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Frostwolf-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Hagobert Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU233
2Smelloween Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU222
3Nemmesis Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU212
4Dessie Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU204
4Klöt Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU204
6Ihori Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU203
7Bruneor Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU198
7Yulany Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU198
9Nekachu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU195
10Voltii Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU193
11Bankômat Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU190Not updated
11Bloodthirsty Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU190Not updated
13Adrîá Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU189
14Lyu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU184
14Hôlycookie Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU184Not updated
16Varhon Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU182
17Pandaxo Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU181
18Neyt Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU179
19Magierroth Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU178
20Wosnex Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU177Not updated
21Larakania Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU174Not updated
22Fayence Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU172
23Tsukaya Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU171
23Zaruh Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU171
25Loonì Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU170
26 Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU169
26Vercosguyu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU169
28Tòxx Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU168
29Orilla Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU166
30Krakko Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU165
31Zumsell Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU160
32Agram Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU159Not updated
33Yasz Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU158Not updated
34Perilous Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU156
35Lacumo Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU155
35Bigkoby Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU155Not updated
37Gothius Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU154
38Frêýjâ Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU151
39Orcslaughter Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU149
40Makedonce Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU145
41Diavolis Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU144
42Dâmn Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU143Not updated
43Ænjøy Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU142
43Arcwyn Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU142
45Shyranya Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU133Not updated
46Zuurur Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU132
46Missary Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU132Not updated
48Bloodlinêr Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU129
48Eltaco Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU129
50Goldénerbär Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU128
50Applè Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU128Not updated
52Pichupachu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU127Not updated
52Shâft Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU127
54Slypnir Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU123
55Darknesfear Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU122
56Famerlor Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU120Not updated
57Darlethmkay Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU119
57Delja Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU119Not updated
59Danielsan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU118
60Fisnikuimadh Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU116Not updated
61Qilong Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU115Not updated
62Trawi Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU114
62Enklavys Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU114
64Ruuken Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU113Not updated
64Erialos Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU113Not updated
66Nurji Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU112
66Jackoorci Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU112Not updated
68Girome Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU111
69Marikuku Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU108
70Orbit Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU107Not updated
71Kamugo Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU105
72Croìxx Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU103
72Anubía Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU103
72Arcanum Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU103
75Crøíxx Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU102
75Yxisteron Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU102Not updated
77Griesch Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU101
78Masii Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU100
78Lucysan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU100
80Kahlee Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU96
80Drlight Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU96Not updated
82Durbutz Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU92Not updated
83Troublêx Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU90Not updated
84Zyrâk Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU89Not updated
85Clláíré Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU86
86Dedê Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU85
87Ninurtas Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU83
88Dilyla Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU82
88Dabibo Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU82
88Chaosmagic Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU82
91Grushna Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU81
91Survionz Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU81Not updated
93Bombiolinski Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU80Not updated
94Juleka Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU77Not updated
95Sélás Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU76
95Darwinia Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU76
97Zerschranzer Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU71
97Calhuacan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU71
99Thesâ Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU65
100Fozzy Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU64

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