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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarius-US Faction Only Mounts
1Adestrinne Short Bus All StarsCenarius-US267Not updated
2Feraldps  Cenarius-US265Not updated
3Roadapples Last PullCenarius-US263Not updated
3Holyhps  Cenarius-US263Not updated
5Verethragna Last PullCenarius-US262Not updated
5Tryfizle  Cenarius-US262Not updated
7Banthatracks PirateCenarius-US260Not updated
7Zerenity AnnihilusCenarius-US260Not updated
9Trauk PirateCenarius-US255Not updated
10Rainbowmes  Cenarius-US250Not updated
11Kratöez  Cenarius-US249Not updated
12Ahktar  Cenarius-US245Not updated
13Hewtyz Dark MastersCenarius-US244Not updated
14Valixen Just Us LeagueCenarius-US243Not updated
15Purseus SparkCenarius-US241Not updated
16Skyi PirateCenarius-US240Not updated
17Rapidmotion AnnihilusCenarius-US239Not updated
18Ceridwen AnnihilusCenarius-US238Not updated
18Janst Raining ChaosCenarius-US238Not updated
18Xalk Shattered MemoriesCenarius-US238Not updated
21Crutcherx  Cenarius-US237Not updated
22Carnby  Cenarius-US236Not updated
22Xanthi Shattered MemoriesCenarius-US236Not updated
22Xoviana Remaining FewCenarius-US236Not updated
22Chiyong Clan Blood MoonCenarius-US236Not updated
22Xanthax Remaining FewCenarius-US236Not updated
22Xalanara Leap of FaithCenarius-US236Not updated
22Peekacho PirateCenarius-US236Not updated
22Wazzapp Wazzapp Fan ClubCenarius-US236Not updated
30Rinnoha Last PullCenarius-US235Not updated
30Lilhumper DistraughtCenarius-US235Not updated
30Liizabeth AnnihilusCenarius-US235Not updated
30Demonìo SparkCenarius-US235Not updated
30Avoidlloyd Vúlgar Display of PowerCenarius-US235Not updated
35Crowspike JuggernautCenarius-US234Not updated
35Shammylyken AnnihilusCenarius-US234Not updated
37Süssertod Fallen AngelsCenarius-US233Not updated
37Tamamo Ancients of AzerothCenarius-US233Not updated
37Rollingfury  Cenarius-US233Not updated
37Serro Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US233Not updated
41Manuela Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US232Not updated
42Xalnar  Cenarius-US231Not updated
42Myluu  Cenarius-US231Not updated
42Guilt  Cenarius-US231Not updated
42Lightbacon Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US231Not updated
46Gjoflash  Cenarius-US230Not updated
46Keegz Channel Four NewsCenarius-US230Not updated
48Hellsflame  Cenarius-US228Not updated
48Aibhe Sanguine MorteCenarius-US228Not updated
50Tessandrea  Cenarius-US227Not updated
50Alexonia The GM and His two GirlsCenarius-US227Not updated
50Sabellee Last PullCenarius-US227Not updated
53Crystalform Last PullCenarius-US226Not updated
54Maidenhelen SparkCenarius-US225Not updated
54Foofers Death NoteCenarius-US225Not updated
56Yamai JuggernautCenarius-US224Not updated
56Zorua Remaining FewCenarius-US224Not updated
56Skaggit  Cenarius-US224Not updated
59Adreus PirateCenarius-US223Not updated
59Peoii Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US223Not updated
59Veii Raining ChaosCenarius-US223Not updated
59Thorsdatter Last PullCenarius-US223Not updated
59Xoren  Cenarius-US223Not updated
59Cinzi Last PullCenarius-US223Not updated
65Darkswagqtxo  Cenarius-US222Not updated
65Ghost RevoltCenarius-US222Not updated
65Shypants EnvyUsCenarius-US222Not updated
68Melchey  Cenarius-US221Not updated
68Durieldb Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US221Not updated
68Tarantism AnnihilusCenarius-US221Not updated
68Qwixcked Veni Vidi BibiCenarius-US221Not updated
68Erizabesu No Sleep til StormwindCenarius-US221Not updated
68Purpleheaded PurgatoryCenarius-US221Not updated
68Lichplz MaskedCenarius-US221Not updated
68Steverodgers Pwny ExpressCenarius-US221Not updated
76Ora PirateCenarius-US220Not updated
76Jalandria Because MagicCenarius-US220Not updated
76Harz Death PanelCenarius-US220Not updated
76Quippy Late CrewCenarius-US220Not updated
76Lewie PirateCenarius-US220Not updated
76Backdraft  Cenarius-US220Not updated
76Soapmaker No Sleep til StormwindCenarius-US220Not updated
83Gregolas JuggernautCenarius-US219Not updated
83Kirilyna Late CrewCenarius-US219Not updated
83Azbelle PrestigeCenarius-US219Not updated
86Morrick AvowryCenarius-US218Not updated
86Kaetta Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US218Not updated
86Elizadeath AnnihilusCenarius-US218Not updated
86Akirara Heroes and MartyrsCenarius-US218Not updated
86Kazuni Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US218Not updated
86Heartléss PirateCenarius-US218Not updated

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