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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gilneas-US Faction Only Mounts
1Vanas AggressionGilneas-US258Not updated
2Losh ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US251Not updated
3Mohdee AggressionGilneas-US250Not updated
4Aalye  Gilneas-US249Not updated
5Denial Obsidian OrderGilneas-US245Not updated
6Conquest Legends of TristramGilneas-US241Not updated
7Nathrezimea Mystic KnightsGilneas-US240Not updated
8Luccabrasi FrozenGilneas-US238Not updated
9Glasshouse Obsidian OrderGilneas-US237Not updated
10Cires Obsidian OrderGilneas-US236Not updated
10Lukpally  Gilneas-US236Not updated
12Lymeria Lost RequiemGilneas-US235Not updated
13Irridium AggressionGilneas-US231Not updated
14Sàlem MisguidedGilneas-US230Not updated
15Soullove Timeless GuardiansGilneas-US229Not updated
15Kitarrah AggressionGilneas-US229Not updated
17Phoenx Zero Yard RangeGilneas-US227Not updated
18Valerica UnJudgedGilneas-US225Not updated
18Lelei  Gilneas-US225Not updated
18Kelz StormGilneas-US225Not updated
21Zalamooshoo  Gilneas-US224Not updated
22Mierna Obsidian OrderGilneas-US223Not updated
23Galons AggressionGilneas-US221Not updated
23Shauku Obsidian OrderGilneas-US221Not updated
25Ihaveworms Betrayers of LightGilneas-US220Not updated
25Jonsth StormGilneas-US220Not updated
25Hupriest The IlluminåtiGilneas-US220Not updated
28Lumina Legends of TristramGilneas-US219Not updated
28Geoffgore Your DemiseGilneas-US219Not updated
30Hanyuu Depleted Uranium ShellsGilneas-US218Not updated
30Baileys AggressionGilneas-US218Not updated
30Hammershot  Gilneas-US218Not updated
30Armd StormGilneas-US218Not updated
34Corwil AggressionGilneas-US217Not updated
35Frick AggressionGilneas-US216Not updated
35Alaiyna HuzzahGilneas-US216Not updated
37Mystal Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US215Not updated
37Vest FURYGilneas-US215Not updated
37Salsliss Obsidian OrderGilneas-US215Not updated
37Brettski Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US215Not updated
37Daimos From The AshesGilneas-US215Not updated
42Hutchkins Your DemiseGilneas-US214Not updated
43Izrail Calamitous InténtGilneas-US212Not updated
43Darcaz Better Than YouGilneas-US212Not updated
43Sliceoflife StormGilneas-US212Not updated
43Fyor Zero Yard RangeGilneas-US212Not updated
43Beefecake Timeless GuardiansGilneas-US212Not updated
43Ayannä StormGilneas-US212Not updated
49Vorden Circus NinjasGilneas-US211Not updated
49Vaneyck Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US211Not updated
49Palalin  Gilneas-US211Not updated
52Skulwolf Calamitous InténtGilneas-US210Not updated
52Sieglinda  Gilneas-US210Not updated
54Lineah  Gilneas-US209Not updated
54Rufusthedog StormGilneas-US209Not updated
54Falkrynn PhalanxGilneas-US209Not updated
54Feralin  Gilneas-US209Not updated
54Sieglinde  Gilneas-US209Not updated
54Dovienya  Gilneas-US209Not updated
60Xenohart Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US208Not updated
60Kaelic TaintedGilneas-US208Not updated
60Fondaloxx ForeverGilneas-US208Not updated
60Valartha ShadowbladesGilneas-US208Not updated
60Dourus StormGilneas-US208Not updated
65Bacon Kind of a Big DealGilneas-US207Not updated
65Hyder Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US207Not updated
65Drdruid Knights of the RealmGilneas-US207Not updated
65Ash AggressionGilneas-US207Not updated
65Hyorinryu Dawn of the ExiledGilneas-US207Not updated
65Soultrade  Gilneas-US207Not updated
65Heralus ShadowbladesGilneas-US207Not updated
72Synthose Bláck RoseGilneas-US206Not updated
72Pegglegg Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US206Not updated
72Fiendishred Order of the RedGilneas-US206Not updated
72Misin Calamitous InténtGilneas-US206Not updated
76Facestealerr ShadowbladesGilneas-US205Not updated
76Kupid Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US205Not updated
76Kracktol  Gilneas-US205Not updated
79Rillum  Gilneas-US203Not updated
79Olivion Gilded RoseGilneas-US203Not updated
81Vivina Calamitous InténtGilneas-US202Not updated
81Tenian Circus NinjasGilneas-US202Not updated
81Xanastacias Legends of TristramGilneas-US202Not updated
81Pmsnor Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US202Not updated
81Dishonored ApathyGilneas-US202Not updated
81Caagpaladin ExtremeGilneas-US202Not updated

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