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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Jcvandamme Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU267Not updated
2Phantasmal Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU256Not updated
3Tigos  Doomhammer-EU250Not updated
4Sizer PhyrexianDoomhammer-EU249Not updated
5Brokenchair AquamarineDoomhammer-EU246Not updated
6Blackstalker Legit VengeanceDoomhammer-EU245Not updated
7Ridez Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU241Not updated
7Kaiken PhyrexianDoomhammer-EU241Not updated
9Ðante More DakkaDoomhammer-EU240Not updated
9Maddé In Search For SunriseDoomhammer-EU240Not updated
9Eilthal PhyrexianDoomhammer-EU240Not updated
12Jezlinn  Doomhammer-EU237Not updated
13Clueless my own my preciousDoomhammer-EU236Not updated
14Miira EmanateDoomhammer-EU235Not updated
15Eillove VigilantesDoomhammer-EU234Not updated
15Sveá In Search For SunriseDoomhammer-EU234Not updated
17Yamaneko UprisingDoomhammer-EU232Not updated
18Tiitubis Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU231Not updated
18Cherryleaf Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU231Not updated
18Gillius Perfectly FlawedDoomhammer-EU231Not updated
18Lanfear Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU231Not updated
18Dharling UprisingDoomhammer-EU231Not updated
18Edenivia  Doomhammer-EU231Not updated
24Bessola ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU230Not updated
25Prés Avengers of AstranaarDoomhammer-EU229Not updated
25Thanös EmanateDoomhammer-EU229Not updated
27Nancyqt Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU226Not updated
27Molkin Perfectly FlawedDoomhammer-EU226Not updated
29Arctorius  Doomhammer-EU225Not updated
29Rijka WindmillersDoomhammer-EU225Not updated
29Astie InevitableDoomhammer-EU225Not updated
32Palloriina RequiemDoomhammer-EU223Not updated
33Novak VigilantesDoomhammer-EU222Not updated
33Panmuric WindmillersDoomhammer-EU222Not updated
35Megapala RequiemDoomhammer-EU221Not updated
35Andeddo  Doomhammer-EU221Not updated
37Threeheadedm Defenders of BloodwatchDoomhammer-EU220Not updated
37Shunsui InevitableDoomhammer-EU220Not updated
37Antiel LegionnairesDoomhammer-EU220Not updated
37Mixalia No Crit SureLockDoomhammer-EU220Not updated
41Torrentino IncendiaDoomhammer-EU219Not updated
41Slab InfinityDoomhammer-EU219Not updated
43Kja ProhibicjaDoomhammer-EU218Not updated
43Malva Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU218Not updated
45Jackeldk RejectsDoomhammer-EU217Not updated
45Unlocks ProhibicjaDoomhammer-EU217Not updated
45Voodoodoodoo FrenzyDoomhammer-EU217Not updated
45Phaith Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU217Not updated
45Cândy Legit VengeanceDoomhammer-EU217Not updated
50Immorality ConvictionDoomhammer-EU216Not updated
51Karalys Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU215Not updated
51Verco Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU215Not updated
51Krung The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU215Not updated
51Joechristie Pink PlayaDoomhammer-EU215Not updated
55Malbert Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU214Not updated
55Laereth VigilantesDoomhammer-EU214Not updated
55Posix The Lost ChapterDoomhammer-EU214Not updated
58Emtro Gladius DeiDoomhammer-EU213Not updated
58Lilboopeep Erin Go BraghDoomhammer-EU213Not updated
58Zarmatura Defenders of BloodwatchDoomhammer-EU213Not updated
61Leanie Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU212Not updated
61Wawecrest Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU212Not updated
61Kalaiel FrenzyDoomhammer-EU212Not updated
61Duskborn EvermoreDoomhammer-EU212Not updated
61Wkdstrike  Doomhammer-EU212Not updated
66Kmccrthy Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU211Not updated
66Arbogast  Doomhammer-EU211Not updated
66Diddina WindmillersDoomhammer-EU211Not updated
66Sensou The InfidelsDoomhammer-EU211Not updated
66Tildix ToxicallDoomhammer-EU211Not updated
71Azilen The Guild of FreedomDoomhammer-EU210Not updated
71Annethrax  Doomhammer-EU210Not updated
71Jatinga  Doomhammer-EU210Not updated
71Stridsvogn Edge of SanityDoomhammer-EU210Not updated
71Warlololock LegionnairesDoomhammer-EU210Not updated
71Varsh The British LionsDoomhammer-EU210Not updated
77Toybox The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
77Radimir CarnageDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
77Maxagaze Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
77Omber Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
77Wooshum Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU209Not updated
82Zoê VigilantesDoomhammer-EU208Not updated
82Bubblyjess RequiemDoomhammer-EU208Not updated
82Ereggy The Guild of FreedomDoomhammer-EU208Not updated
82Korben FrenzyDoomhammer-EU208Not updated
82Battlesnivel  Doomhammer-EU208Not updated
87Battlekat The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU207Not updated
87Chrogius RequiemDoomhammer-EU207Not updated
87Nubhealz Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU207Not updated
87Strombeard The Guild of FreedomDoomhammer-EU207Not updated
87Djungelvrål InglouriousDoomhammer-EU207Not updated

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