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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dentarg-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Turbobalsam Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU248Not updated
2Sintîja Bad OmenDentarg-EU245Not updated
3Kno The last standing HeroesDentarg-EU244Not updated
4Spookiez Bad OmenDentarg-EU241Not updated
5Rifle Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU235Not updated
6Shocknòrris The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU233Not updated
7Darmor NollTvåTreDentarg-EU231Not updated
7Terroriquez Bad OmenDentarg-EU231Not updated
9Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU226Not updated
9Karish The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU226Not updated
11Stemi ConsiderationDentarg-EU224Not updated
11Gexxar The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU224Not updated
13Kraftverk  Dentarg-EU222Not updated
14Asteri Bad OmenDentarg-EU220Not updated
15Tystnad Bad OmenDentarg-EU219Not updated
15Piupiupiupiu Pui de DacDentarg-EU219Not updated
17Crystalforge All EndsDentarg-EU218Not updated
17Crc Bad OmenDentarg-EU218Not updated
19Kanerria ConsiderationDentarg-EU217Not updated
20Anfauglith Thousand SunnyDentarg-EU215Not updated
21Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU213Not updated
21Denskare The Doom GuardiensDentarg-EU213Not updated
21Akakabuto CollisionDentarg-EU213Not updated
24Liadrine  Dentarg-EU212Not updated
25Drakestalker Bad OmenDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Lookalike Bad OmenDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Xortag Bad OmenDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Oshef PenanceDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Leander Ancestral HeroesDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Zla CollisionDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Moklor Bad OmenDentarg-EU211Not updated
25Klonpfod Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU211Not updated
33Kniightmare Guild PerksDentarg-EU210Not updated
34Bloman ConsiderationDentarg-EU209Not updated
34Youknow  Dentarg-EU209Not updated
36Majwel Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU208Not updated
37Bearzerker NightWisherDentarg-EU207Not updated
37Slugabozy  Dentarg-EU207Not updated
37Stratina Bad OmenDentarg-EU207Not updated
37Shanksu NightWisherDentarg-EU207Not updated
41Riollu Bad OmenDentarg-EU206Not updated
41Parax Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU206Not updated
43Dilimache The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU205Not updated
43Kathal Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU205Not updated
45Gicu The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU204Not updated
45Pantherman NightWisherDentarg-EU204Not updated
45Mhm Guild PerksDentarg-EU204Not updated
45Bracè Avatar TrustDentarg-EU204Not updated
45Grapjas Brill Community CollegeDentarg-EU204Not updated
50Ptwma Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU203Not updated
50Magikérn The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU203Not updated
52Gwynnie Strawberry PiratesDentarg-EU202Not updated
53Holyprincess The GenesisDentarg-EU201Not updated
53Neurodrive The HonoredDentarg-EU201Not updated
53Crnijack Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU201Not updated
53Walkyriaa Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU201Not updated
57Saraste MonsDentarg-EU200Not updated
58Ignique  Dentarg-EU199Not updated
59Purla Bad OmenDentarg-EU198Not updated
59Alessio  Dentarg-EU198Not updated
61Amealamin Bad OmenDentarg-EU197Not updated
62Sesvetepop Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU196Not updated
63Pollat Ðevil May CryDentarg-EU195Not updated
63Mystaunted MugetsuDentarg-EU195Not updated
65Irzla ConsiderationDentarg-EU194Not updated
66Rocklobster  Dentarg-EU192Not updated
67Paulwalker De Gale Trolde Fra NordDentarg-EU190Not updated
68Atena PenanceDentarg-EU189Not updated
68Dobytek Bad OmenDentarg-EU189Not updated
70Voodoochile The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU188Not updated
70Alinuta Pui de DacDentarg-EU188Not updated
70Aeyras Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU188Not updated
70Hyuu  Dentarg-EU188Not updated
70Shakaboom CollisionDentarg-EU188Not updated
75Oeneus ConsiderationDentarg-EU187Not updated
76Vartunge No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU186Not updated
76Rhogana The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU186Not updated
76Holyskull  Dentarg-EU186Not updated
79Vejsaa Bad OmenDentarg-EU183Not updated
80Zandig PenanceDentarg-EU182Not updated
80Hillpaw The GardenDentarg-EU182Not updated
80Jelzin Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU182Not updated
83Bebals ConsiderationDentarg-EU181Not updated
83Cosanzeana Pui de DacDentarg-EU181Not updated
83Thinger Guild PerksDentarg-EU181Not updated
83Caylion Lazy PeonsDentarg-EU181Not updated
87Peter BGZBankDentarg-EU180Not updated
87Vôljîn The Select FewDentarg-EU180Not updated
89Ruddiger NoQQDentarg-EU179Not updated
89Kibern  Dentarg-EU179Not updated
89Decimuss PDDDentarg-EU179Not updated
89Zentagg Alliance FinestDentarg-EU179Not updated
93Copernica Do JajaDentarg-EU178Not updated
93Darkgaia The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU178Not updated
93Jamoon Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU178Not updated
93Naraldor PDDDentarg-EU178Not updated
97Dots Bad OmenDentarg-EU177Not updated
97Öutofcontrol kingdom of heavennDentarg-EU177Not updated
97Rb PDDDentarg-EU177Not updated
97Unnas PDDDentarg-EU177Not updated

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