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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-US Faction Only Mounts
1Bullvyd SulfurasGhostlands-US259Not updated
2Murderface InfernoGhostlands-US257Not updated
2Samaxe Free AgentsGhostlands-US257Not updated
4Auronhorn SulfurasGhostlands-US253Not updated
5Shayira PsychedGhostlands-US251Not updated
6Heraia Free AgentsGhostlands-US243Not updated
7Vivax Free AgentsGhostlands-US242Not updated
8Jïñx PhycopathyGhostlands-US239Not updated
9Selarae Free AgentsGhostlands-US236Not updated
10Jezabêl PhycopathyGhostlands-US235Not updated
11Nyomi PhycopathyGhostlands-US233Not updated
11Lykaiosa PhycopathyGhostlands-US233Not updated
13Gnikrof AbsolvedGhostlands-US232Not updated
13Hayabüsa Free AgentsGhostlands-US232Not updated
15Inouva Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US230Not updated
16Nicotine HexGhostlands-US229Not updated
17Crow Free AgentsGhostlands-US228Not updated
18Xilian Free AgentsGhostlands-US227Not updated
18Mizutani Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US227Not updated
18Smufalu PhycopathyGhostlands-US227Not updated
21Spectre EqüatörGhostlands-US226Not updated
21Fuel rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US226Not updated
21Megalomania Free AgentsGhostlands-US226Not updated
24Cursewords Dirty FewGhostlands-US224Not updated
25Fourfeeuhm MeridianGhostlands-US223Not updated
26Jelgan  Ghostlands-US221Not updated
26Mordyth Electric BoogalooGhostlands-US221Not updated
28Ferrilpoe  Ghostlands-US220Not updated
29Teagore Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US219Not updated
29Mõmõ The Quick And The DeadGhostlands-US219Not updated
29Cabbit Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US219Not updated
29Wonkabar Recycled RaidersGhostlands-US219Not updated
33Bolverk Artisans of DeathGhostlands-US218Not updated
33Pïllar VengeanceGhostlands-US218Not updated
33Cornelladin The Discount HeroesGhostlands-US218Not updated
33Zeran  Ghostlands-US218Not updated
37Leofrick FusionGhostlands-US217Not updated
37Bioz PsychedGhostlands-US217Not updated
37Agrajag Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US217Not updated
40Azüla Free AgentsGhostlands-US216Not updated
41Rushana Mortal DesireGhostlands-US215Not updated
41Tinyheart Light RydersGhostlands-US215Not updated
41Daisha VengeanceGhostlands-US215Not updated
44Waddler PsychedGhostlands-US214Not updated
44Scheris Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US214Not updated
44Okarin Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US214Not updated
47Enzel VengeanceGhostlands-US213Not updated
47Kopaeli VengeanceGhostlands-US213Not updated
49Mickey Grimoire HeartGhostlands-US212Not updated
49Valarim  Ghostlands-US212Not updated
51Kroto Free AgentsGhostlands-US211Not updated
51Ivoria  Ghostlands-US211Not updated
53Doughnutman Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US210Not updated
53Hief Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US210Not updated
55Khrysta Has Brown SocksGhostlands-US209Not updated
55Saraxia The Silver CatGhostlands-US209Not updated
55Spinaltap Dirty FewGhostlands-US209Not updated
58Sandrista FusionGhostlands-US208Not updated
58Ichijou InfernoGhostlands-US208Not updated
58Sunborne  Ghostlands-US208Not updated
58Belowme  Ghostlands-US208Not updated
62Kinden PsychedGhostlands-US207Not updated
62Andelormon  Ghostlands-US207Not updated
62Nascencie ÄGÖÑŸ of the ÐËÄÐGhostlands-US207Not updated
62Strypes Dirty FewGhostlands-US207Not updated
62ßatmon Dirty FewGhostlands-US207Not updated
62Softnsquishy Dirty FewGhostlands-US207Not updated
62Auen BWHGhostlands-US207Not updated
69Sinistella The BandGhostlands-US206Not updated
69Tonem CohesionGhostlands-US206Not updated
69Cathra Ten SilverGhostlands-US206Not updated
69Sepuku Ordo Templi OrientisGhostlands-US206Not updated
69Druidkiing  Ghostlands-US206Not updated
74Derok Free AgentsGhostlands-US205Not updated
74Jaineway Dark CouncilGhostlands-US205Not updated
74Madiera The Fish and Bread TrickGhostlands-US205Not updated
77Mortradum Free AgentsGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Evilyss Dark LordsGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Vallkim Perfect StormGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Onak Ordo Templi OrientisGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Dinanah Free AgentsGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Chaosbeaver MeridianGhostlands-US204Not updated
77Falsemessiah InfernoGhostlands-US204Not updated
84Gibbo InfernoGhostlands-US203Not updated
84Dicé PsychedGhostlands-US203Not updated
84Sól Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US203Not updated
84Queaene Corpse RunnersGhostlands-US203Not updated
84Sinistabs The BandGhostlands-US203Not updated
84Sinimonk The BandGhostlands-US203Not updated
90Rhea Average at BestGhostlands-US202Not updated
90Toxemic Tribute to InsanityGhostlands-US202Not updated
90Imnowookie The BandGhostlands-US202Not updated
90Jadwiga Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US202Not updated
90Sinibunz The BandGhostlands-US202Not updated
90Lancome StargamingGhostlands-US202Not updated
96Alifera The BandGhostlands-US201Not updated
96Ayrah Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US201Not updated
96Halnt The BandGhostlands-US201Not updated
96Alphazone  Ghostlands-US201Not updated
100Illushin Seriously UndermedicatedGhostlands-US200Not updated

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