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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dark Iron-US Faction Only Mounts
1Schmeegal Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US254Not updated
2Violet Gag ReflexDark Iron-US246Not updated
3Helgamh ROMEDark Iron-US240Not updated
4Saphine ExuberanceDark Iron-US238Not updated
4Groeg  Dark Iron-US238Not updated
6Âpõphís ThrustDark Iron-US233Not updated
7Holylisa BleaChDark Iron-US232Not updated
8Lekar AxisDark Iron-US231Not updated
9Kronisaurus Gag ReflexDark Iron-US230Not updated
10Sorush  Dark Iron-US229Not updated
11Neevyn ThrustDark Iron-US228Not updated
11Carlyle ExuberanceDark Iron-US228Not updated
11Ihealforcash AxisDark Iron-US228Not updated
14Zettsuei AxisDark Iron-US227Not updated
15Logos  Dark Iron-US225Not updated
15Rayzel Night OpsDark Iron-US225Not updated
17Notus Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US224Not updated
17Lycanthro No ThroneDark Iron-US224Not updated
19Phagemage EternityDark Iron-US223Not updated
20Reighven AxisDark Iron-US222Not updated
20Kanamé AxisDark Iron-US222Not updated
20Gaebulg The Eh TeamDark Iron-US222Not updated
23Hardek Blue SquareDark Iron-US221Not updated
24Rïver Gag ReflexDark Iron-US220Not updated
25Findeath Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US219Not updated
26Pwnergrl The SaiyansDark Iron-US217Not updated
26Reína AxisDark Iron-US217Not updated
28Icedout ThrustDark Iron-US216Not updated
29Kieagga  Dark Iron-US215Not updated
29Yeayurr  Dark Iron-US215Not updated
29Tastedarambo AxisDark Iron-US215Not updated
32Ácîdßúrñ tòótDark Iron-US214Not updated
32Drazlek Gank StatusDark Iron-US214Not updated
34Anataru Gag ReflexDark Iron-US213Not updated
34Empcrissa DjörkDark Iron-US213Not updated
36Zelnaga EternityDark Iron-US212Not updated
36Lusion Hopes FateDark Iron-US212Not updated
36Bélla EternityDark Iron-US212Not updated
39Tyrnyx Gag ReflexDark Iron-US211Not updated
39Guttsu Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US211Not updated
39Boplock ThrustDark Iron-US211Not updated
39Digitalbath AxisDark Iron-US211Not updated
43Heartlily ThrustDark Iron-US210Not updated
43Rippie way she goesDark Iron-US210Not updated
43Darkwander  Dark Iron-US210Not updated
46Cobee ThrustDark Iron-US209Not updated
46Ghrizz One More BossDark Iron-US209Not updated
46Wirus Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US209Not updated
49Glaube chickenflightDark Iron-US208Not updated
49Kalía ChronosDark Iron-US208Not updated
51Idhyianelf BallinDark Iron-US207Not updated
51Kasver Beep Beep Imma JeepDark Iron-US207Not updated
53Aujirnuhm ThrustDark Iron-US206Not updated
53Mistmoore No ThroneDark Iron-US206Not updated
53Hitsuji Panda AttackDark Iron-US206Not updated
53Kngbink EternityDark Iron-US206Not updated
57Bangarrang Gag ReflexDark Iron-US205Not updated
57Xannada EternityDark Iron-US205Not updated
57Hardeyn EternityDark Iron-US205Not updated
57Ixtapa Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US205Not updated
57Xonz  Dark Iron-US205Not updated
62Bowlestation Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US204Not updated
62Stormbird EpinicionDark Iron-US204Not updated
62Ekwon  Dark Iron-US204Not updated
62Drkillenger Disciples of DivxDark Iron-US204Not updated
62Howlër Bad ApplesDark Iron-US204Not updated
67Shebä Gag ReflexDark Iron-US203Not updated
67Uras  Dark Iron-US203Not updated
67Voidspell  Dark Iron-US203Not updated
67Amelstout Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US203Not updated
71Zarasonia  Dark Iron-US202Not updated
72Gameofrogues  Dark Iron-US201Not updated
72Flåmingbeard EpinicionDark Iron-US201Not updated
72Shadyse Same Thing Less FailDark Iron-US201Not updated
75Quinoo  Dark Iron-US200Not updated
76Vrox ThrustDark Iron-US199Not updated
76Atalantä Thieves BrotherhoodDark Iron-US199Not updated
76Vilhelm AnnarchyDark Iron-US199Not updated
79Deathmuse Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US197Not updated
79Imwhiteyo ThrustDark Iron-US197Not updated
79Galenas Cyclic RedundancyDark Iron-US197Not updated
82Shallen Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US196Not updated
82Mellianna Burly MenDark Iron-US196Not updated

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