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Fenris-US Faction Only Mounts
1Insanity The OutcastsFenris-US258
2Merle SerendipityFenris-US246
3Slsl The OutcastsFenris-US238
4Cbaoth Towards GloryFenris-US236
5Joangeline CheckmateFenris-US221
6Chronolypse LordsofDarknessFenris-US220
7Vicfire RebirthFenris-US219
8Baristolth Hand of PainFenris-US218
8Thanis InterventionFenris-US218
8Tictactotems  Fenris-US218Not updated
11Jannic The HoneybadgersFenris-US214
12Eagan  Fenris-US213
12Mystîque We Bought a GuildFenris-US213Not updated
14Touko Undead FuryFenris-US212Not updated
14Mordikai The OutcastsFenris-US212
14Morgenvulf The OutcastsFenris-US212Not updated
17Manavgion Undead FuryFenris-US211Not updated
18Galateacyc Hand of PainFenris-US210
18Kynding Warriors of AllianceFenris-US210
18Belladonnai Evil AngelsFenris-US210
18Cruellaa LordsofDarknessFenris-US210
22Ghleory Jewish raiding guildFenris-US209
22Devillish Evil AngelsFenris-US209
22Takkarr Rednekk SoldiersFenris-US209
25Nighta LordsofDarknessFenris-US208
25Kellium We Bought a GuildFenris-US208
25Liquidsnake Final JudgementFenris-US208
25Supertush Chaotic NeutralFenris-US208Not updated
29Harryplowman SupremacyFenris-US207Not updated
29Lanarea  Fenris-US207Not updated
31Depravity LordsofDarknessFenris-US206
31Gix Hand of PainFenris-US206
31Rochambeau TonicFenris-US206Not updated
34Amilby CheckmateFenris-US205
34Løvepuppet The OutcastsFenris-US205
34Misdemeanor Chaotic NeutralFenris-US205
34Teresacyc National Bank of AzerothFenris-US205Not updated
38Corazon InterventionFenris-US204
38Goatjam  Fenris-US204
38Jinzo End Game TheoryFenris-US204
38Ghostclaw LordsofDarknessFenris-US204
42Tineska FreundschaftFenris-US202
42Drexoll Forgotten LegionFenris-US202Not updated
44Josephjts Towards GloryFenris-US201
44Rob  Fenris-US201
44Saryuu CheckmateFenris-US201
44Venghostider Evil Human MenaceFenris-US201Not updated
48Pipers CheckmateFenris-US200
48Rãyge Love and WarcraftFenris-US200
48Tenkei League of ChampionsFenris-US200
51Bubbafan  Fenris-US199
51Kungfuzombie The Lunatic FringeFenris-US199Not updated
53Punch The OutcastsFenris-US198
53Exarion End Game TheoryFenris-US198Not updated
55Belyneda The OutcastsFenris-US197
55Twistedmistr Holy KhaosFenris-US197
55Grimgore Edeas OrphansFenris-US197Not updated
55Thrallsbane Ooh ShinyFenris-US197Not updated
59Eizyal PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US196
60Lifetree VelocityFenris-US195
60Shrlockgnome Holy KhaosFenris-US195
60Acrimonius Holy KhaosFenris-US195
60Liberty Northern ExposureFenris-US195Not updated
60Monomaniacal Holy KhaosFenris-US195
60Vardaman TT SPRINKLESFenris-US195Not updated
66Catusjack shadow LordsFenris-US194
66Minirob  Fenris-US194Not updated
66Bluepoison That Pet PlaceFenris-US194Not updated
66Rygax  Fenris-US194Not updated
66Keysersoze The DeceiversFenris-US194Not updated
71Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US193
71Drparnassus  Fenris-US193
71Bagobags InterventionFenris-US193
71Shintobeans MidnightFenris-US193Not updated
71Lysandrael Eye for an EyeFenris-US193Not updated
76Cytokinesis Holy KhaosFenris-US192
77Uthelin RaidiculousFenris-US191
77Azerious The OutcastsFenris-US191

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