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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Sniknej  Eitrigg-EU264Not updated
2Slipkorn  Eitrigg-EU261Not updated
3Adaria ExceedEitrigg-EU256Not updated
4Demmac InsomnieEitrigg-EU249Not updated
5Jesuipala Un To PanEitrigg-EU245Not updated
6Surrealz AwakeningEitrigg-EU244Not updated
7Ouil Radis ShakeEitrigg-EU241Not updated
7Whitehãppy  Eitrigg-EU241Not updated
9Gogogorush CynwällsEitrigg-EU237Not updated
9Estawn RefugeEitrigg-EU237Not updated
9Anÿa  Eitrigg-EU237Not updated
12Mchunter  Eitrigg-EU235Not updated
13Naismith ForsakenEitrigg-EU234Not updated
13Comax Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU234Not updated
15Aeloo ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU233Not updated
15Furball ArtefactEitrigg-EU233Not updated
17Mystiphia RefugeEitrigg-EU230Not updated
17Titechipie le brise nuqueEitrigg-EU230Not updated
19Darkdylan ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU229Not updated
19Parranno AwakeningEitrigg-EU229Not updated
19Druitoxde STARSEitrigg-EU229Not updated
19Shimprä AwakeningEitrigg-EU229Not updated
23Archvile ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU228Not updated
23Hermiones CynwällsEitrigg-EU228Not updated
25Blackbaby  Eitrigg-EU227Not updated
25Hellfirx GloriaEitrigg-EU227Not updated
25Curùnir  Eitrigg-EU227Not updated
28Choupachoup CydoniaEitrigg-EU226Not updated
29Sifilice Access DeniedEitrigg-EU225Not updated
29Jinlae ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU225Not updated
31Alyssandra ShadeEitrigg-EU224Not updated
31Shimpra AwakeningEitrigg-EU224Not updated
33Naindécent ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU222Not updated
33Nymérya CydoniaEitrigg-EU222Not updated
35Kimiasis RefugeEitrigg-EU221Not updated
35Keltuzzad InsomnieEitrigg-EU221Not updated
35Elvirea CynwällsEitrigg-EU221Not updated
35Droodyia RefugeEitrigg-EU221Not updated
35Xerenus CynwällsEitrigg-EU221Not updated
35Kalî CynwällsEitrigg-EU221Not updated
41Tÿson CynwällsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Naajiin Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Tenkaï CynwällsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Nessalia ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Bôr CynwällsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Furàx CynwällsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Ravius ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU219Not updated
41Scratïnä La HordeEitrigg-EU219Not updated
49Ear La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU218Not updated
49Soléniä Lux AeternaEitrigg-EU218Not updated
51Sevelindra UtopìaEitrigg-EU217Not updated
51Kratøss InsomnieEitrigg-EU217Not updated
53Voltorn ExceedEitrigg-EU216Not updated
53Marjorïe Magic WowEitrigg-EU216Not updated
53Peimai InsomnieEitrigg-EU216Not updated
56Shugen AwakeningEitrigg-EU215Not updated
57Sheihna ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU214Not updated
57Enestria ExceedEitrigg-EU214Not updated
57Zulmarosh InsomnieEitrigg-EU214Not updated
60Shuzen AwakeningEitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Jekoh The coctedEitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Mahra HørÐe OeuvreEitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Lyrangel  Eitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Shuxen AwakeningEitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Titemathilde Lux AeternaEitrigg-EU213Not updated
60Demorcs  Eitrigg-EU213Not updated
67Zret ExceedEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Bartouze ExceedEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Elestria ExceedEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Fueto  Eitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Sarÿna Lux AeternaEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Ambre GaiaEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Esteleneia The coctedEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Nøctùrne AwakeningEitrigg-EU212Not updated
67Nathalia AddictEitrigg-EU212Not updated
76Megelia snøwblindEitrigg-EU211Not updated
76Cioban Les liens du tempsEitrigg-EU211Not updated
76Eiris Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU211Not updated
76Jamîe  Eitrigg-EU211Not updated
76Angelfette GloriaEitrigg-EU211Not updated
76Krønenbourg GhosteamEitrigg-EU211Not updated
82Nanimal Imperium IlluminatusEitrigg-EU210Not updated
82Alpatchinno No scrubsEitrigg-EU210Not updated
84Ottanok AwakeningEitrigg-EU209Not updated
84Luffy Lightning ShadowsEitrigg-EU209Not updated
84Tessä Horde Sweet HordeEitrigg-EU209Not updated
87Elementari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU208Not updated
87Clairedfield S o u r c eEitrigg-EU208Not updated
87Rashkam GaiaEitrigg-EU208Not updated
87Thundergirl The coctedEitrigg-EU208Not updated
91Tombombadil ElendilEitrigg-EU207Not updated
91Azoulinia Les Protecteurs du TempsEitrigg-EU207Not updated
91Klingstor  Eitrigg-EU207Not updated
91Kamizøl GloriaEitrigg-EU207Not updated
95Kristhal RefugeEitrigg-EU206Not updated

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