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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Misslu Vaë VictisGarona-EU250Not updated
1Daitritus Free Xp For AllGarona-EU250Not updated
3Lalwen Vaë VictisGarona-EU247Not updated
4Âkara Croque MitainesGarona-EU244Not updated
5Ninki Prima LuceGarona-EU241Not updated
5Kadenà Nø QuarterGarona-EU241Not updated
7Culhag ProphetsGarona-EU238Not updated
8Zztuf Aube EcarlateGarona-EU233Not updated
9Xfate LimitesGarona-EU231Not updated
9Orphëe MemoriesGarona-EU231Not updated
11Ronica NéoGarona-EU230Not updated
12Mørkaî R Í PGarona-EU227Not updated
13Xamoü ProphetsGarona-EU226Not updated
13Gravworn Ex NihiloGarona-EU226Not updated
15Kvar ZealotGarona-EU225Not updated
16Yuuk Prima LuceGarona-EU224Not updated
17Shöopy Punks Nøt DeadGarona-EU223Not updated
18Perellis Prima LuceGarona-EU222Not updated
18Erza Prima LuceGarona-EU222Not updated
18Amnzing Lok NoloshGarona-EU222Not updated
21Gungrim EvilsGarona-EU221Not updated
21Chìchì Vaë VictisGarona-EU221Not updated
21Ftexa LimitesGarona-EU221Not updated
24Bøhørt PulsiønGarona-EU220Not updated
25Marypoppîns PhantomGarona-EU218Not updated
25Cacou Nø QuarterGarona-EU218Not updated
27Azkar Prima LuceGarona-EU216Not updated
27Acronomicon Anger is a GiftGarona-EU216Not updated
27Paladamik Entité inconnueGarona-EU216Not updated
30Masamüne Croisés de LordaeronGarona-EU215Not updated
30Umbriel Vaë VictisGarona-EU215Not updated
30Druideal Eternal FrostGarona-EU215Not updated
33Auron GaaïaGarona-EU214Not updated
33Meyana Aube EcarlateGarona-EU214Not updated
35Yteyz Vaë VictisGarona-EU213Not updated
35Galypette Crazy about youGarona-EU213Not updated
35Kathaxx WoW by NightGarona-EU213Not updated
38Nepsy Prima LuceGarona-EU212Not updated
38Abridbus BanksysGarona-EU212Not updated
38Mamynøu Les PapyRoXXoRGarona-EU212Not updated
41Skeltat Joe Bar TeamGarona-EU211Not updated
41Redfury Vaë VictisGarona-EU211Not updated
41Gany Aube EcarlateGarona-EU211Not updated
41Ängerfist MaestriaGarona-EU211Not updated
41Liila Les Survivants d AzerothGarona-EU211Not updated
41Abbeyroad CohésionGarona-EU211Not updated
41Aeonsconfer BuddiesGarona-EU211Not updated
41Dimomimo  Garona-EU211Not updated
49Ðkline PhantomGarona-EU210Not updated
49Milènium  Garona-EU210Not updated
49Mausko Crazy about youGarona-EU210Not updated
49Heylina Crazy about youGarona-EU210Not updated
49Multitoad R Í PGarona-EU210Not updated
54Jowun ProphetsGarona-EU209Not updated
54Papynou Les PapyRoXXoRGarona-EU209Not updated
54Ourtibiek ExcelsiorGarona-EU209Not updated
54Hélianna ConstellationsGarona-EU209Not updated
58Caradoc  Garona-EU208Not updated
58Jojowun ProphetsGarona-EU208Not updated
58Eshua ProphetsGarona-EU208Not updated
58Holystige Deadly endGarona-EU208Not updated
58Healtora R Í PGarona-EU208Not updated
63Fako ProphetsGarona-EU207Not updated
63Erandas øÔGarona-EU207Not updated
65Kley ProphetsGarona-EU206Not updated
65Æhlys Vaë VictisGarona-EU206Not updated
65Drowën Dernier Rang PartGarona-EU206Not updated
65Krahtel BRIGADE D INTERNEMENTGarona-EU206Not updated
69Drameur  Garona-EU205Not updated
69Laugan GaaïaGarona-EU205Not updated
69Ninu ZealotGarona-EU205Not updated
69Drinithé ØmégaGarona-EU205Not updated
69Gnominétte  Garona-EU205Not updated
74Mamick Eau Pastï OlivesGarona-EU204Not updated
74Stoneclaude Dogs Of WarGarona-EU204Not updated
74Ninîa Nø QuarterGarona-EU204Not updated
74Gaff  Garona-EU204Not updated
74Démétréhus  Garona-EU204Not updated
74Entredeux Dark SoulGarona-EU204Not updated
80Keymon Vaë VictisGarona-EU203Not updated
80Poolpo PhantomGarona-EU203Not updated
80Qalziel CohésionGarona-EU203Not updated
80Darkstone Crazy about youGarona-EU203Not updated
80Mistogan ProphetsGarona-EU203Not updated
80Døudou BloodlustGarona-EU203Not updated
86Polsar Prima LuceGarona-EU202Not updated
86Mylim R Í PGarona-EU202Not updated
86Quassandra InvictusGarona-EU202Not updated
86Mamina Astra SolarisGarona-EU202Not updated
86Skuall Eau Pastï OlivesGarona-EU202Not updated
91Elfange Nø Pain Nø GainGarona-EU201Not updated
91Bajhya NéoGarona-EU201Not updated

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