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Frostmane-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Lullejh  Frostmane-EU272
2Vimtu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU266
2Amame SolaceFrostmane-EU266
4Rónya ImmersionFrostmane-EU263
5Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU257
6Ragler MazeFrostmane-EU255
7Saaky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU253
8Dwarfstar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU251
8Díscordía  Frostmane-EU251
10Holmquist ImmersionFrostmane-EU250
11Sabaha Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU249
11Specijalac SunmistFrostmane-EU249
13Blankspace ImmersionFrostmane-EU248
13Erzaa ValkyrieFrostmane-EU248
13Zhisme ImmersionFrostmane-EU248
13Alef PaprikaFrostmane-EU248
13Cameron PaprikaFrostmane-EU248
13Afrika PaprikaFrostmane-EU248
19Nejl Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU247
20Tesla  Frostmane-EU246
20Mamzelle  Frostmane-EU246Not updated
22Nightquëst IneptFrostmane-EU241
23Córvus IneptFrostmane-EU240
24Ellieanna Lights OutFrostmane-EU239
25Segatron  Frostmane-EU238Not updated
26Medemonn ValkyrieFrostmane-EU237
26Frostybullet Armored CoreFrostmane-EU237
28Sethsantra Souls of BetrayalFrostmane-EU235
28Mangó Plain LazyFrostmane-EU235
28Etërnity  Frostmane-EU235Not updated
28Cutte Social Playing GuildFrostmane-EU235
28Nøway The Worst NightmareFrostmane-EU235
28Arkk ENDFrostmane-EU235Not updated
34Sildor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU234
35Dremy StyleFrostmane-EU233
35Truth ImmersionFrostmane-EU233
35Arximed NemesísFrostmane-EU233
38Híldegardé Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU232
39Yarex FortehlulsFrostmane-EU231Not updated
39Ironrage StyleFrostmane-EU231
39Zelara ImmersionFrostmane-EU231
39Gudmusson OriginFrostmane-EU231
43Listrix CollusionFrostmane-EU230
43Davoor EkipaFrostmane-EU230
45Loifi IneptFrostmane-EU229
45Degwar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU229
45Moonie DaemonicusFrostmane-EU229
45Battlebeard Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU229
45Holyprot Wipe Em AllFrostmane-EU229Not updated
45Kimbasinger  Frostmane-EU229
51Gnorm DerelictionFrostmane-EU228
51Salyn ImmersionFrostmane-EU228
51Kodiac Crimson BloodFrostmane-EU228
54Jarrö StyleFrostmane-EU227
54Eryaki  Frostmane-EU227Not updated
54Kotkapsotka Klebek WelnyFrostmane-EU227
54Carloo Gief Pie Or DieFrostmane-EU227
58Brekkstein TurboFrostmane-EU226
58Skedarr ImmersionFrostmane-EU226
60Chezie TurboFrostmane-EU225
60Brygilos DerelictionFrostmane-EU225
60Fogell ExqFrostmane-EU225
60Naleira ImmersionFrostmane-EU225
60Rólnix  Frostmane-EU225Not updated
60Summone The Singing SunflowersFrostmane-EU225Not updated
66Lìmpan The Prime SentinelsFrostmane-EU224
66Gnomezîla STRUGGLEFrostmane-EU224
66Siwa PretorianieFrostmane-EU224
69Savi  Frostmane-EU223
69Shaoak ValkyrieFrostmane-EU223
69Thána RoiyaruFrostmane-EU223
72Snakè AdeptFrostmane-EU222
72Bokolis OriginFrostmane-EU222
72Leethealer FaustFrostmane-EU222
72Lulls Hello GnomyFrostmane-EU222Not updated
72Pandrina Who Dares WinsFrostmane-EU222Not updated
77Zachriel Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU221Not updated
77Mizzêr ValkyrieFrostmane-EU221
77Dutchpallie RyfariFrostmane-EU221
77Pixel ImmersionFrostmane-EU221Not updated
77Zynth BlackenedFrostmane-EU221
77Keldin Social Playing GuildFrostmane-EU221Not updated
83Qotro MercifulFrostmane-EU220
83Thenazgûl MercifulFrostmane-EU220
83Prepared  Frostmane-EU220
83Redfern ImmersionFrostmane-EU220Not updated
83Hackerus IneptFrostmane-EU220
83Falos SunmistFrostmane-EU220Not updated
83Ziltoid  Frostmane-EU220Not updated
83Bóssé Golden LotusFrostmane-EU220Not updated
83Minipuff Hello GnomyFrostmane-EU220Not updated
83Barkie O S S C OFrostmane-EU220Not updated

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