan-EU235Not updated
13Shivalingam  Illidan-EU234Not updated
13Johnsnòw AuthenticIllidan-EU234Not updated
15Accostaté The Final CountdownIllidan-EU233Not updated
16Houam BlowIllidan-EU232Not updated
17Kïssmiss HadésIllidan-EU231Not updated
18Missmymy La ConfIllidan-EU230Not updated
19Kàthy antichambreIllidan-EU229Not updated
19Sharwynn Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU229Not updated
19Zalenbow BlowIllidan-EU229Not updated
19Halybel TimelessIllidan-EU229Not updated
19Aõdren  Illidan-EU229Not updated
19Hydralolz CrushedIllidan-EU229Not updated
25Incøø  Illidan-EU228Not updated
26Analine Frozen TearsIllidan-EU226Not updated
26Martz  Illidan-EU226Not updated
28Kastrup  Illidan-EU225Not updated
28Ømygad OsmoseIllidan-EU225Not updated
30Marikâl MétempsycoseIllidan-EU224Not updated
30Melpômène  Illidan-EU224Not updated
32Badumpshii  Illidan-EU223Not updated
33Vanadis BlowIllidan-EU222Not updated
33Amets EverIllidan-EU222Not updated
33Synclol ExtaZeIllidan-EU222Not updated
36Aëlin kickbackIllidan-EU221Not updated
36Pinkpantsu  Illidan-EU221Not updated
38Severn No GloryIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Kaméha Bad ClownIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Yufi MurlocIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Mìíd antichambreIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Talazas HadésIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Retamios Rage KitIllidan-EU220Not updated
38Ceyledot  Illidan-EU220Not updated
45Darknine Opùs DeiIllidan-EU219Not updated
45Øcramw American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU219Not updated
47Brîareøs Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU218Not updated
47Thyo do not disturbIllidan-EU218Not updated
47Anthérøs Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU218Not updated
47Gobchass Opùs DeiIllidan-EU218Not updated
47Shruïkan  Illidan-EU218Not updated
52Flycase Courage FuyonsIllidan-EU216Not updated
52Yoshikawa OverdøseIllidan-EU216Not updated
54Rosvield TimelessIllidan-EU215Not updated
54Nazume kickbackIllidan-EU215Not updated
54Pwaitt  Illidan-EU215Not updated
54Feyfðlken ÆFKIllidan-EU215Not updated
54Fârm Bad WolfIllidan-EU215Not updated
54Lauredanâ la legion des angesIllidan-EU215Not updated
60Eldiablox KaminaIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Ashdøw Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Khallane Frozen TearsIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Ursøl The AshbringerIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Riñ antichambreIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Bombomleyo Rage KitIllidan-EU214Not updated
60Schneider Achievements FactoryIllidan-EU214Not updated
67Saisyu Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Kylee ValhallaIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Qiwlol  Illidan-EU213Not updated
67Zhïm EverIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Oboudlanui ExaniumIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Memian AltheaIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Böu OrdalieIllidan-EU213Not updated
67Elöuän The AceIllidan-EU213Not updated
75Shrèk Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU212Not updated
75Cøx OdysséeIllidan-EU212Not updated
77Grobâmbou ExtaZeIllidan-EU211Not updated
77Perciflette SolemnIllidan-EU211Not updated
77Cudy  Illidan-EU211Not updated
77Cokillette Semper FiIllidan-EU211Not updated
77Myske  Illidan-EU211Not updated
82Arketyp Les EmpafésIllidan-EU210Not updated
82Vymer BlowIllidan-EU210Not updated
82Pårn  Illidan-EU210Not updated
82Penélope TreizeIllidan-EU210Not updated
82Babybashette  Illidan-EU210Not updated
87Malitia PøisønIllidan-EU209Not updated
87Pirotès  Illidan-EU209Not updated
87Palià Fantasmes ChøcølatésIllidan-EU209Not updated
90Kyplinor FinestIllidan-EU208Not updated
90Sévérian Opùs DeiIllidan-EU208Not updated
90Jetetwoll AtomIllidan-EU208Not updated
90Nightsorrow Les No LifeIllidan-EU208Not updated
90Carviñ  Illidan-EU208Not updated
95Lhoki  Illidan-EU207Not updated
95Shanìa AmnesíaIllidan-EU207Not updated
95Odieux Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU207Not updated
95Addes Bad ClownIllidan-EU207Not updated
95Dârkk Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU207Not updated
95Minò  Illidan-EU207Not updated

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