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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Daggerspine-US Faction Only Mounts
1Flexxiss LycentiousDaggerspine-US249Not updated
2Aldabra SeriouslyDaggerspine-US246Not updated
3Hâvøc GrimDaggerspine-US234Not updated
4Wildmag ResonanceDaggerspine-US227Not updated
5Jackjumper Dirty SouthDaggerspine-US226Not updated
6Malificient Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US223Not updated
7Werst  Daggerspine-US217Not updated
8Crazyotto ResonanceDaggerspine-US216Not updated
9Fortiscue ResonanceDaggerspine-US215Not updated
10Fermented AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US214Not updated
11Trilais OishieDaggerspine-US211Not updated
11Kestraant Lords of HegemonyDaggerspine-US211Not updated
13Oswell OishieDaggerspine-US209Not updated
14Maeljin potatoDaggerspine-US207Not updated
15Sarenthaeis GrimDaggerspine-US204Not updated
15Radilas Sign of the HammerDaggerspine-US204Not updated
17Enforcerx The Lost BoysDaggerspine-US203Not updated
18Viondra  Daggerspine-US202Not updated
19Skinchomper Sign of the HammerDaggerspine-US199Not updated
20Dewee A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US198Not updated
20Tainan The Flying CircusDaggerspine-US198Not updated
22Mootilda GrimDaggerspine-US197Not updated
23Penta ResonanceDaggerspine-US196Not updated
24Lilkel Just A GameDaggerspine-US195Not updated
25Palimax ResonanceDaggerspine-US194Not updated
25Fierro ResonanceDaggerspine-US194Not updated
25Saru potatoDaggerspine-US194Not updated
28Bandie ResonanceDaggerspine-US191Not updated
28Aeriale RiotDaggerspine-US191Not updated
28Evaclawl  Daggerspine-US191Not updated
31Drstrange potatoDaggerspine-US190Not updated
31Termy GrimDaggerspine-US190Not updated
31Kensferd InsomniacsDaggerspine-US190Not updated
31Vampknight The Blood PackDaggerspine-US190Not updated
35Warrêng AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US189Not updated
36Pewbin AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US188Not updated
36Thiala Five ManDaggerspine-US188Not updated
36Rennovatio Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US188Not updated
36Seventhson GrimDaggerspine-US188Not updated
36Proqnir United DefenseDaggerspine-US188Not updated
41Azzog GrimDaggerspine-US187Not updated
41Arionrhod  Daggerspine-US187Not updated
43Purplehazze GrimDaggerspine-US186Not updated
43Comfychair potatoDaggerspine-US186Not updated
43Splice TormentDaggerspine-US186Not updated
46Anslyn  Daggerspine-US185Not updated
47Dugogo GrimDaggerspine-US184Not updated
47Badshot Fallen GraceDaggerspine-US184Not updated
49Brixniia  Daggerspine-US183Not updated
49Fisticuffer Time for FunDaggerspine-US183Not updated
49Drogaan  Daggerspine-US183Not updated
52Tyrandéé Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US182Not updated
53Mahia Advance And VanquishDaggerspine-US181Not updated
53Natalem ResonanceDaggerspine-US181Not updated
53Tyryan UnKonventionalDaggerspine-US181Not updated
56Jæru OishieDaggerspine-US180Not updated
56Yoshiko ResonanceDaggerspine-US180Not updated
58Lakes The Lost BoysDaggerspine-US179Not updated
58Kathedral ImperiumDaggerspine-US179Not updated
58Tyrtle UnKonventionalDaggerspine-US179Not updated
61Aerialgunner GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US178Not updated
61Rastakilla GrimDaggerspine-US178Not updated
61Sandorean RiotDaggerspine-US178Not updated
61Pressurewave potatoDaggerspine-US178Not updated
61Vanicitii ResonanceDaggerspine-US178Not updated
61Dahshor Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US178Not updated
67Killtest ImpulseDaggerspine-US177Not updated
67Gertrudep The GamblersDaggerspine-US177Not updated
67Gardenreaper Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US177Not updated
67Jûstina potatoDaggerspine-US177Not updated
71Kaileena ResonanceDaggerspine-US176Not updated
71Deathkat MOJODaggerspine-US176Not updated
73Fluffybottom ResonanceDaggerspine-US175Not updated
73Mendil One Shot IncDaggerspine-US175Not updated
73Aryous Seraph TemplaraDaggerspine-US175Not updated
73Clockwrkmage WarshrikeDaggerspine-US175Not updated
73Asapfreezy  Daggerspine-US175Not updated
78Darkmalady GrimDaggerspine-US174Not updated
79Warshank OishieDaggerspine-US172Not updated
79Zelcora Lost Shaker AssaultDaggerspine-US172Not updated
79Jolie ResonanceDaggerspine-US172Not updated
79Teruyoshi GravityDaggerspine-US172Not updated
83Weezner AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US171Not updated
83Bonehacker GrimDaggerspine-US171Not updated
83Kameladyn ResonanceDaggerspine-US171Not updated
83Prettypink ResonanceDaggerspine-US171Not updated
87Warghost GrimDaggerspine-US170Not updated
87Iol ImperiumDaggerspine-US170Not updated
87Toxxic  Daggerspine-US170Not updated

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