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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-US Faction Only Mounts
1Jrammy LividEmerald Dream-US272Not updated
2Deydrelyn LegionEmerald Dream-US261Not updated
3Nosolan  Emerald Dream-US259Not updated
4Spek HypeEmerald Dream-US258Not updated
5Xiriana  Emerald Dream-US257Not updated
6Thorown Team HeroEmerald Dream-US256Not updated
7Mysfortune Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US255Not updated
8Pahimanah NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US254Not updated
8Xinah Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US254Not updated
10Oluf Clan BattlehammerEmerald Dream-US248Not updated
11Vashana AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US247Not updated
12Xianah Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US246Not updated
12Hruumn  Emerald Dream-US246Not updated
14Synithia Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US245Not updated
15Valsaera Imminent DoomEmerald Dream-US242Not updated
16Epidemiclock LividEmerald Dream-US240Not updated
17Densedank HypeEmerald Dream-US238Not updated
18Alliecatt RemixEmerald Dream-US237Not updated
19Myraan Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US234Not updated
19Douped  Emerald Dream-US234Not updated
21Bananä Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US233Not updated
21Dankestbops LividEmerald Dream-US233Not updated
23Spacerose WHY SO DODGEEmerald Dream-US232Not updated
24Shapples LividEmerald Dream-US231Not updated
25Roots  Emerald Dream-US230Not updated
25Scathera  Emerald Dream-US230Not updated
27Najmah Needs A DrinkEmerald Dream-US229Not updated
28Wegner NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US228Not updated
28Trenon Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US228Not updated
28Kagrinka Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US228Not updated
31Icedcoffee HypeEmerald Dream-US227Not updated
31Pluckingbows Chum MonkeysEmerald Dream-US227Not updated
31Nakhara Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US227Not updated
31Haay Kittens or ElseEmerald Dream-US227Not updated
31Mimic Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US227Not updated
36Whatfoxsays Sythegore ArmEmerald Dream-US226Not updated
36Powaqqatsi Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US226Not updated
36Horchata Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US226Not updated
36Xunin  Emerald Dream-US226Not updated
36Qeenzumgow Year of the DragonEmerald Dream-US226Not updated
41Ossements Silver and SilenceEmerald Dream-US225Not updated
41Rendblade Kawaii ClubEmerald Dream-US225Not updated
43Grimbold CorruptionEmerald Dream-US224Not updated
43Wooy ChaosEmerald Dream-US224Not updated
43Torrym  Emerald Dream-US224Not updated
46Vîrtua Kawaii ClubEmerald Dream-US223Not updated
46Doome  Emerald Dream-US223Not updated
48Frostycup  Emerald Dream-US222Not updated
48Mack I Crit You NotEmerald Dream-US222Not updated
50Jeffaar AnodyneEmerald Dream-US221Not updated
50Brynden RavenwatchEmerald Dream-US221Not updated
50Arystana LividEmerald Dream-US221Not updated
50Annihilation MisanthropyEmerald Dream-US221Not updated
50Orchella BreakthroughEmerald Dream-US221Not updated
55Namie MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
55Valana Team BanzaiEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
55Vorardor Warforged LegendsEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
55Greenchili Army of the Blue WizardEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
55Clartom Underworld BrotherhoodEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
55Wawfle Rank JuanEmerald Dream-US220Not updated
61Roshambò Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Fyasko  Emerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Lyali L E G E N D A R YEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Divo Doomhammer LegacyEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Sable RebellionEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Feàrs The Red Panda ElitesEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Orquidea OrionEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Emillyn Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US219Not updated
61Nightshift  Emerald Dream-US219Not updated
70Xjawz LividEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Mpassassin VeritasEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Gerrek Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Bawkachu Druids of the ClawEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Snuffles Kawaii ClubEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Lylandria Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
70Nefertiri AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US218Not updated
77Tisairi Crimson FangEmerald Dream-US217Not updated
77Plagueheals  Emerald Dream-US217Not updated
79Frysa The ZugZug GangEmerald Dream-US216Not updated
79Cerseî Crimson FangEmerald Dream-US216Not updated
79Colddcathode Immortal GloryEmerald Dream-US216Not updated
82Xeraelena Always DTFEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Grumples AdventureEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Solatron AdventureEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Nosfearatu Army of the Blue WizardEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Valthazar Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Bete NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US215Not updated
82Bruhbear  Emerald Dream-US215Not updated
89Petrucci Banana BanditsEmerald Dream-US214Not updated
89Julíe Absolute ChoiceEmerald Dream-US214Not updated
89Darwiodrade  Emerald Dream-US214Not updated
89Qtaco  Emerald Dream-US214Not updated
89Theldren The PatrolEmerald Dream-US214Not updated
89Thundrhooves  Emerald Dream-US214Not updated
95Gyranolyx Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US213Not updated
95Fattiepal Shern and CoEmerald Dream-US213Not updated
95Hebro The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US213Not updated
95Crenik Emerald Dream TeamEmerald Dream-US213Not updated
95Gwenisa  Emerald Dream-US213Not updated
100Qean DO WORKEmerald Dream-US212Not updated

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