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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Stracciatela ApogéeHyjal-EU272Not updated
2Kyparite ApogéeHyjal-EU270Not updated
3Carera inSiemHyjal-EU265Not updated
4Gents Les Gardiens du SecretHyjal-EU264Not updated
5Lyloù ApogéeHyjal-EU263Not updated
6Falx Brotherhood Of EdenHyjal-EU262Not updated
6Turökk  Hyjal-EU262Not updated
8Raìdbull OríonHyjal-EU261Not updated
8Arcatera BioHaZarDHyjal-EU261Not updated
10Sørnn PandemøniumHyjal-EU258Not updated
10Kadz FreeStyleHyjal-EU258Not updated
12Zerkòs FaithHyjal-EU257Not updated
12Kellysha inSiemHyjal-EU257Not updated
12Eskhandor  Hyjal-EU257Not updated
15Jìng MeltdownHyjal-EU256Not updated
15Piuf Gloriana XIVHyjal-EU256Not updated
17Moustikr PandemøniumHyjal-EU252Not updated
17Lagoon PandemøniumHyjal-EU252Not updated
17Daemontwoll Frosted CørHyjal-EU252Not updated
20Polgana SpîriteHyjal-EU251Not updated
20Aétiosette  Hyjal-EU251Not updated
20Kriskilla FahrenheitHyjal-EU251Not updated
23Issyx SpîriteHyjal-EU250Not updated
24Éternea MeltdownHyjal-EU249Not updated
24Gorkyie FaithHyjal-EU249Not updated
24Wirzag Under GroundHyjal-EU249Not updated
24Tribtoxic Ab NihiloHyjal-EU249Not updated
28Nerz  Hyjal-EU248Not updated
29Kazmo The bläckøutHyjal-EU247Not updated
29Xansten  Hyjal-EU247Not updated
31Sépulcre Warsong FuryHyjal-EU246Not updated
31Malhiboux PandemøniumHyjal-EU246Not updated
33Mefistófeles Tropical flowersHyjal-EU245Not updated
33Maiva FahrenheitHyjal-EU245Not updated
33Shÿnigamï Connection LostHyjal-EU245Not updated
33Findusiglo  Hyjal-EU245Not updated
33Khalifa  Hyjal-EU245Not updated
38Boeskill FahrenheitHyjal-EU243Not updated
38Rortov RejectHyjal-EU243Not updated
38Shenwa  Hyjal-EU243Not updated
38Kleiz LéviathanHyjal-EU243Not updated
38Gadz LéviathanHyjal-EU243Not updated
38Ezok LéviathanHyjal-EU243Not updated
44Khäleesí Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU242Not updated
44Wowsnake HeresyHyjal-EU242Not updated
46Vortôr RejectHyjal-EU241Not updated
46Vortimonky RejectHyjal-EU241Not updated
46Varîus Lost HorizonHyjal-EU241Not updated
46Lunélia Herp DerpHyjal-EU241Not updated
50Arcannah  Hyjal-EU240Not updated
50Klâshnöviâ Wype SpiritHyjal-EU240Not updated
50Verdante FahrenheitHyjal-EU240Not updated
53Larmiell ProjectHyjal-EU239Not updated
53Nollz  Hyjal-EU239Not updated
53Inäe RejectHyjal-EU239Not updated
56Hongtang World Wipe FoundationHyjal-EU238Not updated
56Søckie MemøriesHyjal-EU238Not updated
56Xiaoqin World Wipe FoundationHyjal-EU238Not updated
56Tehron Bénédiction LegacyHyjal-EU238Not updated
56Chalmers PandemøniumHyjal-EU238Not updated
61Kahos Les Bières Sans PeurHyjal-EU237Not updated
61Deathexdraw  Hyjal-EU237Not updated
61Errøs Gang Of MurlocsHyjal-EU237Not updated
64Arrowtik  Hyjal-EU236Not updated
64Milxow The glory of the heroesHyjal-EU236Not updated
64Kümàs Les Héritiers d HyjalHyjal-EU236Not updated
64Ouinaki  Hyjal-EU236Not updated
64Tiffänÿ Blood TemplarsHyjal-EU236Not updated
69Kaÿn Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU235Not updated
69Zarkann Joyeux PourfendeursHyjal-EU235Not updated
71Blôody SightHyjal-EU234Not updated
71Îtchÿ  Hyjal-EU234Not updated
73Helwina UltimaHyjal-EU233Not updated
73Alake Sleeping fôrestHyjal-EU233Not updated
73Løøunà EmpyreanHyjal-EU233Not updated
73Kaýne Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU233Not updated
73Hellbløød Cornîchons loverZHyjal-EU233Not updated
78Dãgoräth Farming is Nøt a CrimeHyjal-EU232Not updated
78Naômi No StratHyjal-EU232Not updated
78Bizarro La Crypte du TempsHyjal-EU232Not updated
78Maliztra PureHyjal-EU232Not updated
78Grumovalda Last AriaHyjal-EU232Not updated
83Ceymwa PandemøniumHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Jamìe  Hyjal-EU231Not updated
83Kaÿne Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Hagoran Millenium TVHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Bloodyleen MercenaryHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Impure MeltdownHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Désolacion AMIZADEHyjal-EU231Not updated
83Cazu  Hyjal-EU231Not updated
91Nahimana Ab NihiloHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Wognarok Pomme CannelleHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Maelanne Aman ThalionHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Kaýn Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Nighthøst La Crypte du TempsHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Paràlol Rush ItHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Arcaliche IntuitionHyjal-EU230Not updated
91Bisounouz EtherniumHyjal-EU230Not updated
99Mistah Herp DerpHyjal-EU229Not updated
99Xoroth Les KørrigansHyjal-EU229Not updated

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