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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Joydz The Shadow CompanyGhostlands-EU277Not updated
2Dismissed SwordArtOnlineGhostlands-EU248Not updated
3Bronxy The Eternal HeroesGhostlands-EU247Not updated
4Dàrkmaster GhostRídersGhostlands-EU245Not updated
5Thylinne EspritGhostlands-EU244Not updated
5Quellaa EspritGhostlands-EU244Not updated
7Eyesyckle Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU240Not updated
7Catabelle EspritGhostlands-EU240Not updated
9Czerepek  Ghostlands-EU239Not updated
9Josipcavar Vi VeriGhostlands-EU239Not updated
11Larielle EspritGhostlands-EU238Not updated
12Rheatte EspritGhostlands-EU237Not updated
12Celilie EspritGhostlands-EU237Not updated
12Ellinne EspritGhostlands-EU237Not updated
15Ryujin Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU236Not updated
15Vucica The Body BagsGhostlands-EU236Not updated
17Yarema Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU235Not updated
17Lornaa EspritGhostlands-EU235Not updated
17Béndikenobi I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU235Not updated
17Liulae EspritGhostlands-EU235Not updated
21Nyraa EspritGhostlands-EU233Not updated
21Bendywendy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU233Not updated
21Bendeywendy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU233Not updated
24Loubykin MINIGhostlands-EU232Not updated
25Mercedez AlphaGhostlands-EU229Not updated
25Ex AlphaGhostlands-EU229Not updated
27Shufflous Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU227Not updated
28Lakey Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU225Not updated
29Wardraenor Fusion StormGhostlands-EU223Not updated
29Bendywendey I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU223Not updated
29Bendywéndy I Just Crit MyselfGhostlands-EU223Not updated
32Stikk ExitGhostlands-EU222Not updated
32Sooty  Ghostlands-EU222Not updated
34Wildnwooly ProphecyGhostlands-EU221Not updated
34Damien EspritGhostlands-EU221Not updated
36Bulldogee Deadliest CatchGhostlands-EU220Not updated
36Mingyow Crimson GuardGhostlands-EU220Not updated
38Runechampion AnarchyMastersGhostlands-EU219Not updated
38Usugrow  Ghostlands-EU219Not updated
40Aryiana Vi VeriGhostlands-EU218Not updated
40Venella AlphaGhostlands-EU218Not updated
40Ayumi AlphaGhostlands-EU218Not updated
40Zeddícus Fusion StormGhostlands-EU218Not updated
40Nachoz AlphaGhostlands-EU218Not updated
45Marmotta Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Rawla Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Deliorion Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Ultimashadow ProphecyGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Scrambledegg Fusion StormGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Tor  Ghostlands-EU217Not updated
45Förihelvete PandamoniumGhostlands-EU217Not updated
45Fryingpanda AlphaGhostlands-EU217Not updated
53Mirann EspritGhostlands-EU216Not updated
53Shâdòw ProphecyGhostlands-EU216Not updated
53Lukazo  Ghostlands-EU216Not updated
56Risasaur Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU215Not updated
56Elfuego Fusion StormGhostlands-EU215Not updated
56Katsuna AlphaGhostlands-EU215Not updated
56Raylena AlphaGhostlands-EU215Not updated
56Alexxus AlphaGhostlands-EU215Not updated
56Maydo AwesomeGhostlands-EU215Not updated
62Bobbajob Team FluffybumsGhostlands-EU214Not updated
62Sias EspritGhostlands-EU214Not updated
62Monkstu Who Dares WinsGhostlands-EU214Not updated
65Morfangel Fusion StormGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Araz Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Logorn EspritGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Sanbaro AnarchyMastersGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Astoroth EspritGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Sashia Deadliest CatchGhostlands-EU213Not updated
65Maarek Last Stand DefendersGhostlands-EU213Not updated
72Vosman  Ghostlands-EU212Not updated
72Åsgård ANCIENT JUSTICEGhostlands-EU212Not updated
72Narok EspritGhostlands-EU212Not updated
72Rhyann EspritGhostlands-EU212Not updated
72Kyrog EspritGhostlands-EU212Not updated
72Goodwyn EspritGhostlands-EU212Not updated
72Bhiao EspritGhostlands-EU212Not updated
79Forteun  Ghostlands-EU211Not updated
79Hrolympus Azeroth Alliance RaidersGhostlands-EU211Not updated
79Smoketronic ProphecyGhostlands-EU211Not updated
79Darkzoul Fate Of NornsGhostlands-EU211Not updated
79Ilca MINIGhostlands-EU211Not updated
84Saphy AlphaGhostlands-EU210Not updated
85Guyana Clockwork OrangeGhostlands-EU209Not updated
85Cinsa Heroes for the HordeGhostlands-EU209Not updated
85Mdkrauzeer KabaretGhostlands-EU209Not updated
85Cumyio  Ghostlands-EU209Not updated
85Haruhii  Ghostlands-EU209Not updated
90Shadowknìght ProphecyGhostlands-EU208Not updated
91Savageshadow ProphecyGhostlands-EU207Not updated
91Locasta SwordArtOnlineGhostlands-EU207Not updated
91Nípplemaster Vi VeriGhostlands-EU207Not updated
94Kyndeyrn BACKPEDDLERS UNIVERSEGhostlands-EU206Not updated
94Steppeslite I Just Crit My PantsGhostlands-EU206Not updated
94Impgirl PandamoniumGhostlands-EU206Not updated
94Douthmeister Orcland RaidersGhostlands-EU206Not updated
94Gabriëlle ReunionGhostlands-EU206Not updated
94Echo geuzen pub punt nlGhostlands-EU206Not updated
100Daemon PandamoniumGhostlands-EU205Not updated

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