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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Bleeding Hollow-US Faction Only Mounts
1Rabid TempestBleeding Hollow-US282Not updated
2Kaosii Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US280Not updated
3Primanttank Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US270Not updated
4Hitmonsham Team DadBleeding Hollow-US268Not updated
5Morch Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US267Not updated
6Tranceology Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US260
7Ourranos HysteriaBleeding Hollow-US258Not updated
7Danytargryen Ultimate WeaponBleeding Hollow-US258Not updated
9Roundtoe  Bleeding Hollow-US257Not updated
10Naito Second StringBleeding Hollow-US256Not updated
10Phantomous Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US256Not updated
12Namarus Internet ChampionsBleeding Hollow-US255Not updated
13Seribus TempestBleeding Hollow-US253Not updated
13Potsu ResonateBleeding Hollow-US253Not updated
13Sæglópur  Bleeding Hollow-US253Not updated
16Beyourhero Not a Big DealBleeding Hollow-US250
16Purvë Last LaughBleeding Hollow-US250Not updated
16Stormlord  Bleeding Hollow-US250Not updated
19Kelvs AddictionBleeding Hollow-US249Not updated
19Lornekai ßuilt Hôrde ToughBleeding Hollow-US249Not updated
21Dapizzaman Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US248Not updated
22Chillaay AddictionBleeding Hollow-US247Not updated
22Neryssa Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US247Not updated
22Ahktar Last LaughBleeding Hollow-US247Not updated
22Murdermagic AkatsukiBleeding Hollow-US247
26Dasaq TempestBleeding Hollow-US246Not updated
26Feloný Tabbed OutBleeding Hollow-US246Not updated
28Bixby Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US244Not updated
28Dreadflames Destroy Them With LasersBleeding Hollow-US244Not updated
28Andalusian AddictionBleeding Hollow-US244Not updated
28Jaime Faceless MenBleeding Hollow-US244Not updated
32Tantricks Wipe It UpBleeding Hollow-US242Not updated
32Healinghanz Royal MilitiaBleeding Hollow-US242Not updated
34Ðina  Bleeding Hollow-US241Not updated
34Cutegoddess Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US241Not updated
36Mariscary The Davinci KodoBleeding Hollow-US240Not updated
37Travnasty Team DadBleeding Hollow-US239Not updated
37Avercy  Bleeding Hollow-US239Not updated
37Altarian Team DadBleeding Hollow-US239Not updated
37Luxuriia Mortui Vivos DocentBleeding Hollow-US239Not updated
37Huntermiser Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US239Not updated
42Lugii  Bleeding Hollow-US238Not updated
43Mitchevans  Bleeding Hollow-US237Not updated
43Ribeyes Phase TwoBleeding Hollow-US237Not updated
43Urrik Ars Brute SquadBleeding Hollow-US237
46Zlyva ResonateBleeding Hollow-US236Not updated
46Achelyst Vinii Vidi ViciBleeding Hollow-US236Not updated
48Lovex Street Corner HordeBleeding Hollow-US235Not updated
48Draikken The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US235Not updated
50Pjpantz  Bleeding Hollow-US234Not updated
50Xariell Pallet TownBleeding Hollow-US234Not updated
52Sterag Team DadBleeding Hollow-US233Not updated
52Zlysa Hard in Da PaintBleeding Hollow-US233Not updated
52Zlyca Hard in Da PaintBleeding Hollow-US233Not updated
55Xexor  Bleeding Hollow-US232
55Joeyjojo ShadowscourgeBleeding Hollow-US232Not updated
55Horses  Bleeding Hollow-US232Not updated
55Hellsdargon  Bleeding Hollow-US232Not updated
59Dragornar Hostile TakeoverBleeding Hollow-US231Not updated
59Cailynne  Bleeding Hollow-US231Not updated
59Kirrah Executive DecisionBleeding Hollow-US231
59Sobsob CCAVBleeding Hollow-US231Not updated
63Absolution  Bleeding Hollow-US230Not updated
63Brahata OathBleeding Hollow-US230Not updated
63Rabidus Proc BoP and Lock ItBleeding Hollow-US230Not updated
66Aonir Order of DawnBleeding Hollow-US229Not updated
66Veklor Royal MilitiaBleeding Hollow-US229Not updated
66Soliddeath Delusion of GrandeurBleeding Hollow-US229Not updated
69Anshlun Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Incognitoe Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Spriest  Bleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Primevile Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Ethena The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Mirala Rinse and RepeatBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
69Derpdederp AtlanticBleeding Hollow-US228Not updated
76Mapz Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US227Not updated
76Ramesses VantageBleeding Hollow-US227Not updated
76Catrin  Bleeding Hollow-US227Not updated
76Mcshamie House ForsakenBleeding Hollow-US227
76Romulon ARIESBleeding Hollow-US227Not updated
76Scarbear  Bleeding Hollow-US227Not updated
82Velithayda ResonateBleeding Hollow-US226Not updated
82Glitches Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US226Not updated
82Elipsis Dirty Mike and the BoysBleeding Hollow-US226Not updated
82Xelárian Is a Little SaltyBleeding Hollow-US226
82Hazmat Borrowed TimeBleeding Hollow-US226
87Stagmeister The Grey WardensBleeding Hollow-US225
87Zanjii HauntBleeding Hollow-US225
87Winterbite Ars Brute SquadBleeding Hollow-US225Not updated
87Rout  Bleeding Hollow-US225
87Argonian I Just Crit My PantsBleeding Hollow-US225Not updated
87Kegaholoic Pink Fluffy Unicorn ClanBleeding Hollow-US225Not updated
87Iostu The blâck companyBleeding Hollow-US225Not updated
94Professorq SummitBleeding Hollow-US224Not updated
94Mellifluous From BehindBleeding Hollow-US224Not updated
94Nyocti Its Red Its DeadBleeding Hollow-US224Not updated
94Salonfresh TempestBleeding Hollow-US224Not updated
94Vaderbanked Ars Brute SquadBleeding Hollow-US224Not updated
94Brree Server LastBleeding Hollow-US224
94Gnomejob Hide the PickleBleeding Hollow-US224

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