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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Mcphisto FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU273Not updated
2Malephyka VengeanceDun Modr-EU265Not updated
3Athronbank Rise AgainDun Modr-EU260Not updated
4Sága DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU259Not updated
5Toaa VengeanceDun Modr-EU255Not updated
5Vanadís DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU255Not updated
7Seebeck Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU254Not updated
8Orithar Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU253Not updated
9Dkapitadorxd InsomnioDun Modr-EU252Not updated
9Mitocondrio Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU252Not updated
11Vâlasëar Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
11Âlus Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
11Terakill Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
11Cirine Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
11Naora Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
11Evilive Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU251Not updated
17Xexurra InsomnioDun Modr-EU250Not updated
18Svante NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU248Not updated
18Bustraster SaecûlumDun Modr-EU248Not updated
20Daggar VengeanceDun Modr-EU247Not updated
21Ðelfas Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU246Not updated
21Islimadiar Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU246Not updated
23Lilsoul VengeanceDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Spáwn Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Vkpelón EmotiveDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Fushiawase SlayerDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Tarkhisis NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Amarashi Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU245Not updated
23Aniral Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU245Not updated
30Dayanna EmotiveDun Modr-EU244Not updated
30Galakz TempestadDun Modr-EU244Not updated
30Warlita Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU244Not updated
33Morkkan Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU243Not updated
33Irenilla InsomnioDun Modr-EU243Not updated
33Hoob Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU243Not updated
33Aishä Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU243Not updated
37Zapar EmotiveDun Modr-EU242Not updated
37Kiryta AsgardDun Modr-EU242Not updated
37Ire EmotiveDun Modr-EU242Not updated
40Dìvà VengeanceDun Modr-EU241Not updated
40Sever GënesisDun Modr-EU241Not updated
40Iriel EmotiveDun Modr-EU241Not updated
40Niba VengeanceDun Modr-EU241Not updated
40Liri EmotiveDun Modr-EU241Not updated
45Daigner HestiaDun Modr-EU240Not updated
45Nansin Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU240Not updated
47Pooky Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU239Not updated
47Catai Darkest RequiemDun Modr-EU239Not updated
49Nairin Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU238Not updated
49Ares Corsair TimeDun Modr-EU238Not updated
49Dornn SWAGDun Modr-EU238Not updated
52Frana PerceptionDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Oz Clan WaZaDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Aquiles Vengeful HordeDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Maneluko los panxosDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Apanderado Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Flamelurker MAYBE NEXT TIMEDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Littledemon GënesisDun Modr-EU236Not updated
52Franakestein PerceptionDun Modr-EU236Not updated
60Rink Players of the PastDun Modr-EU235Not updated
60Benz No more water netDun Modr-EU235Not updated
60Cousêlo NemesisDun Modr-EU235Not updated
63Dovald InsomnioDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Frantastico PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Maicka Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Clayton MethodDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Axlotl No more water netDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Frandaren PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Franarkada PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Sarcopin The Disband TheoryDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Franatorroja PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Franita PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Staryu Guardians of StormwindDun Modr-EU234Not updated
63Franatico PerceptionDun Modr-EU234Not updated
75Helma Legendary BloodDun Modr-EU233Not updated
75Thanös FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU233Not updated
75Shusy Dark MatterDun Modr-EU233Not updated
75Cousëlo  Dun Modr-EU233Not updated
75Couselð  Dun Modr-EU233Not updated
75Cousëlö  Dun Modr-EU233Not updated
81Krysthara InsomnioDun Modr-EU232Not updated
81Cautivo Life StyleDun Modr-EU232Not updated
81Nîrvana ËVOLUTIONDun Modr-EU232Not updated
81Vanette S O L I T A R I O SDun Modr-EU232Not updated
81Rasska QuebrantahuesosDun Modr-EU232Not updated
86Tamaryz Atlantean LegendsDun Modr-EU231Not updated
86América Life StyleDun Modr-EU231Not updated
86Shasenka Furia y HonorDun Modr-EU231Not updated
86Rutibert Legacy of DragoonsDun Modr-EU231Not updated
86Donvanish Ice CubeDun Modr-EU231Not updated
91Stroika HeXDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Cros ProvidenceDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Theangel Focus al gordoDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Laiyara AFKDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Escorpius Life StyleDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Omicrón LaG iNDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Ðæø Life StyleDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Machetero Life StyleDun Modr-EU230Not updated
91Couselõ  Dun Modr-EU230Not updated
100Arëusa DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU229Not updated

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