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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-US Faction Only Mounts
1Sais ObsidiumFrostmane-US259Not updated
2Roopkund  Frostmane-US254Not updated
3Jugend Dark SunFrostmane-US251Not updated
4Piow War FrontFrostmane-US250Not updated
5Ironboxy War FrontFrostmane-US249Not updated
6Binkles War FrontFrostmane-US247Not updated
7Barryburton ObsidiumFrostmane-US242Not updated
8Mashu ReclamationsFrostmane-US241Not updated
8Minceir ReclamationsFrostmane-US241Not updated
10Vyscacutie StolasFrostmane-US239Not updated
11Necrotik ReclamationsFrostmane-US230Not updated
11Costafruit War FrontFrostmane-US230Not updated
13Notcakez War FrontFrostmane-US229Not updated
14Masakazu War FrontFrostmane-US225Not updated
15Karela Booty Bay Yacht ClubFrostmane-US224Not updated
16Faize PTWNFrostmane-US223Not updated
17Nekojin War FrontFrostmane-US221Not updated
18abstraction War FrontFrostmane-US219Not updated
18Suremagic X RatedFrostmane-US219Not updated
20Destyni ReclamationsFrostmane-US218Not updated
21Jerlynn AsphyxiaFrostmane-US217Not updated
21Kamknight  Frostmane-US217Not updated
23Dklboxy War FrontFrostmane-US216Not updated
23Dethnaell PhoenixFrostmane-US216Not updated
25Furispoofy War FrontFrostmane-US214Not updated
26Samanosuke The Horsemen EliteFrostmane-US212Not updated
26Methoss StolasFrostmane-US212Not updated
26Joegeneric ArisènFrostmane-US212Not updated
29Armadyl War FrontFrostmane-US211Not updated
29Blaarg ReclamationsFrostmane-US211Not updated
31Sgtsnipe War FrontFrostmane-US210Not updated
31Borntobone AsphyxiaFrostmane-US210Not updated
33Warpawn The Horsemen EliteFrostmane-US209Not updated
33Feralsoul War FrontFrostmane-US209Not updated
33Bronnfire The AchievablesFrostmane-US209Not updated
33Killroger Elite PuddinFrostmane-US209Not updated
37Moretearsplz  Frostmane-US208Not updated
38Grene PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Dhamgurl PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Comply Pound TownFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Nelys PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Dhamtwo PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Dhamdruid PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Kishku PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Allowed PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Nightsmudge CatalystsFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Dham PTWNFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Shadowfist ParagonFrostmane-US207Not updated
38Stonedknight AsphyxiaFrostmane-US207Not updated
50Hyperdermixz DecipherFrostmane-US206Not updated
50Oakenshield War FrontFrostmane-US206Not updated
50Nike NightmareFrostmane-US206Not updated
53Slots War FrontFrostmane-US205Not updated
53Allroy  Frostmane-US205Not updated
53Alonzosucks Pound TownFrostmane-US205Not updated
53Kevorkette ReclamationsFrostmane-US205Not updated
53Stash ReclamationsFrostmane-US205Not updated
53Phen The AshbrìngerFrostmane-US205Not updated
59Junglerot Final CountdownFrostmane-US204Not updated
59Jazzukyo  Frostmane-US204Not updated
61Vornath Etched in BloodFrostmane-US203Not updated
61Supernovak Sanguis DraconisFrostmane-US203Not updated
61Chal Crimson FusionFrostmane-US203Not updated
64Aossi Shar HellvenFrostmane-US202Not updated
64Azråel FlukeFrostmane-US202Not updated
64Imawayne Rangers of the WatchFrostmane-US202Not updated
64Bilboswaggnz  Frostmane-US202Not updated
64Allow PTWNFrostmane-US202Not updated
64Imperiamx Generation XFrostmane-US202Not updated
70Âkroma FlukeFrostmane-US201Not updated
70Rayya  Frostmane-US201Not updated
70Gloa AsphyxiaFrostmane-US201Not updated
70Tarfu ObsidiumFrostmane-US201Not updated
74Tarii PTWNFrostmane-US200Not updated
75Penelopé Keebler RefugeesFrostmane-US199Not updated
75Janowski ObsidiumFrostmane-US199Not updated
77Betrothed StolasFrostmane-US198Not updated
78Bloodybill Final CountdownFrostmane-US196Not updated
78Luachra AsphyxiaFrostmane-US196Not updated
80Sereneangel The Horsemen EliteFrostmane-US195Not updated
80Thirstyhoe The GodsFrostmane-US195Not updated
80Trence Shar HellvenFrostmane-US195Not updated
80Casador  Frostmane-US195Not updated
80Coronary FightClub FCFrostmane-US195Not updated
85Thruskpally StolasFrostmane-US194Not updated
85Sarabella Second ImpactFrostmane-US194Not updated
87Ranthoria The Iron CrusadeFrostmane-US193Not updated
87Activis  Frostmane-US193Not updated
87Pips DescendantFrostmane-US193Not updated
87Selendrila  Frostmane-US193Not updated

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