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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-US Faction Only Mounts
1Baraddur Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US244Not updated
2Demonsangel Psycho SquadEitrigg-US235Not updated
3Khalell Psycho SquadEitrigg-US234Not updated
4Ultros Raided XEitrigg-US231Not updated
5Dangertouch Undead LegionEitrigg-US230Not updated
6Pikkon Muffins Are GoodEitrigg-US227Not updated
6Kharmah Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US227Not updated
6Anakhee Psycho SquadEitrigg-US227Not updated
6Chaoticdemon A L I A SEitrigg-US227Not updated
10Boomêr Muffins Are GoodEitrigg-US226Not updated
10Peppenell Orderly ChaosEitrigg-US226Not updated
12Wookìe Psycho SquadEitrigg-US224Not updated
13Bãdcat Undead LegionEitrigg-US223Not updated
14Niënor Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US221Not updated
15Aatera SuperjailEitrigg-US220Not updated
15Negimagi Undead LegionEitrigg-US220Not updated
17Ðørian Undead LegionEitrigg-US219Not updated
18Drewander ThunderstruckEitrigg-US218Not updated
19Merlinion DisturbanceEitrigg-US217Not updated
19Holyshields Twisted MindsEitrigg-US217Not updated
19Grishlar Legion QuestsEitrigg-US217Not updated
22Phoenixphyre Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US216Not updated
23Littleyeti Psycho SquadEitrigg-US215Not updated
23Ghostsniper DisturbanceEitrigg-US215Not updated
25Dankdemon Focus MagicEitrigg-US214Not updated
25Mistalock Muffins Are GoodEitrigg-US214Not updated
27Mothman RehabEitrigg-US213Not updated
27Symmar Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US213Not updated
27Social SoulstormEitrigg-US213Not updated
30Zithras ZeitgeistEitrigg-US211Not updated
30Pallyswag  Eitrigg-US211Not updated
30Greenfairy The InsaneEitrigg-US211Not updated
33Soulmusic Hard Like HeroicEitrigg-US210Not updated
33Serephem  Eitrigg-US210Not updated
35Voidstorm Twisted MindsEitrigg-US209Not updated
35Saule STOP hammer timeEitrigg-US209Not updated
37Arvala Undead LegionEitrigg-US207Not updated
37Jdoublep Legion QuestsEitrigg-US207Not updated
37Nightsevera Legion QuestsEitrigg-US207Not updated
37Buckingham Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US207Not updated
41Velii  Eitrigg-US206Not updated
41Donjuandoh Victorious SecretEitrigg-US206Not updated
41Rumpleplatt Victorious SecretEitrigg-US206Not updated
41Svelt Nerd RageEitrigg-US206Not updated
45Sanavi  Eitrigg-US205Not updated
45Hippopotamus ApocalypseEitrigg-US205Not updated
45Locknkey Wings of DeathEitrigg-US205Not updated
45Ahnaya Twisted MindsEitrigg-US205Not updated
49Caldra Demonic KingsEitrigg-US204Not updated
49Shandraya Treasures of MysteryEitrigg-US204Not updated
49Zeza Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US204Not updated
49Ideficks  Eitrigg-US204Not updated
49Nexmiles  Eitrigg-US204Not updated
54Grukk Occulus InfernumEitrigg-US203Not updated
54Dippendots The Wayward SaintsEitrigg-US203Not updated
54Pozufuma A L I A SEitrigg-US203Not updated
54Markcus SectionThirteenEitrigg-US203Not updated
54Updue ExodusEitrigg-US203Not updated
59Santeclair Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Krachie Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Fathermoon Legion QuestsEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Warjin SickologyEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Skaadooush A L I A SEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Alderik For Whom The Spell TollsEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Juanlove STOP hammer timeEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Mistwalker Undead LegionEitrigg-US202Not updated
59Xathras ExodusEitrigg-US202Not updated
68Lonewolf ConvulsionEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Bluehaze The Wayward SaintsEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Sansai The Other GuysEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Redeyedye SickologyEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Coble  Eitrigg-US201Not updated
68Mátt FreaksOfNatureEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Molag Wrath of NekromancyEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Lagnus Acid RainEitrigg-US201Not updated
68Demonicone Silver HelmsEitrigg-US201Not updated
77Xeriira Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US200Not updated

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