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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorefiend-US Faction Only Mounts
1Trogi VexGorefiend-US261Not updated
2Clary Love me harderGorefiend-US249Not updated
3Goldknight SCHGorefiend-US236Not updated
4Nicholaus GoodFellasGorefiend-US235Not updated
4Pamchax AsylumGorefiend-US235Not updated
6Kikou The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US234Not updated
7Effenjous VexGorefiend-US230Not updated
8Sibbrena Hard CasualGorefiend-US228Not updated
9Shutara AsylumGorefiend-US225Not updated
9Torment OmenGorefiend-US225Not updated
11Foofs Love me harderGorefiend-US224Not updated
12Tiala Purple LotusGorefiend-US222Not updated
12Nugget VexGorefiend-US222Not updated
14Lacrimas AsylumGorefiend-US220Not updated
15Verdinia Love me harderGorefiend-US217Not updated
16Ooberbandaid VexGorefiend-US213Not updated
16Speecyspicy Love me harderGorefiend-US213Not updated
16Demonesque The DeceptaclesGorefiend-US213Not updated
19Lannistur Purple LotusGorefiend-US212Not updated
19Ghettohoof HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US212Not updated
19Veliniste BeastGorefiend-US212Not updated
22Freckles VexGorefiend-US211Not updated
22Naileddruid VexGorefiend-US211Not updated
22Zandalock Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US211Not updated
25Mear Hard CasualGorefiend-US210Not updated
26Jygrain Purple LotusGorefiend-US209Not updated
27Beyna VexGorefiend-US207Not updated
27Rhayze  Gorefiend-US207Not updated
29Ballista Purple LotusGorefiend-US206Not updated
29Jitzu Purple LotusGorefiend-US206Not updated
31Arashiryu Love me harderGorefiend-US205Not updated
32Velior Hard CasualGorefiend-US204Not updated
32Epidemic Hard CasualGorefiend-US204Not updated
32Presley RiotGorefiend-US204Not updated
35Mistbeaver VexGorefiend-US203Not updated
35Misfðrtune Hard CasualGorefiend-US203Not updated
35Shadina Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US203Not updated
35Demooyea FacepalmGorefiend-US203Not updated
35Hectard  Gorefiend-US203Not updated
40Verdis Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US202Not updated
40Mopete Ashes of GorefiendGorefiend-US202Not updated
40Fears  Gorefiend-US202Not updated
43Fleurdelys Living SyndicationGorefiend-US201Not updated
43Ballindk Love me harderGorefiend-US201Not updated
43Lawliedots  Gorefiend-US201Not updated
43Kahran RiotGorefiend-US201Not updated
47Smudge Love me harderGorefiend-US199Not updated
47Colosseum ArkGorefiend-US199Not updated
49Brunotheholy Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US198Not updated
49Tradechatt Late NightGorefiend-US198Not updated
51Knoms Hard CasualGorefiend-US197Not updated
51Romein Hard CasualGorefiend-US197Not updated
51Voltzaregud Love me harderGorefiend-US197Not updated
54Sarahsoul  Gorefiend-US195Not updated
55Ballinhunts Love me harderGorefiend-US193Not updated
55Dottydot Killer InstinctsGorefiend-US193Not updated
55Maglight GateKeepersGorefiend-US193Not updated
58Aurelious Purple LotusGorefiend-US192Not updated
58Bloodrock Lords of the HordeGorefiend-US192Not updated
60Indygochild VexGorefiend-US191Not updated
60Nunziobella Purple LotusGorefiend-US191Not updated
60Holécow BeastGorefiend-US191Not updated
63Eichhörnchen Hard CasualGorefiend-US190Not updated
63Vuxiq VexGorefiend-US190Not updated
63Iwilltrapu Purple LotusGorefiend-US190Not updated
63Quintelle Cool Story BroGorefiend-US190Not updated
67Sephiroth Hard CasualGorefiend-US189Not updated
67Swickys Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US189Not updated
67Venera Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US189Not updated
67Anticow Hard CasualGorefiend-US189Not updated
71Youhavebeef DrünkenGorefiend-US187Not updated
71Molontov FacepalmGorefiend-US187Not updated
71Replicadk The MiseryGorefiend-US187Not updated
74Gyan OmenGorefiend-US186Not updated
75Mortallife Desired StateGorefiend-US185Not updated
75Beastmöde Love me harderGorefiend-US185Not updated
75Mizzrÿm Cool Story BroGorefiend-US185Not updated
75Størmie  Gorefiend-US185Not updated
79Helduman  Gorefiend-US184Not updated
79Snyped Red DevilsGorefiend-US184Not updated
79Hilarié Hard CasualGorefiend-US184Not updated
82Alcor  Gorefiend-US183Not updated
82Cascades Red DevilsGorefiend-US183Not updated
82Spellzz ReunitedGorefiend-US183Not updated
85Aghamemnon AsylumGorefiend-US182Not updated
85Cptmurphy The DeceptaclesGorefiend-US182Not updated
85Rofllobster Hard CasualGorefiend-US182Not updated
85Shaadie VexGorefiend-US182Not updated
85Tryx Hard CasualGorefiend-US182Not updated
85Tirith DeadwingGorefiend-US182Not updated
91Teaeggswell VexGorefiend-US181Not updated
91Cøntaminate Hard CasualGorefiend-US181Not updated
91Mageusaybaa SabbaticalGorefiend-US181Not updated

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