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Hyjal-US Faction Only Mounts
1Oryz  Hyjal-US274Not updated
2Stríke WarbåndHyjal-US271
3Faith ElysiumHyjal-US260
4Sprittlez Shinra IncHyjal-US253
5Lamphetamine BenevolentHyjal-US251Not updated
6Ellphäba Touch of ChaosHyjal-US250
7Lemonpeppery Sadistic SanityHyjal-US248Not updated
8Xendey Death By DesignHyjal-US247
8Zarranthela Post ApocalypseHyjal-US247
10Spikespiegel Apex GamersHyjal-US246
11Tsozok Advent FuryHyjal-US245
12Nosia TFHyjal-US244
13Fantasyman Post ApocalypseHyjal-US242
14Athenyannyan Post ApocalypseHyjal-US241
15Theworst Post ApocalypseHyjal-US240
15Muskytusk Post ApocalypseHyjal-US240
17Pookachu Vindictive BrotherhoodHyjal-US239
18Ergode Antisocial ClubHyjal-US238Not updated
19Seddai Raging Horde MonkeysHyjal-US237
20Evelynn CliqueHyjal-US236
21Bragha Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US235
21Viction Malicious IntentHyjal-US235
23Phoeniixx EstrangedHyjal-US234
23Takaoni Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US234
23Furia Stormweaver ClanHyjal-US234Not updated
26Zaiaku CliqueHyjal-US233
26Vezix BiceratopsHyjal-US233
26Kylê Antisocial ClubHyjal-US233
29Sabrissia Advent FuryHyjal-US231
30Stkh Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US230
30Eggwolls Advent FuryHyjal-US230
30Spwingwolls The Guild of BanksHyjal-US230
30Kiche CliqueHyjal-US230Not updated
34Drunkguy Fat ChanceHyjal-US228
34Backbeat ElysiumHyjal-US228
34Tragicchaos Praise The SunHyjal-US228
34Tylanthía Nightmare of DecemvirateHyjal-US228
34Bambew NephilimHyjal-US228
34Lightreborn  Hyjal-US228Not updated
40Dewytart Antisocial ClubHyjal-US227
41Idiotbox TFHyjal-US226
41Thebizz In Vino VeritasHyjal-US226
41Mercatia  Hyjal-US226Not updated
44Elaton Legion of The AxeHyjal-US225
45Bizz In Vino VeritasHyjal-US224
45Mediúmräre The AinurHyjal-US224
45Tamniard Hyjal Social ClubHyjal-US224
45Sparkknight Righteous ImpurityHyjal-US224
45Zuroto  Hyjal-US224Not updated
45Simsalabim AcheronHyjal-US224
51Prevent CröwnHyjal-US223
51Merlanda Time LordHyjal-US223
53Abindia Advent FuryHyjal-US222
53Brodys Aggroholics AnonymousHyjal-US222
53Divinelf Warcraft UniversityHyjal-US222
53Jìnx Death Before DishonorHyjal-US222
57Madara Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US221
57Tanddrelia CröwnHyjal-US221
57Frankcastle Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US221
57Ahrielle Righteous ImpurityHyjal-US221
57Mesocyclone Advent FuryHyjal-US221
62Pravus WarsongHyjal-US220
62Pestelince Antisocial ClubHyjal-US220
62Brodymage Aggroholics AnonymousHyjal-US220
62Grimil MischiefHyjal-US220
62Jazzrik Advent FuryHyjal-US220
62Toughshift  Hyjal-US220Not updated
68Divineshield TFHyjal-US219
68Wolfxero Legends of the WestHyjal-US219
68Taminy Advent FuryHyjal-US219
68Phoenix Aspects of AzerothHyjal-US219Not updated
68Bricktamland I DigressHyjal-US219
68Jaylore TFHyjal-US219
68Elizile Advent FuryHyjal-US219
75Blacksteel WarpathHyjal-US218
75Justice CliqueHyjal-US218
75Bakersmith The Brute SquadHyjal-US218
75Tabbedout TFHyjal-US218Not updated
75Sarÿ xLRHyjal-US218
75Druidjedi We wipe on trashHyjal-US218Not updated
75Auralvampire  Hyjal-US218Not updated
75Carma ParagonHyjal-US218Not updated
75Zaadok Bonzo Dog Doo Dah GuildHyjal-US218
75Garyøak  Hyjal-US218Not updated

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