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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Destromath-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Miasmiles  Destromath-EU246Not updated
2Kjukju  Destromath-EU244Not updated
3Junea  Destromath-EU241Not updated
4Unbeata  Destromath-EU238Not updated
5Maydie  Destromath-EU237Not updated
6Xyroxo  Destromath-EU235Not updated
7Jihh  Destromath-EU234Not updated
7Nindea Wotans KriegerDestromath-EU234Not updated
9Lynesa RiseDestromath-EU232Not updated
10Lexsi RAZ QUETSCHTDestromath-EU230Not updated
11Byernot pRophecyDestromath-EU228Not updated
12Seversa NeocortexDestromath-EU226Not updated
12Calilife BAF SturmrächerDestromath-EU226Not updated
14Vallek Wambo IncDestromath-EU225Not updated
14Valaryn  Destromath-EU225Not updated
14Ðespina never say no to pandaDestromath-EU225Not updated
14Awakira  Destromath-EU225Not updated
18Lazziel Wotans KriegerDestromath-EU224Not updated
19Krochagoblin ShowTimeDestromath-EU223Not updated
20Neriphos Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU221Not updated
20Chipsî C est La VieDestromath-EU221Not updated
22Elyst pRophecyDestromath-EU220Not updated
23Rasjel Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU219Not updated
23Orgim  Destromath-EU219Not updated
25Hotchen cause we canDestromath-EU218Not updated
25Thronxs RAZ QUETSCHTDestromath-EU218Not updated
27Sasthi pRophecyDestromath-EU217Not updated
27Cippo Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU217Not updated
29Bumbibjörna pRophecyDestromath-EU216Not updated
29Lumpo Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU216Not updated
31Pushtotalk  Destromath-EU215Not updated
31Strawbêrry  Destromath-EU215Not updated
33Nirash Bad TasteDestromath-EU214Not updated
33Kitkaht  Destromath-EU214Not updated
35Neylia Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU213Not updated
36Sîlvîa Eiskalte EngelDestromath-EU212Not updated
36Noctun  Destromath-EU212Not updated
38Badtrip  Destromath-EU211Not updated
38Rênesmee Tonitrus et RequiesDestromath-EU211Not updated
40Dansodar Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU210Not updated
40Cruzander pRophecyDestromath-EU210Not updated
40Issyn Possum sed NoloDestromath-EU210Not updated
40Golliwoog  Destromath-EU210Not updated
44Nymphadorâ  Destromath-EU209Not updated
44Yush The Born ChaosDestromath-EU209Not updated
44Sitingbull Lausitzer PorterDestromath-EU209Not updated
44Thordan relaXed incDestromath-EU209Not updated
44Kûron eXlessDestromath-EU209Not updated
49Julmara Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU208Not updated
50Sharybdis FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU207Not updated
51Tasdingoman TheDevilsRejectsDestromath-EU206Not updated
51Mindbubble AscendedDestromath-EU206Not updated
51Rômmel Bad TasteDestromath-EU206Not updated
54Khazmo Just SkillDestromath-EU205Not updated
55Cannatonic untouchableDestromath-EU204Not updated
56Blackàrrow  Destromath-EU203Not updated
56Shiaz Bad TasteDestromath-EU203Not updated
56Darkdan The DanDestromath-EU203Not updated
56Grinsch  Destromath-EU203Not updated
60Mîna SternensucherDestromath-EU202Not updated
60Exikôr pRophecyDestromath-EU202Not updated
62Michikô Meister der HölleDestromath-EU201Not updated
62Quelzin  Destromath-EU201Not updated
62Adicta ParsecDestromath-EU201Not updated
65Argo FeârDestromath-EU200Not updated
65Fluffelblubb  Destromath-EU200Not updated
65Atia Primal LegionDestromath-EU200Not updated
68Hassu Bad TasteDestromath-EU199Not updated
68Shamîe ZwergenWeitwurfCrewDestromath-EU199Not updated
68Hoodz  Destromath-EU199Not updated
68  Destromath-EU199Not updated
72Çìçì Full Mithril JacketDestromath-EU198Not updated
72Kane Bad TasteDestromath-EU198Not updated
74Todesnusnu  Destromath-EU197Not updated
74Anuzgomez SinworiDestromath-EU197Not updated
76Amazzone TnTDestromath-EU196Not updated
77Texown chilledDestromath-EU195Not updated
77Dirtdiggla NeocortexDestromath-EU195Not updated
77Kullerauge Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU195Not updated
77Adire Nihil interitDestromath-EU195Not updated
81Morgulîs  Destromath-EU194Not updated
81Yemolord  Destromath-EU194Not updated
81Pombäre  Destromath-EU194Not updated
81Asmodí Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU194Not updated
85Amina FeârDestromath-EU192Not updated
85Spyrôo Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU192Not updated
85Knackmann Immortal TechniqueDestromath-EU192Not updated
85Fiãt Turn Off The LightsDestromath-EU192Not updated
85Krompf pRophecyDestromath-EU192Not updated
90Stormshaddow Turn Off The LightsDestromath-EU191Not updated
90Yersînîa Turn Off The LightsDestromath-EU191Not updated
90Blinkki  Destromath-EU191Not updated
93Lynerd Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU190Not updated
93Ærîéls  Destromath-EU190Not updated
95Necrologue Full Mithril JacketDestromath-EU189Not updated
95Terthia Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU189Not updated
95Blistig Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU189Not updated
95Thepain Per UltionemDestromath-EU189Not updated
95Lisamelina SternensucherDestromath-EU189Not updated
95Shirha NoFearDestromath-EU189Not updated

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