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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US Faction Only Mounts
1Twilonis OuroborosDalaran-US257Not updated
2Lenroca AscendDalaran-US255Not updated
3Hansolò AscendDalaran-US242Not updated
4Asaakira KaizenDalaran-US241Not updated
5Arcayos Pak CafanDalaran-US239Not updated
6Synthetics KaizenDalaran-US238Not updated
7Daril The Legion of DarknessDalaran-US237Not updated
8Millarol ReloadDalaran-US236Not updated
9Chillaayy AscendDalaran-US235Not updated
9Warorcs The VineyardDalaran-US235Not updated
11Deatren BlacklightDalaran-US233Not updated
11Marasabi Apotheosis NowDalaran-US233Not updated
13Erazer AscendDalaran-US231Not updated
14Sakura Moment of SilenceDalaran-US229Not updated
15Barial OuroborosDalaran-US228Not updated
15Mija Natural AffinityDalaran-US228Not updated
15Castsalone Paw StarsDalaran-US228Not updated
15Tarn Black DeathDalaran-US228Not updated
19Rootfifth ReloadDalaran-US227Not updated
19Ereshkigal Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US227Not updated
21Furrylian Third WatchDalaran-US225Not updated
21Rachaisen KaizenDalaran-US225Not updated
21Redtall PIEDalaran-US225Not updated
21Keldrien KaizenDalaran-US225Not updated
25Holygore Six Feet UnderDalaran-US224Not updated
25Stoneformed Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US224Not updated
25Gamorrá GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US224Not updated
25Tovenayru The Great AdventureDalaran-US224Not updated
25Mörgause Paw StarsDalaran-US224Not updated
30Kittanya Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US223Not updated
30Vixey Night HavenDalaran-US223Not updated
30Namora GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US223Not updated
30Boospally Black DeathDalaran-US223Not updated
34Hathora OuroborosDalaran-US222Not updated
34Undéadhéalz Gladiators of WarDalaran-US222Not updated
34Traenia  Dalaran-US222Not updated
34Partialla The Love ShackDalaran-US222Not updated
38Chicpea Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US221Not updated
38Opérations  Dalaran-US221Not updated
38Together Paw StarsDalaran-US221Not updated
38Ragenak  Dalaran-US221Not updated
42Lilim KaizenDalaran-US220Not updated
42Cron PIEDalaran-US220Not updated
44Autumnbelle ReloadDalaran-US219Not updated
44Seraphymm Madly Off IncorporatedDalaran-US219Not updated
46Heliolord Natural AffinityDalaran-US218Not updated
46Ataxxia ReloadDalaran-US218Not updated
46Slayerprime Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US218Not updated
46Shaina AthanatoiDalaran-US218Not updated
46Alïcecooper Blurred RealityDalaran-US218Not updated
51Alchemia Kabobs IncDalaran-US217Not updated
51Proteção Black DeathDalaran-US217Not updated
51Amarryn GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US217Not updated
54Akto  Dalaran-US216Not updated
54Rumlin  Dalaran-US216Not updated
54Satísfaction OuroborosDalaran-US216Not updated
54Moonmist AthanatoiDalaran-US216Not updated
54Xiernaku KaizenDalaran-US216Not updated
54Saga LegitimateDalaran-US216Not updated
60Alkrin Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US215Not updated
60Angeleus Deities and DemigodsDalaran-US215Not updated
62Darkhelm Ancient DawnDalaran-US214Not updated
62Bjornix Madly Off IncorporatedDalaran-US214Not updated
62Bánshee WálkersDalaran-US214Not updated
65Shanananana KaizenDalaran-US213Not updated
65Jhanos Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US213Not updated
65Hypnôtic XIIDalaran-US213Not updated
65Firepheonix Heart of RedemptionDalaran-US213Not updated
65Saphilia Cry HavocDalaran-US213Not updated
65Meissa Victorious LegionDalaran-US213Not updated
65Melacia Apotheosis NowDalaran-US213Not updated
65Lilscout Natural AffinityDalaran-US213Not updated
65Spotdots SatoriDalaran-US213Not updated
65Landos Madly Off IncorporatedDalaran-US213Not updated
75Madmelta LegitimateDalaran-US212Not updated
75Calisson Third WatchDalaran-US212Not updated
75Schadar Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US212Not updated
75Oäks Madly Off IncorporatedDalaran-US212Not updated
75Iktotchi AnguishDalaran-US212Not updated

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