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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blackhand-US Faction Only Mounts
1Dalgren Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US176
2Metallmann Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US160
3Jerseymaid Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US158
4Diista Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US157
5Amishhacker Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US156
6Iwarlock Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US143
7Inflector Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US139
8Baaloo Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US138
9Codeblew Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US121Not updated
10Risklin Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US117
11Deadnite Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US116
11Zuteg Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US116
13Antisocial Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US111
14Anitha Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US106
15Shandrav Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US105
15Canyen Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US105Not updated
17Toci Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US104
18Cyridraeda Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US102
18Elustria Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US102
18Spyeware Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US102
21Quai Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US100
22Eltria Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US92
23Pumah Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US89
24Maliiss Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US88
25Eveano Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US86
26Rumblytumbly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US82
27Perrexious Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US80
28Feelinbetter Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US79
29Kneebar Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US78
30Miniadiell Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US77
31Daius Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US73
32Yelp Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US68
33Kagebushi Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US67
33Shae Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US67
35Syphoidmary Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US66
36Lifestealér Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US64
37Nightdruid Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US60
38Bladevaldur Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US58
39Biteuintheas Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US57
40Jabberwockie Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US55
41Skitnova Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US54
42Madamephra Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US52
43Sylvanda Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US51
44Verízon Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US46
45Healmenow Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US37Not updated
46Holychaoss Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US36
47Gangstaheals Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US35
47Æro Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US35
49Koose Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US32
50Bojanglle Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US31
51Viires Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US30
52Soulbro Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US28
53Brillohead Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US25Not updated
53Clairese Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US25
55Flashbac Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US21
56Hanley Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US19Not updated
57Wuthrar Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US18
58Fuzzybitten Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US17
59Blakdart Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US16
60Dragos Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US15Not updated
61Oobama Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US13
62Aunderil Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US12
63Vandervelden Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US3
64Snevil Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Helenwheels Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Slimwarrior Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Eangus Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Rebelraider Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Llaril Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Murck Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Symordrin Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Ruffia Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Plixie Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US
64Snoflake Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Lifedealér Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Codebleu Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Rhysode Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Sedessa Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Deadest Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Asherly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Rikia Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Thunderess Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Smallpoxs Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Deathsreeper Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Bloosham Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Balador Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Chronicwrath Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Apocallypse Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Wise Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Ferdy Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated
64Brocklly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-USNot updated

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