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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-US Faction Only Mounts
1Mykana Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US252Not updated
2Zava  Gul'dan-US250Not updated
3Deine Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US222Not updated
4Skortoise AptitudeGul'dan-US220Not updated
5Vomitas Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US218Not updated
6Angelofhell IniquityGul'dan-US216Not updated
6Innocênt REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US216Not updated
8Öka Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US215Not updated
8Oeleandra Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US215Not updated
10Salieria InvadersGul'dan-US214Not updated
11Mazzle RezurrectedGul'dan-US213Not updated
12Valeinis ContemptGul'dan-US210Not updated
13Smokeyjoe Alliance Raiders UnitedGul'dan-US209Not updated
14Hectar Damage NetworksGul'dan-US207Not updated
14Cyara ContemptGul'dan-US207Not updated
16Vaara  Gul'dan-US202Not updated
17Schulz EverLongGul'dan-US201Not updated
17Harribel ContemptGul'dan-US201Not updated
19Tovisar ContemptGul'dan-US200Not updated
20Shinivaranos Epic PhailGul'dan-US199Not updated
21Chrisxn Damage NetworksGul'dan-US197Not updated
22Bayne Obire MortemGul'dan-US196Not updated
23Deathgrim Realm of InsanityGul'dan-US195Not updated
24Bumike Damage NetworksGul'dan-US192Not updated
25Paintraín ContemptGul'dan-US191Not updated
26Taigesios ContemptGul'dan-US190Not updated
27Asmödeus ContemptGul'dan-US189Not updated
28Deadblue Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US188Not updated
28Entropikdkay I L L U M I N A T IGul'dan-US188Not updated
28Nìckì Legendary MercenaryGul'dan-US188Not updated
28Serdona Hogans HeroesGul'dan-US188Not updated
32Kartor EverLongGul'dan-US187Not updated
33Schaubiee IniquityGul'dan-US186Not updated
34Shandy Ominous Latin NameGul'dan-US185Not updated
34Swoboo  Gul'dan-US185Not updated
34Prazzle  Gul'dan-US185Not updated
37Earlycuyler Blatant DisregardGul'dan-US184Not updated
37Evilspark EverLongGul'dan-US184Not updated
37Hakslock VindicatedGul'dan-US184Not updated
40Cyanidde EverLongGul'dan-US183Not updated
40Cruzater AptitudeGul'dan-US183Not updated
42Bragennix Damage NetworksGul'dan-US182Not updated
42Ashmyle Scurvy DogsGul'dan-US182Not updated
44Noto Damage NetworksGul'dan-US181Not updated
44Lasy REAPERS OF HORDE SOULSGul'dan-US181Not updated
44Nimza Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US181Not updated
44Laramarr The Seventh SinGul'dan-US181Not updated
48Rezsia Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US180Not updated
48Daywálker Barstool ProphetsGul'dan-US180Not updated
50Vineel Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US179Not updated
50Wafflehoof  Gul'dan-US179Not updated
52Wulkofblood The EpitomeGul'dan-US178Not updated
52Iofthatiger Blatant DisregardGul'dan-US178Not updated
52Vindikate ContemptGul'dan-US178Not updated
52Oolongtea WarbornGul'dan-US178Not updated
56Dieuh  Gul'dan-US177Not updated
56Hunteddowns IniquityGul'dan-US177Not updated
58Ginocide  Gul'dan-US176Not updated
59Correction Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US175Not updated
59Vanth IniquityGul'dan-US175Not updated
59Leonyn Casus BelliGul'dan-US175Not updated
62Kvlt Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US174Not updated
62Sòph IniquityGul'dan-US174Not updated
62Candyarse  Gul'dan-US174Not updated
62Shylar RezurrectedGul'dan-US174Not updated
62Diablerie  Gul'dan-US174Not updated
62Lilcuyler  Gul'dan-US174Not updated
62Khrorc Lords of the NightGul'dan-US174Not updated
62Lapaladin Cloudy DayGul'dan-US174Not updated
70Terrific Phat Lootz n EpixGul'dan-US173Not updated
70Bigeyoo RezurrectedGul'dan-US173Not updated
72Joiral  Gul'dan-US172Not updated
72Lightward Divine Light of ElysiumGul'dan-US172Not updated
72Darthsandy Prima NoctaGul'dan-US172Not updated
75Barash  Gul'dan-US171Not updated

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