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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Kìrsché  Blackrock-EU274Not updated
2Dragon NukuhlarBlackrock-EU271Not updated
3Dârkara Mad Gamers AcademyBlackrock-EU270Not updated
4Raydonn SoulEatersBlackrock-EU267Not updated
4Metzy elo hellBlackrock-EU267Not updated
6Trolljey  Blackrock-EU265Not updated
7Palkium Brut des VerderbensBlackrock-EU264Not updated
8Ðschingis  Blackrock-EU262Not updated
9Xicø DXlingeBlackrock-EU261Not updated
10Caleida For the HordeBlackrock-EU260Not updated
11Naomi Feelin CuteBlackrock-EU259Not updated
12Vanillope CarnivoresBlackrock-EU258Not updated
13Mystra BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU254Not updated
14Ratsma Bloody SeveredBlackrock-EU253Not updated
14Pennywìse DeathwishBlackrock-EU253Not updated
16Hrle AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU252Not updated
16Leonore CarnivoresBlackrock-EU252Not updated
18Hekthor Klub der dichten TotenBlackrock-EU251Not updated
19Aelya Bloody SeveredBlackrock-EU250Not updated
19Aztarte The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU250Not updated
19Bôttle a few good menBlackrock-EU250Not updated
19Picknick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU250Not updated
19Trekkié Cool RunningBlackrock-EU250Not updated
24Shags a few good menBlackrock-EU249Not updated
24Leøric Synergy EffectBlackrock-EU249Not updated
26Tweeky NexBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Faîthless Misanthropic MightBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Funkadelick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Trekker Cool RunningBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Ledzep Cool RunningBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Lichlitzl Cool RunningBlackrock-EU248Not updated
26Jadzía Cool RunningBlackrock-EU248Not updated
33Punjitsu Cool RunningBlackrock-EU247Not updated
33Kemo AdoriaBlackrock-EU247Not updated
35Spawni Wir sind GoldgeilBlackrock-EU246Not updated
35Sambrusco Bermuda des WahnsinnsBlackrock-EU246Not updated
37Tyche  Blackrock-EU245Not updated
37Crici andrasteBlackrock-EU245Not updated
39Øverlord ArmicaBlackrock-EU244Not updated
39Rônan Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU244Not updated
39Catzweazle WolfshöhleBlackrock-EU244Not updated
42Teslarakt  Blackrock-EU243Not updated
43Shackleine RespawnBlackrock-EU242Not updated
43Aylako  Blackrock-EU242Not updated
43Ayato MadnessBlackrock-EU242Not updated
46Cephir NukuhlarBlackrock-EU241Not updated
47Nadostar EscapeBlackrock-EU240Not updated
47Makkor ProudBlackrock-EU240Not updated
49Resputia RespawnBlackrock-EU239Not updated
49Xevv AdaptBlackrock-EU239Not updated
49Chivah Dark Side of MurlocsBlackrock-EU239Not updated
49Yipmanqt EscapeBlackrock-EU239Not updated
49Gaalonex PeKahBlackrock-EU239Not updated
54Minako UniquêBlackrock-EU238Not updated
54Unbreakebull MadnessBlackrock-EU238Not updated
54Nêko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU238Not updated
57Aiphathon EscapeBlackrock-EU237Not updated
57Zerglol guarDBlackrock-EU237Not updated
57Floftka RaidClubBlackrock-EU237Not updated
57Varea Bonusloot GoldBlackrock-EU237Not updated
57Thinderella BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU237Not updated
57Pèachès  Blackrock-EU237Not updated
63Solaría Orden der WächterBlackrock-EU236Not updated
63Schleckie AggrocultureBlackrock-EU236Not updated
63Modyna Infinite LegacyBlackrock-EU236Not updated
63Pudschu EscapeBlackrock-EU236Not updated
63Williow AeternitasBlackrock-EU236Not updated
63Clandestino ill moralityBlackrock-EU236Not updated
69Legendon MadnessBlackrock-EU235Not updated
69Aerié Just in TimeBlackrock-EU235Not updated
69Overlordî Der Schwarze PhönixBlackrock-EU235Not updated
72Raderment ßLøøDBlackrock-EU234Not updated
72Xii MadnessBlackrock-EU234Not updated
72Taiyani Warlords of AzerothBlackrock-EU234Not updated
75Xhea EscapeBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Penneyqt SyncédBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Celê EscapeBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Kianes Empire of the SunBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Daháka For the HordeBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Bulldóck High CouncilBlackrock-EU233Not updated
75Iînfîi  Blackrock-EU233Not updated
82Vorpal steampoweredBlackrock-EU232Not updated
82Kélia EscapeBlackrock-EU232Not updated
84Utalia  Blackrock-EU231Not updated
84Elagoesmoo EscapeBlackrock-EU231Not updated
84Wuki AlterationBlackrock-EU231Not updated
84Jylix RiotBlackrock-EU231Not updated

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