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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bronzebeard-US Faction Only Mounts
1Lichley DissonanceBronzebeard-US256Not updated
2Adlier DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
2Villanelle DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
2Lichlock DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
2Perona DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
2Villiers DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
2Starsailor DissonanceBronzebeard-US254Not updated
8Hrista DissonanceBronzebeard-US253Not updated
9Switchdoll DissonanceBronzebeard-US246Not updated
10Celestienne DissonanceBronzebeard-US244Not updated
11Cooboom InsidiousBronzebeard-US240Not updated
12Lichdoll Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US233Not updated
12Radreline Evil DeadBronzebeard-US233Not updated
12Eschiva Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US233Not updated
15Vlada Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US231Not updated
16Kiriel Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US230Not updated
17Jenassa Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US228Not updated
18Rethrian Knights Of WarBronzebeard-US227Not updated
18Mirakes Knights Of WarBronzebeard-US227Not updated
20Jvstice Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US226Not updated
21Holymagixian Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US223Not updated
21Marzena Legion of LightBronzebeard-US223Not updated
23Vampirick Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US222Not updated
23Delarin Legion of LightBronzebeard-US222Not updated
25Noire DissonanceBronzebeard-US221Not updated
25Elauris Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US221Not updated
27Ana Higher CallingBronzebeard-US218Not updated
28Kudo DissonanceBronzebeard-US217Not updated
28Heallzya Knights Of WarBronzebeard-US217Not updated
30Blooddawns Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US216Not updated
31Kurai Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US215Not updated
31Almighty Punch N PieBronzebeard-US215Not updated
31Kursy ReckoningBronzebeard-US215Not updated
34Rathane Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US214Not updated
35Pimadin ParagonBronzebeard-US213Not updated
35Ocindar InsidiousBronzebeard-US213Not updated
37Sherimoon Legion of LightBronzebeard-US212Not updated
37Scuzzie Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US212Not updated
39Katrine Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US211Not updated
39Dawning Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US211Not updated
41Whimsical Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US210Not updated
41Sylvard Higher CallingBronzebeard-US210Not updated
41Zaft The ImperiumBronzebeard-US210Not updated
41Duskhawk Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US210Not updated
41Athyrra  Bronzebeard-US210Not updated
46Serendepth Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US209Not updated
46Krynissia Legion of LightBronzebeard-US209Not updated
46Elsabeth Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US209Not updated
46Sleator Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US209Not updated
46Duskmoon Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US209Not updated
51Toastgrande Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US208Not updated
51Studboy ApexBronzebeard-US208Not updated
53Dunkle Higher CallingBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Halethros ApexBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Darkmakenshi ParagonBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Suremonkey Knights Of WarBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Mandrews ParagonBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Viatrix Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Jezda Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US207Not updated
53Hemohound Pharaohs of AzerothBronzebeard-US207Not updated
61Denius Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US206Not updated
61Firestalker Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US206Not updated
61Mitena Horde Special ForcesBronzebeard-US206Not updated
61Throop Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US206Not updated
61Demera ParagonBronzebeard-US206Not updated
61Mabrakes Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US206Not updated
67Avoth Cake or DeathBronzebeard-US205Not updated
67Irisaa ResoluteBronzebeard-US205Not updated
67Noski Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US205Not updated
67Zeroskillz  Bronzebeard-US205Not updated
71Pooda Legion of Sacred TrustBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Squeeze Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Rennatt Grand Theft KodoBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Siryn Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Halfwaydead Arctic ResolveBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Alexandrah Grand Theft KodoBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Jásnah DissonanceBronzebeard-US204Not updated
71Algebratwo Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US204Not updated
79Chickenhawk MomentumBronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Mallyx  Bronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Dreddlôck Knights of HeavenBronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Kieley InsidiousBronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Kiiren InsidiousBronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Hyrtful Running With The DevilBronzebeard-US203Not updated
79Jrs Disciples of The HordeBronzebeard-US203Not updated
86Method Higher CallingBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Zentgraf Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Cauldary ResoluteBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Chame Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Facedown Dances With GnomesBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Artrys DissonanceBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Latandradori The ImperiumBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Dunken IcefallBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Mageyacry MythBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Ramcus ApexBronzebeard-US202Not updated
86Blackacidice ApexBronzebeard-US202Not updated
97Venn DissonanceBronzebeard-US201Not updated
97Cutaia  Bronzebeard-US201Not updated
97Cer Proudmoores HammerBronzebeard-US201Not updated
97Snäcka Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US201Not updated

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