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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emeriss-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Wickedly Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU253Not updated
2Vm NerfEmeriss-EU247Not updated
3Roikena For HireEmeriss-EU235Not updated
4Simob Dies IraeEmeriss-EU231Not updated
5Tontteli Dies IraeEmeriss-EU229Not updated
5Ashakti  Emeriss-EU229Not updated
7Meduvh TaHrPaEmeriss-EU227Not updated
8Hevyheven  Emeriss-EU226Not updated
9Darknevictus DarknezzEmeriss-EU225Not updated
10Garibaldy Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU224Not updated
10Ignat Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU224Not updated
12Martvia Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU223Not updated
12Ivolvar  Emeriss-EU223Not updated
14Aleksia  Emeriss-EU222Not updated
15Gatti Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU221Not updated
16Bloodylust Ashen PathEmeriss-EU220Not updated
16Aiduin Upside DownEmeriss-EU220Not updated
16Shadowpräy  Emeriss-EU220Not updated
16Affrodita Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU220Not updated
20Guff Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU217Not updated
20Omertà For HireEmeriss-EU217Not updated
20Mimabreika  Emeriss-EU217Not updated
23Zgur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU216Not updated
23Precision For HireEmeriss-EU216Not updated
23Marcusbrutus Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU216Not updated
23Tyla  Emeriss-EU216Not updated
27Sisey Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU215Not updated
27Speartusk OverpoweredEmeriss-EU215Not updated
29Mapa BPEMETOEmeriss-EU212Not updated
29Borimir OverTakenEmeriss-EU212Not updated
29Voldemor Scream of PainEmeriss-EU212Not updated
32Bóòb Its A Love ThingEmeriss-EU210Not updated
33Baxur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU208Not updated
33Vyrath Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU208Not updated
33Katyn For HireEmeriss-EU208Not updated
33Turhadin From HellEmeriss-EU208Not updated
37Lúcky For HireEmeriss-EU207Not updated
37Mao I PeeVeePee in MoonwellsEmeriss-EU207Not updated
39Claul Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU206Not updated
39Dmg OOMEmeriss-EU206Not updated
39Chocohontas Warchiefs of KalimdorEmeriss-EU206Not updated
42Beginnerr Dark CloudEmeriss-EU205Not updated
42Steveharris  Emeriss-EU205Not updated
42Krokodila Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU205Not updated
45Ashwing Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU204Not updated
45Beijar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU204Not updated
45Thesoultaker Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU204Not updated
45Paok Dies IraeEmeriss-EU204Not updated
49Barns Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU203Not updated
49Mympa Knights Of HonourEmeriss-EU203Not updated
49Kotaranka Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU203Not updated
49Osgiliath NerfEmeriss-EU203Not updated
49Shinobg BPEMEHA HA XAOCEmeriss-EU203Not updated
54Madllen Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU202Not updated
54Baxka  Emeriss-EU202Not updated
56Otra Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU200Not updated
56Ming  Emeriss-EU200Not updated
56Coilarn PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU200Not updated
56Shadowmonk NerfEmeriss-EU200Not updated
56Stinkywinki SWE RuleEmeriss-EU200Not updated
61Spurgu  Emeriss-EU199Not updated
62Nisi Bloody PiratesEmeriss-EU198Not updated
63Clopyleft Dies IraeEmeriss-EU197Not updated
63Kohunden DerelicteEmeriss-EU197Not updated
65Vorkosigan Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU196Not updated
65Vesela Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU196Not updated
65Tuzaph Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU196Not updated
65Crypmaker BPEMETOEmeriss-EU196Not updated
65Scrúffy Puppy PowerEmeriss-EU196Not updated
65Demoniachka Knights Of HonourEmeriss-EU196Not updated
71Myhay  Emeriss-EU195Not updated
71Marinaßg HOBA EPAEmeriss-EU195Not updated
73Lifeel OverpoweredEmeriss-EU194Not updated
73Sampson Upside DownEmeriss-EU194Not updated
75Chloe OrtenEmeriss-EU193Not updated
75Saxilon ParadigmaEmeriss-EU193Not updated
77Axalon  Emeriss-EU191Not updated
78Inko OverpoweredEmeriss-EU190Not updated
78Cecameca OverpoweredEmeriss-EU190Not updated
78Kurtizanka IncubusEmeriss-EU190Not updated
81Lolianka BPEMETOEmeriss-EU189Not updated
82Sharpman Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU188Not updated
83Haln Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU187Not updated
83Draks Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU187Not updated
83Ryukk OverpoweredEmeriss-EU187Not updated
86Betøn Champion Of The HordeEmeriss-EU186Not updated
86Kalman NemesisEmeriss-EU186Not updated
86Dreddka OverpoweredEmeriss-EU186Not updated
89Kidnapped OverpoweredEmeriss-EU185Not updated
89Uula Baco and CoEmeriss-EU185Not updated
89Caiyanó Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU185Not updated
92Rozana  Emeriss-EU184Not updated
93Thedreadful TaHrPaEmeriss-EU183Not updated
93Elariq Knights Of HonourEmeriss-EU183Not updated
93Algos Baco and CoEmeriss-EU183Not updated
93Athenã RejoiceEmeriss-EU183Not updated
93Cameltoes  Emeriss-EU183Not updated
98Kayona The ExcaliburEmeriss-EU182Not updated
98Xanadu ArmegeddonEmeriss-EU182Not updated
98Nouch RevelationEmeriss-EU182Not updated

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