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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

C'Thun-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Lundgrin High QualityC'Thun-EU256Not updated
2Unirocks NothC'Thun-EU252Not updated
3Astrack RuneC'Thun-EU251Not updated
4Suikodem RecursíveC'Thun-EU249Not updated
5Izildra RuneC'Thun-EU245Not updated
6Ediadin RuneC'Thun-EU244Not updated
7Jhobo NothC'Thun-EU243Not updated
8Luxian RecursíveC'Thun-EU242Not updated
8Aleitha Warriors of the barrioC'Thun-EU242Not updated
8Gharmak LinkC'Thun-EU242Not updated
8Istyrun Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU242Not updated
12Harex The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU241Not updated
12Qa NothC'Thun-EU241Not updated
14Düncan Yakuzas Style ReloadedC'Thun-EU240Not updated
14Quang NothC'Thun-EU240Not updated
16Lair The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU239Not updated
16Magnífico Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU239Not updated
18Birckin NothC'Thun-EU238Not updated
18Kratos Rue del PercebeC'Thun-EU238Not updated
18Zook QuantumC'Thun-EU238Not updated
18Vladä The Special OneC'Thun-EU238Not updated
22Doomcaller RageStormC'Thun-EU237Not updated
22Provost Enjoy and DestroyC'Thun-EU237Not updated
22Jujeco ZakarunC'Thun-EU237Not updated
22Mumbo NothC'Thun-EU237Not updated
22Musarai Al Fir DarrigC'Thun-EU237Not updated
27Alaparrilla InceptionC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Tiämänt The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Kameni NothC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Olembe NothC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Onkowo NothC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Mojumbo NothC'Thun-EU236Not updated
27Xejin Spectrum ManesC'Thun-EU236Not updated
34Helania FourRosesC'Thun-EU235Not updated
34Grimtusk RuneC'Thun-EU235Not updated
34Lanäyru Demented AvengersC'Thun-EU235Not updated
34Abdou  C'Thun-EU235Not updated
38Racodi Warriors of the barrioC'Thun-EU234Not updated
38Raider Vanguardia de la AlianzaC'Thun-EU234Not updated
40Icnebi Demented AvengersC'Thun-EU233Not updated
40Zhalia FourRosesC'Thun-EU233Not updated
40Mikhä FourRosesC'Thun-EU233Not updated
40Icefall Spectrum ManesC'Thun-EU233Not updated
44Pakownz High QualityC'Thun-EU232Not updated
44Wimelef NothC'Thun-EU232Not updated
44Eligor High QualityC'Thun-EU232Not updated
44Meryel Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU232Not updated
44Lurka FourRosesC'Thun-EU232Not updated
49Calebos High QualityC'Thun-EU231Not updated
49Bôbôbô BARONES DE LA BIRRAC'Thun-EU231Not updated
49Krunø High QualityC'Thun-EU231Not updated
52Cathia ArmaggedonC'Thun-EU230Not updated
52Gujo NothC'Thun-EU230Not updated
52Kittyshadow HerzeleidC'Thun-EU230Not updated
52Guisadolock High QualityC'Thun-EU230Not updated
56Rageburst UmbraC'Thun-EU229Not updated
56Naole TAKE NO PRISONERSC'Thun-EU229Not updated
56Muuk War HornC'Thun-EU229Not updated
59Tïffa Kingdom HeartsC'Thun-EU228Not updated
59Oiram K D SC'Thun-EU228Not updated
59Helsi  C'Thun-EU228Not updated
59Krellaran The Penguins MafiaC'Thun-EU228Not updated
59Silvhara InceptionC'Thun-EU228Not updated
64ßuttercup IndifferenceC'Thun-EU227Not updated
64Darkofdevil Blood SoulsC'Thun-EU227Not updated
64Xiska IgniteC'Thun-EU227Not updated
67Toniuss ZascatronesC'Thun-EU226Not updated
67Rametep Enjoy and DestroyC'Thun-EU226Not updated
67Helma FourRosesC'Thun-EU226Not updated
70Ratsot Meyo BushidoC'Thun-EU225Not updated
71Varuk Kün FuMetasS TwïNkÿHC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Darrt Spectrum ManesC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Kyßa Everlasting PainC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Spionixx Hordas SangrientasC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Amaga Tauren Milk AgencyC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Druzzort InfinitiC'Thun-EU224Not updated
71Kageoni  C'Thun-EU224Not updated
78Racnaroc For the MotherlandC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Gesserit RecursíveC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Xle RuneC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Dòrá High QualityC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Bür Spectrum ManesC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Qann AarisC'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Highwind  C'Thun-EU223Not updated
78Mirajen Jerks SquadC'Thun-EU223Not updated
86Mkgego InsâneC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Maiderr EmpireC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Calambrazös HiperiónC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Namida Nightfall WrathC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Déath K D SC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Carcharodon TAKE NO PRISONERSC'Thun-EU222Not updated
86Euta InceptionC'Thun-EU222Not updated
93Oshum High QualityC'Thun-EU221Not updated
94Firebrew Hordas SangrientasC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Skjöldur Twelve MonksC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Nandilazo Warriors of the barrioC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Kharonimus High QualityC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Jez QuantumC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Matamain La orden de los caidosC'Thun-EU220Not updated
94Belerofontë CORUSCANTC'Thun-EU220Not updated

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