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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darkspear-US Faction Only Mounts
1Phidor  Darkspear-US258Not updated
2Fulla Grand MarshalsDarkspear-US255Not updated
3Thelf  Darkspear-US251Not updated
4Québécoise  Darkspear-US250Not updated
4Swiftmends  Darkspear-US250Not updated
4Mongs  Darkspear-US250Not updated
7Aurook Vox RadixDarkspear-US247Not updated
8Ðestíny Steel LegionDarkspear-US246Not updated
9Fröstedflake Salt MinesDarkspear-US244Not updated
9Wistaria Imperial LegacyDarkspear-US244Not updated
11Bless I knew you were troubleDarkspear-US242Not updated
12Jalopyjr do my danceDarkspear-US239Not updated
13Bizarodebbie The ChurchDarkspear-US237Not updated
14Piious Steel LegionDarkspear-US236Not updated
15Islandriå SovereignDarkspear-US235Not updated
15Zoddy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US235Not updated
17Alalia Bon WeirDarkspear-US234Not updated
17Turtlepowah Carpe DìemDarkspear-US234Not updated
19Sycokittee  Darkspear-US233Not updated
20Cuthalion Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US232Not updated
20Xusia Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US232Not updated
22Apoqalypse Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US231Not updated
22Binkx Friend ZoneDarkspear-US231Not updated
24Ayalisa Never SurrenderDarkspear-US230Not updated
24Slipjack Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US230Not updated
26Arminvanbuur FIGHTDarkspear-US229Not updated
27Oakshror Steel LegionDarkspear-US228Not updated
27Ahzevar The ChurchDarkspear-US228Not updated
29Holyballin BurnoutDarkspear-US227Not updated
29Charlynn  Darkspear-US227Not updated
29Grindol UnderworldDarkspear-US227Not updated
32Nelliepoo Steel LegionDarkspear-US226Not updated
32Ondatpriest Serious PVPDarkspear-US226Not updated
32Kazadin  Darkspear-US226Not updated
35Darketh Friend ZoneDarkspear-US224Not updated
35Corsica Sniff My GucciDarkspear-US224Not updated
35Leedlê The EH TeamDarkspear-US224Not updated
35Xertah Darkforce AllianceDarkspear-US224Not updated
39Dispersion The Crimson TideDarkspear-US223Not updated
39Headshotboom Cool PatrolDarkspear-US223Not updated
39Yuzhoudiyiqs Never SurrenderDarkspear-US223Not updated
39Kelsei WPVP Never DiesDarkspear-US223Not updated
43Jezzica Dara MactíreDarkspear-US222Not updated
43Energylol  Darkspear-US222Not updated
43Ìscream MunnyDarkspear-US222Not updated
46Jerdatank The ChurchDarkspear-US221Not updated
47Twilightmoon The Crimson TideDarkspear-US220Not updated
47Manald Minks MansionDarkspear-US220Not updated
47Tonyromo Bacon PvPDarkspear-US220Not updated
47Ásch  Darkspear-US220Not updated
47Jentrozlek  Darkspear-US220Not updated
52Globaledx Girls GenerationDarkspear-US219Not updated
52Kenishii Dara MactíreDarkspear-US219Not updated
52Geeba MuffinsDarkspear-US219Not updated
55Sigep Vox RadixDarkspear-US218Not updated
55Lizaa The ChurchDarkspear-US218Not updated
55Arlein WELCOME TO WORLD PVPDarkspear-US218Not updated
55Melcheybear Friend ZoneDarkspear-US218Not updated
59Shadplay Friend ZoneDarkspear-US217Not updated
59Leaschana The ChurchDarkspear-US217Not updated
59Judger Nocturnal FateDarkspear-US217Not updated
59Zieva Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US217Not updated
59Azràel Skeleton CrewDarkspear-US217Not updated
59Takenotes  Darkspear-US217Not updated
59Tywyn  Darkspear-US217Not updated
66Baeldoran The ChurchDarkspear-US216Not updated
66Artika The ChurchDarkspear-US216Not updated
66Reamø  Darkspear-US216Not updated
69Cyndrina FreelanceDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Mongos The Royal KnightsDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Shootmeagain In Hell i singDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Ainslyn hangaku n friendsDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Novafused Ashes Of EpsilonDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Dianabol Minks MansionDarkspear-US215Not updated
69Ankt Steel LegionDarkspear-US215Not updated
76Felross Bon WeirDarkspear-US214Not updated
76Blessednas Heavenly DivineDarkspear-US214Not updated
76Alcch  Darkspear-US214Not updated
76Ionixa  Darkspear-US214Not updated
76Awakawa I KNOW RIGHTDarkspear-US214Not updated
76Nightrangèr BSDDarkspear-US214Not updated
76Gamet Magnus Irrumabo AsinosDarkspear-US214Not updated
76Whisky Minks MansionDarkspear-US214Not updated
84Darnna Tambayan IIDarkspear-US213Not updated
84Takda Psycho CircusDarkspear-US213Not updated
84Powwerthirst Blood Red SkiesDarkspear-US213Not updated
84Nidaime  Darkspear-US213Not updated
88Pàbo In Loving MemoryDarkspear-US212Not updated
88Swiftlynx Force of LightDarkspear-US212Not updated
88Pidgeh Arena TrainerDarkspear-US212Not updated
88Bairdk Friend ZoneDarkspear-US212Not updated
88Alteren Vox RadixDarkspear-US212Not updated
93Xtremmac Never SurrenderDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Osirîs BossologyDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Ceodor The Handsome and BrutalDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Farsting Vox NexDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Matherz ARENAS HARD LETS RAIDDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Phuska  Darkspear-US211Not updated
93Baumgartner Pokemon MastersDarkspear-US211Not updated
93Valiri Critter CrunchDarkspear-US211Not updated

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