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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Gurubashi-US Faction Only Mounts
1Oddold  Gurubashi-US262Not updated
2Prashanth AestheticGurubashi-US229
3Janeb NotoriousGurubashi-US223Not updated
3Tithun NotoriousGurubashi-US223Not updated
5Silvius Man Bites DogGurubashi-US222Not updated
6Kuream  Gurubashi-US219Not updated
7Morzurol AurochsGurubashi-US217Not updated
8Pintowarsong More bagsGurubashi-US211Not updated
9Alchemyst Dam NationGurubashi-US205Not updated
10Meatsaks  Gurubashi-US202Not updated
11Shilock StunLockGurubashi-US201Not updated
12Jazzoi Long NightsGurubashi-US200Not updated
12Tiavaran Angry DragonGurubashi-US200
14Holymöley Illicit FuryGurubashi-US198Not updated
14Muhnewer  Gurubashi-US198Not updated
16Talc Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US193Not updated
17Sùbzero MERCGurubashi-US187
17Leyloo MadhouseGurubashi-US187Not updated
17Muximuxi Nova OrdemGurubashi-US187Not updated
20Whomikejones MERCGurubashi-US186Not updated
20Belenar Order of the Shadow WolfGurubashi-US186
20Michaeldk NotoriousGurubashi-US186Not updated
23Tankdipinga Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US184Not updated
24Snuggemz Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US181Not updated
24Vectorius Conselho do MalGurubashi-US181Not updated
24Ellacia Illicit FuryGurubashi-US181Not updated
27Westsidêr MERCGurubashi-US179Not updated
27Jettfire Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US179Not updated
27Graith MadhouseGurubashi-US179Not updated
30Ivanil  Gurubashi-US178Not updated
30Rataho NotoriousGurubashi-US178Not updated
32Lamane NotoriousGurubashi-US177Not updated
32Lildor Dam NationGurubashi-US177Not updated
32Myroeshj Organized ChaosGurubashi-US177Not updated
32Stargoddess  Gurubashi-US177Not updated
36Akyn Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US175Not updated
37Shörtstöp  Gurubashi-US174Not updated
38Hauntedbody NotoriousGurubashi-US173Not updated
38Darkstick IntenseGurubashi-US173Not updated
40Beautymiss Cobra KaiGurubashi-US172Not updated
40Aveeon NotoriousGurubashi-US172Not updated
40Nightmàrè Reborn in DarknessGurubashi-US172Not updated
40Punctrrepair  Gurubashi-US172Not updated
44Shambrie  Gurubashi-US171
45Chinatsu Dogs of WarGurubashi-US170Not updated
45Ðemai  Gurubashi-US170Not updated
47Kaedyn Exalted PathGurubashi-US169Not updated
47Iguäna DraculsGurubashi-US169Not updated
49Urutumartelo  Gurubashi-US167Not updated
49Spotdotkill Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US167Not updated
49Aelalivin Ghosts of MOJAGurubashi-US167Not updated
49Achievement Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US167Not updated
53Wolfpup Dam NationGurubashi-US166Not updated
54Lustfulsin NotoriousGurubashi-US165Not updated
54Evilshade NotoriousGurubashi-US165Not updated
56Megoash The FallénGurubashi-US164Not updated
56Guessmyname NotoriousGurubashi-US164Not updated
58Ailell Fifty Shades of CrayGurubashi-US163Not updated
58Damdots NotoriousGurubashi-US163Not updated
58Satine  Gurubashi-US163Not updated
61Bites Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US162Not updated
61Nalthion Warriors of the WorldGurubashi-US162Not updated
61Pnemonia  Gurubashi-US162Not updated
61Kelskan  Gurubashi-US162Not updated
65Pasties Dam NationGurubashi-US161Not updated
65Deylilein Sanctum ImperiumGurubashi-US161Not updated
67Bloodypea Twisted DragonGurubashi-US160Not updated
68Kuroh  Gurubashi-US159Not updated
68Ascobol Public EnemyGurubashi-US159Not updated
68Voulinrabah AestheticGurubashi-US159Not updated
71Alenei I EGBT IGurubashi-US158Not updated
71Seyll New World OrderGurubashi-US158Not updated
71Legreta TrogdorGurubashi-US158Not updated
74Faeryl New World OrderGurubashi-US157
75Penniwise Virtual HitmenGurubashi-US156Not updated
75Judithea StunLockGurubashi-US156Not updated
75Mofrapp InsomniacsGurubashi-US156Not updated
75Lorkan Long NightsGurubashi-US156Not updated
79Damidgie Knights of LeisureGurubashi-US155Not updated
79Gaznort Angry DragonGurubashi-US155
81Darkapophis Cru In ActionGurubashi-US154Not updated
81Exzume Appetite for DistractionGurubashi-US154Not updated
81Soleja Live Fast Die LastGurubashi-US154Not updated
81Bloodtyr Dogs of WarGurubashi-US154Not updated
85Dhiren Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US153Not updated
85Zorola More bagsGurubashi-US153Not updated
85Saraphmael BloodBrothersGurubashi-US153Not updated
85Bao  Gurubashi-US153Not updated
85Lhikan Minion of ZulGurubashi-US153Not updated
85Obáke AestheticGurubashi-US153Not updated
91Arexander  Gurubashi-US152Not updated
91Feron Public EnemyGurubashi-US152Not updated
91Mythara IntenseGurubashi-US152Not updated
91Cashkow Kiss My SpecGurubashi-US152Not updated
95Takotree Long NightsGurubashi-US151Not updated
95Mobwin  Gurubashi-US151Not updated
97Persist Forever Alone GurubåshiGurubashi-US150Not updated
98Touela BloodBrothersGurubashi-US149Not updated
98Maybelliné  Gurubashi-US149Not updated
100Demonmucus NotoriousGurubashi-US148Not updated

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