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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Bitterlemone PredictedGul'dan-EU273Not updated
2Edelstier PredictedGul'dan-EU265Not updated
3Nocta PredictedGul'dan-EU249Not updated
4Phônix myogaGul'dan-EU243Not updated
5Oomkin PredictedGul'dan-EU242Not updated
6Allsvartur Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU237Not updated
7Karthok PredictedGul'dan-EU236Not updated
7Schwarzehand PredictedGul'dan-EU236Not updated
9Ichy Insert CoinGul'dan-EU235Not updated
10Blutdämon Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU234Not updated
11Luisane Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU232Not updated
11Stanlay Milieu ProminenzGul'dan-EU232Not updated
11Minimoo hat keine AhnungGul'dan-EU232Not updated
11Yasumi Lunatic SoulsGul'dan-EU232Not updated
15Badsanta PredictedGul'dan-EU231Not updated
15Dardon PeonsGul'dan-EU231Not updated
17Kenshin PeonsGul'dan-EU230Not updated
18Tightowl PredictedGul'dan-EU229Not updated
18Gorbasch oRkGul'dan-EU229Not updated
20Vivia Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU227Not updated
20Entrô PredictedGul'dan-EU227Not updated
20Alendenis Dream TeamGul'dan-EU227Not updated
23Runor oRkGul'dan-EU226Not updated
24Svapoo fadeGul'dan-EU225Not updated
24Kaschima myogaGul'dan-EU225Not updated
24Jumpie PredictedGul'dan-EU225Not updated
24Yuca PredictedGul'dan-EU225Not updated
28Ashtrayheart fadeGul'dan-EU224Not updated
28June fadeGul'dan-EU224Not updated
30Franziskarr PredictedGul'dan-EU223Not updated
31Kazumi myogaGul'dan-EU222Not updated
31Misaky ShadowStoneGul'dan-EU222Not updated
31Taski PredictedGul'dan-EU222Not updated
34Muhk oRkGul'dan-EU221Not updated
35Narisan Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU220Not updated
35Nazh PredictedGul'dan-EU220Not updated
37Diarun oRkGul'dan-EU219Not updated
37Twinger SturmwächterGul'dan-EU219Not updated
39Crìssy fadeGul'dan-EU217Not updated
40Putzlappen PeonsGul'dan-EU216Not updated
40Sayona Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU216Not updated
40Deadlykizz  Gul'dan-EU216Not updated
43Nerner PredictedGul'dan-EU215Not updated
44Uschilein ConvergeGul'dan-EU214Not updated
44Ganyu Legends of Altin OrdaGul'dan-EU214Not updated
46Gneki IPhönixIGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Somnia oRkGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Ménageàtrois PredictedGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Vulpecula IPhönixIGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Ennomina IPhönixIGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Takija  Gul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Terumi IPhönixIGul'dan-EU213Not updated
46Rògue Legends of Altin OrdaGul'dan-EU213Not updated
54Vineta Legends of Altin OrdaGul'dan-EU212Not updated
54Tyrjr Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU212Not updated
56Celynia Ultio SanguineusGul'dan-EU211Not updated
57Zerbi PredictedGul'dan-EU210Not updated
57Bônkers Next RequiemGul'dan-EU210Not updated
57Nyren Ritter der BavariaGul'dan-EU210Not updated
60Karär Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU209Not updated
60Valthera fadeGul'dan-EU209Not updated
60Wyggle IPhönixIGul'dan-EU209Not updated
60Moça IPhönixIGul'dan-EU209Not updated
60Gambrina IPhönixIGul'dan-EU209Not updated
65Aywah PredictedGul'dan-EU208Not updated
65Smudo Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU208Not updated
65Knusperjoe Ortus MalumGul'dan-EU208Not updated
65Shangda Brotherhood of EvilGul'dan-EU208Not updated
69Fütak myogaGul'dan-EU207Not updated
69Póts fadeGul'dan-EU207Not updated
69Larsdark Brotherhood of EvilGul'dan-EU207Not updated
69Gabinchen Ritter der BavariaGul'dan-EU207Not updated
69Ðraknak fadedGul'dan-EU207Not updated
74Avinaya fadeGul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Karom ConvergeGul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Luihorst Ultio SanguineusGul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Ixaty Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Rojgar Rofl meine ItemsGul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Sarcol  Gul'dan-EU206Not updated
74Simplicia myogaGul'dan-EU206Not updated
81Calandaria IPhönixIGul'dan-EU205Not updated
81Eralinghi oRkGul'dan-EU205Not updated
81Miákoda  Gul'dan-EU205Not updated
81Sakria Carpe NoctemGul'dan-EU205Not updated
85Tocka  Gul'dan-EU204Not updated
85Blackbeer Brotherhood of EvilGul'dan-EU204Not updated
85Gangan Legends of Altin OrdaGul'dan-EU204Not updated
88Nahan myogaGul'dan-EU203Not updated
88Totti PredictedGul'dan-EU203Not updated

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