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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Chromaggus-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Gyrak VeteransChromaggus-EU232Not updated
2Prestizj  Chromaggus-EU231Not updated
3Bäjbi PatheticChromaggus-EU226Not updated
4Harispilthon Digital JusticeChromaggus-EU225
5Litleun PandemicChromaggus-EU222
6Danneúj Haunted HeavensChromaggus-EU221Not updated
7Yalin Haunted HeavensChromaggus-EU217Not updated
8Berit Dangerous IllusionsChromaggus-EU215
9Shiru Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU214Not updated
9Ktnxbai FinnishedChromaggus-EU214Not updated
11Epheey Twenty DollarChromaggus-EU213
12Deragon Mutual GainChromaggus-EU212Not updated
13Hellbride OracleChromaggus-EU208
13Pershephone Broken CrystalChromaggus-EU208
13Ínez Red SunsChromaggus-EU208Not updated
16Esmie  Chromaggus-EU207Not updated
17Egwen PatheticChromaggus-EU205Not updated
17Ravenlock RagnarökChromaggus-EU205
17Temperancee Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU205Not updated
20Magnetron BBQChromaggus-EU204
20Mordragor PossessedChromaggus-EU204Not updated
22Titánia PandemicChromaggus-EU203
22Veloq Rise n ShineChromaggus-EU203Not updated
24Spard PandemicChromaggus-EU202
24Elemetal OracleChromaggus-EU202Not updated
24Sunstainer PreciousChromaggus-EU202Not updated
27Goodubad Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU201Not updated
27Makri Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU201Not updated
29Imon  Chromaggus-EU199Not updated
30Nonmortuus VeteransChromaggus-EU197Not updated
30Painable  Chromaggus-EU197Not updated
30Polyna Tauren Milkings AgencyChromaggus-EU197Not updated
33Muultik FairytailChromaggus-EU195
34Icebox PatheticChromaggus-EU194Not updated
34Trilight JourneyChromaggus-EU194Not updated
34Affekaffe ConfessionChromaggus-EU194Not updated
37Gríshnak Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU193Not updated
38Pellejöns Dangerous IllusionsChromaggus-EU191
38Feeria PatheticChromaggus-EU191Not updated
38Xanderith PandemicChromaggus-EU191Not updated
41Kargon Dangerous IllusionsChromaggus-EU187
41Vïki  Chromaggus-EU187Not updated
41Ráw BBQChromaggus-EU187Not updated
41Phel DraamaChromaggus-EU187Not updated
45Zeloq Rise n ShineChromaggus-EU186Not updated
46Artistic  Chromaggus-EU185Not updated
47Dathris Twenty DollarChromaggus-EU183
47Amaranthh Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU183Not updated
47Anniezor Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU183Not updated
50Smeh FairytailChromaggus-EU182Not updated
50Eowyne OracleChromaggus-EU182Not updated
50Bonecaster BBQChromaggus-EU182Not updated
53Belfegor  Chromaggus-EU181Not updated
54Knoobshine VeteransChromaggus-EU180
54Empera Klan Karzacej PiesciChromaggus-EU180Not updated
56Zzextor VeteransChromaggus-EU179Not updated
56Kokee Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU179Not updated
56Mìrò BBQChromaggus-EU179Not updated
59Baddie ArctìcaChromaggus-EU178Not updated
59Irathus Raiders of ApocalypseChromaggus-EU178Not updated
61Ternuh  Chromaggus-EU177Not updated
61Vassar Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU177Not updated
61Neolithic Silentium ObitusChromaggus-EU177Not updated
64Elfbot Unforgiven IIChromaggus-EU176Not updated
65Darktanker In To The EndChromaggus-EU175Not updated
65Jarppa FairytailChromaggus-EU175Not updated
65Rebük VeteransChromaggus-EU175
65Warfiend  Chromaggus-EU175Not updated
65Angelsem Illidans HighbourneChromaggus-EU175Not updated
65Zabuza FuriaChromaggus-EU175Not updated
71Bowtie Bacon in SlotChromaggus-EU174Not updated
72Ntakota FairytailChromaggus-EU173
72Bijou Prozac HuntersChromaggus-EU173Not updated
72Drunkgoat Illidans HighbourneChromaggus-EU173Not updated
75Durvariat MuffinsChromaggus-EU171Not updated
75Flinkie VeteransChromaggus-EU171
75Mokervent VeteransChromaggus-EU171Not updated
78Doomgard FairytailChromaggus-EU169
78Juggernaût VeteransChromaggus-EU169Not updated
78Katkera KompostiChromaggus-EU169Not updated
78Balderdash NetherwinterChromaggus-EU169Not updated
82Blendor VeteransChromaggus-EU168Not updated
82Missrevenge  Chromaggus-EU168Not updated
82Ævq OracleChromaggus-EU168
82Miyakon ArctìcaChromaggus-EU168Not updated
86Zupjr  Chromaggus-EU167Not updated
87Angéla PatheticChromaggus-EU166Not updated
87Ciara  Chromaggus-EU166Not updated
87Lillgumman  Chromaggus-EU166Not updated
87Breesha  Chromaggus-EU166Not updated
91Aptos  Chromaggus-EU165Not updated
91Muldér ExoticChromaggus-EU165Not updated
91Sionae AfflìctionChromaggus-EU165Not updated
94Tuttie PatheticChromaggus-EU164Not updated
94Kellan  Chromaggus-EU164Not updated
94Peeveli KompostiChromaggus-EU164
97Gamlesnaggen Dangerous IllusionsChromaggus-EU163
97Scoopa  Chromaggus-EU163Not updated
97Sulake PatheticChromaggus-EU163Not updated
97Zweetí  Chromaggus-EU163Not updated

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