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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garrosh-US Faction Only Mounts
1Rzsupra The TribeGarrosh-US254Not updated
2Draxian RebellionGarrosh-US235Not updated
3Cygnus  Garrosh-US231Not updated
3Syrellei ImmortalGarrosh-US231Not updated
5Sightblinder TrojansGarrosh-US228Not updated
6Ryleigh Emerald DawnGarrosh-US227Not updated
7Minigamb Emerald DawnGarrosh-US226Not updated
7Opeez Of The NightGarrosh-US226Not updated
9Dethel Pagans RefugeGarrosh-US224Not updated
10Ladorisa RebellionGarrosh-US223Not updated
10Jigaclaus FoundationGarrosh-US223Not updated
12Feljin The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US222Not updated
12Kuromur RebellionGarrosh-US222Not updated
12Drukarg RebellionGarrosh-US222Not updated
12Chucknorrïs Old PeopleGarrosh-US222Not updated
16Mstiggy  Garrosh-US221Not updated
16Deadlawk RebellionGarrosh-US221Not updated
16Curveball Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US221Not updated
16Thudnblunder DaCrewGarrosh-US221Not updated
20Pinkwarrior RebellionGarrosh-US220Not updated
20Brewse Crits N GigglesGarrosh-US220Not updated
22Slugshot Reroll SicknessGarrosh-US219Not updated
22Rolandgilead Together Till DeathGarrosh-US219Not updated
24Noleafclover RebellionGarrosh-US217Not updated
24Orestes ChangeGarrosh-US217Not updated
24Garrieth DeityGarrosh-US217Not updated
27Ohichì ImmortalGarrosh-US216Not updated
27Kivaj  Garrosh-US216Not updated
27Hemicuda AnvilGarrosh-US216Not updated
30Cormier Drop ShockGarrosh-US215Not updated
30Róók Drop ShockGarrosh-US215Not updated
30Shakria Righteous FuryGarrosh-US215Not updated
33Borrison Dark MaraudersGarrosh-US213Not updated
33Amerika Drop ShockGarrosh-US213Not updated
33Batmon The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US213Not updated
33Sylphid  Garrosh-US213Not updated
37Goldenvoff Vengeance IncGarrosh-US212Not updated
38Pinknika RebellionGarrosh-US211Not updated
38Bristleback Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US211Not updated
38Eackszen THE BlacknightsGarrosh-US211Not updated
41Blazelord RebellionGarrosh-US210Not updated
41Valenttina Righteous FuryGarrosh-US210Not updated
41Kambat  Garrosh-US210Not updated
44Warmota Drop ShockGarrosh-US209Not updated
44Katingeona Emerald DawnGarrosh-US209Not updated
44Kinsey Brotherhood Of WolvesGarrosh-US209Not updated
47Wellington War StompGarrosh-US208Not updated
47Szemere The TribeGarrosh-US208Not updated
47Rosutoshin ImmortalGarrosh-US208Not updated
47Vaaron Ex NihiloGarrosh-US208Not updated
47Ikota  Garrosh-US208Not updated
52Woiverine The TribeGarrosh-US206Not updated
52Dona Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US206Not updated
52Gravyboat  Garrosh-US206Not updated
52Toxxie Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US206Not updated
56Swagnifîcent Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US205Not updated
56Anatolian Emerald DawnGarrosh-US205Not updated
56Meriel Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US205Not updated
59Zombea Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US204Not updated
59Chatte The AchievedGarrosh-US204Not updated
59Loruk Emerald DawnGarrosh-US204Not updated
59Crisage NemesisGarrosh-US204Not updated
59Cantquit The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US204Not updated
64Coin Bearing the InsaneGarrosh-US203Not updated
64Calethin League of HeroesGarrosh-US203Not updated
64Kaelthos The Elysian FieldsGarrosh-US203Not updated
64Koenma The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US203Not updated
64Khronix Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US203Not updated
64Khòr The ÅvengersGarrosh-US203Not updated
70Lavix Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US202Not updated
70Punchgirl AudacityGarrosh-US202Not updated
70Erjanna League of HeroesGarrosh-US202Not updated
73Azapelix Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Myrmdok Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Aazzman Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Penraven Crit HappensGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Epicgems Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Heyote The Garrosh ChampionsGarrosh-US201Not updated
73Sraosha FoundationGarrosh-US201Not updated
80Gornan Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US200Not updated
80Eriani Alliance HellionsGarrosh-US200Not updated
80Wheatley Vengeance IncGarrosh-US200Not updated
83Honorwar Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US199Not updated
83Kharisma Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US199Not updated
83Halftime Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US199Not updated
83Radegast Emerald DawnGarrosh-US199Not updated
83Grumpeh All Or NothingGarrosh-US199Not updated
88Zhadow Righteous FuryGarrosh-US198Not updated
88Deadmor Emerald DawnGarrosh-US198Not updated
90Velnora RebellionGarrosh-US197Not updated
91Vanndez Ex InferìsGarrosh-US195Not updated
91Halfdecalf Too Big To FailGarrosh-US195Not updated
93Warwood Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US194Not updated
93Nordred immortal kingsGarrosh-US194Not updated
93Skjold immortal kingsGarrosh-US194Not updated
93Risingtiger  Garrosh-US194Not updated
93Felbeard Order of the StickGarrosh-US194Not updated
93Hungwong Insane AsylumGarrosh-US194Not updated
93Irridian Emerald DawnGarrosh-US194Not updated
100Thukad The Darkwolf MaraudingGarrosh-US193Not updated

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