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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Boulderfist-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Heiress  Boulderfist-EU263Not updated
2Darkshåman IntuitionBoulderfist-EU251Not updated
3Ekdikiths MyrmidonesBoulderfist-EU231Not updated
4Zazil KnecbroodBoulderfist-EU226Not updated
4Hisfather NarcissusBoulderfist-EU226Not updated
4Thøger Warlords of DraenorBoulderfist-EU226Not updated
7Scaryannie Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU224Not updated
8Marusja WorthlessBoulderfist-EU223Not updated
9Amorak  Boulderfist-EU220Not updated
10Lunsj EntourageBoulderfist-EU216Not updated
11Borblodinnka AwesomenessBoulderfist-EU215Not updated
12Potetgull Bane of the Chaotic TideBoulderfist-EU214Not updated
13Apolion TradersBoulderfist-EU213Not updated
14Rachi Cereal KillersBoulderfist-EU212Not updated
14Rogata Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU212Not updated
14Sitronsaft EntourageBoulderfist-EU212Not updated
17Terru KnecbroodBoulderfist-EU209Not updated
18Fluffybeard Cuckoo NestBoulderfist-EU208Not updated
19Snipereyez Al Samha CityBoulderfist-EU207Not updated
20Varvatos KINGSBoulderfist-EU206Not updated
21Massmagic WorthlessBoulderfist-EU205Not updated
22Ungutanpung  Boulderfist-EU204Not updated
23Alainko Al Samha CityBoulderfist-EU203Not updated
23Vibró Abnormal ConsequencesBoulderfist-EU203Not updated
25Grymbol Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU201Not updated
25Dracaan Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU201Not updated
25Baszlol Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU201Not updated
28Darkmàgic  Boulderfist-EU200Not updated
28Anniewho Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU200Not updated
30Broady Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU199Not updated
31Überlike  Boulderfist-EU196Not updated
31Silliana the elite horde crewBoulderfist-EU196Not updated
31Izalith Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU196Not updated
34Sporet FusionBoulderfist-EU193Not updated
34Impuum  Boulderfist-EU193Not updated
36Snizeltiras Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU190Not updated
37Gyllane Cereal KillersBoulderfist-EU189Not updated
37Caradniqii  Boulderfist-EU189Not updated
39Negeth Crimson TemplarsBoulderfist-EU188Not updated
39Skrazze Lobster CowboysBoulderfist-EU188Not updated
39Toxicangell  Boulderfist-EU188Not updated
42Powow  Boulderfist-EU187Not updated
42Duvelken Bloody OverpoweredBoulderfist-EU187Not updated
42Glish Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU187Not updated
45Tarekq  Boulderfist-EU186Not updated
45Morbidanius VanillaBoulderfist-EU186Not updated
47Sitting WorthlessBoulderfist-EU185Not updated
47Hasulol Beauty of AnnihilationBoulderfist-EU185Not updated
47Imdemon  Boulderfist-EU185Not updated
50Lantianpower FusionBoulderfist-EU184Not updated
50Haqim Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU184Not updated
50Boogiewoogie KnecbroodBoulderfist-EU184Not updated
50Doommental BooterangBoulderfist-EU184Not updated
54Rêaper Angels of DeathBoulderfist-EU183Not updated
55Druideli Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU182Not updated
56Destructorc Cereal KillersBoulderfist-EU181Not updated
56Palingett Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU181Not updated
56Ligerheart OlympiansBoulderfist-EU181Not updated
56Cocaloca MatlockalypseBoulderfist-EU181Not updated
60Darksaint  Boulderfist-EU180Not updated
60Louis Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU180Not updated
60Blînd Bloody OverpoweredBoulderfist-EU180Not updated
63Ravana Angels of DeathBoulderfist-EU179Not updated
63Naapie KnecbroodBoulderfist-EU179Not updated
65Shylz SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUMBoulderfist-EU178Not updated
66Klipz  Boulderfist-EU177Not updated
67Endlesshail PvP GeEkSBoulderfist-EU176Not updated
68Hrolff Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU175Not updated
69Mapelgrunf  Boulderfist-EU174Not updated
69Yzinaro  Boulderfist-EU174Not updated
71Bountyhunter EntourageBoulderfist-EU173Not updated
71Dondrito EntourageBoulderfist-EU173Not updated
71Shav EntourageBoulderfist-EU173Not updated
74Ilithyå  Boulderfist-EU172Not updated
74Keylie Kiek um GoanBoulderfist-EU172Not updated
74Pimkos Blind HuntersBoulderfist-EU172Not updated
77Yunru Crimson TemplarsBoulderfist-EU171Not updated
78Jaike AwesomenessBoulderfist-EU170Not updated
78Psychie OlympiansBoulderfist-EU170Not updated
78Nolith Ancient KnightsBoulderfist-EU170Not updated
78Eddhunter Forever AloneBoulderfist-EU170Not updated
82Lobeik Lights Of LifeBoulderfist-EU169Not updated
82Bluejames Vida MorteBoulderfist-EU169Not updated
82Phirenzen The New World OrderBoulderfist-EU169Not updated
82Hellgar Beauty of AnnihilationBoulderfist-EU169Not updated
86Biira Immortalis AmiciBoulderfist-EU168Not updated
87Blackwilly Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU167Not updated
87Frostox  Boulderfist-EU167Not updated
89Mokosz Wipe ClubBoulderfist-EU166Not updated
89Faesrol  Boulderfist-EU166Not updated
89Nighto SensoriumBoulderfist-EU166Not updated

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