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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drenden-US Faction Only Mounts
1Yukimi SublimeDrenden-US276Not updated
2Yamani Engineering MadnessDrenden-US268Not updated
3Blackbeating DivinityDrenden-US251Not updated
4Pirulina Engineering MadnessDrenden-US250Not updated
5Treborlock Focused AggressionDrenden-US245Not updated
6Dannyx RequiemDrenden-US244Not updated
7Dovesari Engineering MadnessDrenden-US242Not updated
7Blumpie Ten Man RaidersDrenden-US242Not updated
9Goobersmooch Essence of DeathDrenden-US240Not updated
10Kalisis LigatureDrenden-US239Not updated
11Murkasaurus Jurassic ParkDrenden-US235Not updated
12Bellarae Jurassic ParkDrenden-US232Not updated
13Slavegírl Engineering MadnessDrenden-US229Not updated
14Gurloes RequiemDrenden-US228Not updated
14Kazraus ProfitDrenden-US228Not updated
16Dragoron DsylxeicDrenden-US227Not updated
17Phuqueu Children Of the HordeDrenden-US226Not updated
18Adelissa Leaders of the LightDrenden-US224Not updated
19Aeon RequiemDrenden-US223Not updated
19Galorina RequiemDrenden-US223Not updated
19Mairin Engineering MadnessDrenden-US223Not updated
19Maryánn Engineering MadnessDrenden-US223Not updated
23Shortylite InsurrectionDrenden-US221Not updated
23Lilith The ReignDrenden-US221Not updated
25Rasetsungo SacrosanctDrenden-US219Not updated
25Arvash TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US219Not updated
27Zerstorung  Drenden-US218Not updated
28Chaosil  Drenden-US217Not updated
28Aepoch Hordes FinestDrenden-US217Not updated
30Puffer Focused AggressionDrenden-US216Not updated
30Sandrace The RejectsDrenden-US216Not updated
32Dhillo Essence of DeathDrenden-US215Not updated
33Karal DsylxeicDrenden-US214Not updated
33Kayles EmeraldDrenden-US214Not updated
33Richenda HeresiarchDrenden-US214Not updated
36Ordis SacrosanctDrenden-US213Not updated
36Michand SublimeDrenden-US213Not updated
38Chrísty Knight WatchDrenden-US212Not updated
39Slake Essence of DeathDrenden-US211Not updated
39Zoccol Essence of DeathDrenden-US211Not updated
39Ayllia Knight WatchDrenden-US211Not updated
39Slant Essence of DeathDrenden-US211Not updated
39Brynhildr TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US211Not updated
44Zima Chain pullDrenden-US210Not updated
44Shorn Essence of DeathDrenden-US210Not updated
44Huntardoh SublimeDrenden-US210Not updated
47Arissarue InsurrectionDrenden-US209Not updated
47Occamsword MadnessDrenden-US209Not updated
47Hawwtkooky Ook You In Da DookerDrenden-US209Not updated
47Cantare Essence of DeathDrenden-US209Not updated
47Otario Essence of DeathDrenden-US209Not updated
47Arcadia TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US209Not updated
47Dietrich TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US209Not updated
47Zaraceil Crusaders of The EliteDrenden-US209Not updated
55Dirtyted InsurrectionDrenden-US208Not updated
55Abhor ProperDrenden-US208Not updated
55Emberflare  Drenden-US208Not updated
55Syzzle DsylxeicDrenden-US208Not updated
59Millenium ProfitDrenden-US207Not updated
59Hune PhenomDrenden-US207Not updated
59Destex Game OverDrenden-US207Not updated
59Rhabdoviridæ SublimeDrenden-US207Not updated
63Yokoono Jurassic ParkDrenden-US206Not updated
63Serrafin RequiemDrenden-US206Not updated
63Tactt RequiemDrenden-US206Not updated
63Ixen Chain pullDrenden-US206Not updated
63Ixencat Chain pullDrenden-US206Not updated
63Hayu is S E X YDrenden-US206Not updated
69Anklebîter Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeDrenden-US205Not updated
69Justeroo ABSOLUTIONDrenden-US205Not updated
69Xane Clutch TimeDrenden-US205Not updated
69Verity Skeleton CrewDrenden-US205Not updated
69Loggann Its just a flesh woundDrenden-US205Not updated
69Mobility HeresiarchDrenden-US205Not updated
75Providence TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US204Not updated
75Ðêsi High TimesDrenden-US204Not updated
75Schopenhauer Gnome in a BathtubDrenden-US204Not updated
78Veszayne RequiemDrenden-US203Not updated

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