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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Defensor IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU253Not updated
1Aronynne SunfallEmerald Dream-EU253Not updated
3Naathii AurumEmerald Dream-EU251Not updated
4Soulburnèr RisénEmerald Dream-EU245Not updated
5Clawfury  Emerald Dream-EU243Not updated
6Varil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU241Not updated
7Papa IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU240Not updated
7Zelena BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU240Not updated
9ßoobarella AurumEmerald Dream-EU239Not updated
10Deathcam Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU238Not updated
10Murderhorn Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU238Not updated
10Whias AurumEmerald Dream-EU238Not updated
13Bettybutt Trolling Paladin ForumsEmerald Dream-EU235Not updated
14Morrána SunfallEmerald Dream-EU232Not updated
15Damsinos LunarEmerald Dream-EU230Not updated
15Scráb IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU230Not updated
17Roné LunarEmerald Dream-EU229Not updated
17Hexagram RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU229Not updated
17Icaboda IlluminationEmerald Dream-EU229Not updated
17Foxylicious VIIEmerald Dream-EU229Not updated
21Bedlem SolaceEmerald Dream-EU228Not updated
21Justiney Out of ManaEmerald Dream-EU228Not updated
23Hakmagic Unique PeopleEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
23Yasmir VortexEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
23Azetbur RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
23Zapzorz IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
23Lyesïa IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
23Honeymelons AurumEmerald Dream-EU227Not updated
29Lazylock IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU226Not updated
29Maronja IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU226Not updated
31Xhara IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU224Not updated
31Velcuria AmnesiaEmerald Dream-EU224Not updated
33Malenasàrena IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU223Not updated
33Narkisa Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU223Not updated
33Palypowah  Emerald Dream-EU223Not updated
36Therisths FameEmerald Dream-EU222Not updated
36Lisey OmenEmerald Dream-EU222Not updated
38Joana Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
38Sigurth Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
38Mythius VIIEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
38Primal Ministry of Silly WalksEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
38Mith ExilesEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
38Ninurtan Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU221Not updated
44Thundérduck IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU219Not updated
44Scarlotte Out of ManaEmerald Dream-EU219Not updated
44Kalaran Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU219Not updated
44Krae A Firm SacrificeEmerald Dream-EU219Not updated
44Lofelia Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU219Not updated
49Haldar RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Penguinx BattleRagersEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Drosophila BiffkompanietEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Reykjavik Echoes of LordaeronEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Gharyn SolaceEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Bubonic Eternal SpiritsEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Bilskinir Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Ninurlina Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
49Holyforce Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU218Not updated
58Navi IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU217Not updated
58Locky  Emerald Dream-EU217Not updated
58Catcher The Blind WatchmakersEmerald Dream-EU217Not updated
58Usynelig Bounded by FateEmerald Dream-EU217Not updated
58Elginn Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU217Not updated
58Graevus Phoenix of the SunEmerald Dream-EU217Not updated
64Yowshi VIIEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Bachus Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Mullzzs AurumEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Pandarus IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Ionona  Emerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Frent Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Malefizia BattleRagersEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Kurasu League of Guyvers AltsEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Dovè Silver DragonEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
64Karandun Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU216Not updated
74Mezzy AurumEmerald Dream-EU215Not updated
74Zanthuril Phoenix of the SunEmerald Dream-EU215Not updated
74Niflheim Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU215Not updated
74Gair SunfallEmerald Dream-EU215Not updated
78Uludil OmenEmerald Dream-EU214Not updated
78Starbug eXquisiteEmerald Dream-EU214Not updated
78Ginko  Emerald Dream-EU214Not updated
78Paladinrulez Elites of OrgrimmarEmerald Dream-EU214Not updated
78Cattleprod CredendumEmerald Dream-EU214Not updated

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