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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Shamurai NosferatumDraenor-EU280Not updated
2Könne Old SchoolDraenor-EU278Not updated
3Dracha AscendanceDraenor-EU277Not updated
4Donpaladino Cold LogicDraenor-EU272Not updated
5Holyblaze Atrum VeneficusDraenor-EU271Not updated
6Pwnpally SoLDraenor-EU268Not updated
7Panadoria Drama CatsDraenor-EU266Not updated
8Wii LuceDraenor-EU262Not updated
9Karnatron Old SchoolDraenor-EU261Not updated
9Daemie Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU261Not updated
11Mafroprofato MystDraenor-EU260Not updated
11Taniafalan Conquerors of DraenorDraenor-EU260Not updated
13Riviel AiaoDraenor-EU259Not updated
14Putesco The UniqueDraenor-EU258Not updated
14Eiwo Burning EmbersDraenor-EU258Not updated
14Ravenja AiaoDraenor-EU258Not updated
17Shinoh The UniqueDraenor-EU257Not updated
17Skyen PeppersausDraenor-EU257Not updated
17Druzlord Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU257Not updated
17Sylrax AtroxDraenor-EU257Not updated
21Gegol PurgeDraenor-EU256Not updated
21Dreadnis The Empire Strikes FirstDraenor-EU256Not updated
21Grimock MythDraenor-EU256Not updated
24Madargane Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU255Not updated
25Riotous The PantheonDraenor-EU252Not updated
26Nimrih AiaoDraenor-EU251Not updated
27Célestial Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU250Not updated
27Gavhf AureusDraenor-EU250Not updated
27Sofadk Legend of the PhoenixDraenor-EU250Not updated
30Dunari MessDraenor-EU249Not updated
30Xivel Fifth SinDraenor-EU249Not updated
32Neziah TempestDraenor-EU248Not updated
32Cashpower HereticDraenor-EU248Not updated
32Jáý AureusDraenor-EU248Not updated
32Khald  Draenor-EU248Not updated
32Kooki  Draenor-EU248Not updated
37Jaý AureusDraenor-EU247Not updated
37Shantt  Draenor-EU247Not updated
39Grandolyn AuraDraenor-EU246Not updated
39Selfhealer Vení vidí vicíDraenor-EU246Not updated
39Qrrgll The AftermathDraenor-EU246Not updated
39Xínnara Old SchoolDraenor-EU246Not updated
43Elyxiel Twisted LogicDraenor-EU245Not updated
43Deathgver The AftermathDraenor-EU245Not updated
45Josippaladin X MenDraenor-EU244Not updated
45Nillen Dark SectorDraenor-EU244Not updated
47Suzington ControversialDraenor-EU243Not updated
47Çrõwlêy AureusDraenor-EU243Not updated
47Ruidead Carnage IncDraenor-EU243Not updated
50Chubalt DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU242Not updated
50Lagoig  Draenor-EU242Not updated
52Crohuna LuceDraenor-EU241Not updated
52Stashxo AscendanceDraenor-EU241Not updated
54Aizenshin Drama ClubDraenor-EU240Not updated
54Adaideathz WildfireDraenor-EU240Not updated
54Wietske Radiant DawnDraenor-EU240Not updated
54Lightý The UniqueDraenor-EU240Not updated
54Zulnip RevoltDraenor-EU240Not updated
59Ankita MystDraenor-EU239Not updated
59Aori ControversialDraenor-EU239Not updated
59Meyria  Draenor-EU239Not updated
59Moonmonkéy Pandion KnightsDraenor-EU239Not updated
59Taistelusika The horde stormtroopersDraenor-EU239Not updated
59Stræber Valhalla RisingDraenor-EU239Not updated
65Nôôß CHAØSDraenor-EU238Not updated
65Grindylows StardriftDraenor-EU238Not updated
65Sata BKBDraenor-EU238Not updated
65Powfairy Atrum VeneficusDraenor-EU238Not updated
65Jinkun RevoltDraenor-EU238Not updated
70Tamirah Dark IntentDraenor-EU237Not updated
70Purplebanana The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU237Not updated
70Vanarr ThizzDraenor-EU237Not updated
70Sneezefreeze The Four EmperorsDraenor-EU237Not updated
70Zertificate LuceDraenor-EU237Not updated
70Hazè VoMDraenor-EU237Not updated
76Nìenna JujuDraenor-EU236Not updated
76Purplÿ Guinea Pigs and CoDraenor-EU236Not updated
76Igoretta exulatus bellatorDraenor-EU236Not updated
79Staxie MaliceDraenor-EU235Not updated
79Skag ObsidiumDraenor-EU235Not updated
79Zybudra The SaintsDraenor-EU235Not updated
79Broflex AscendanceDraenor-EU235Not updated
79Sereléan AtroxDraenor-EU235Not updated
79Zephlock The UniqueDraenor-EU235Not updated
85Leiwo ControversialDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Wildsoul Trade Chats FinestDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Derkwin AscendanceDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Zibbwald Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Thilen Sober KannibalsDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Drazui DeadeyeDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Sioxie BanishedDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Jinjin MaliceDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Infliximab Sub ZeroDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Zephadin The UniqueDraenor-EU234Not updated
85Hikarí DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU234Not updated

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