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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackhand-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Tôrian SturmgesangBlackhand-EU263Not updated
2Cryptox  Blackhand-EU262Not updated
2Panduri AmicitiaBlackhand-EU262Not updated
4Firona nilBlackhand-EU261Not updated
4Poraxus TrinitiesBlackhand-EU261Not updated
6Steiermark  Blackhand-EU260Not updated
7Iskeria CassiopeiaBlackhand-EU258Not updated
7Gartip ElîteBlackhand-EU258Not updated
9Tamino UnangebrachtBlackhand-EU255Not updated
10Nandraa nilBlackhand-EU253Not updated
11Jijun Raiderz INCBlackhand-EU252Not updated
12Sïn xoxoBlackhand-EU251Not updated
13Ajuki Team StarBlackhand-EU250Not updated
13Saiori Heaven on EarthBlackhand-EU250Not updated
13Yorilach zergtBlackhand-EU250Not updated
13Xhoug OvernightBlackhand-EU250Not updated
17Retsiem Wahre HeldenBlackhand-EU249Not updated
18Lms noneBlackhand-EU248Not updated
18Kalisstra  Blackhand-EU248Not updated
18Moirâ DieHordeBlackhand-EU248Not updated
21Shivå HostileBlackhand-EU247Not updated
22Xuto AequinoxBlackhand-EU246Not updated
22Gabbahead NachtschwärmerBlackhand-EU246Not updated
22Cowhoof The Breshari TribeBlackhand-EU246Not updated
25Mumbi InfusedBlackhand-EU245Not updated
25Nimuella Bund der VerdammtenBlackhand-EU245Not updated
25Korgoni EdilBlackhand-EU245Not updated
25Thakoja Next plsBlackhand-EU245Not updated
29Sarelia HostileBlackhand-EU244Not updated
30Paranoix xoxoBlackhand-EU243Not updated
30Worleb EonarBlackhand-EU243Not updated
30Aveeny businessBlackhand-EU243Not updated
30Nyzee Think PínkBlackhand-EU243Not updated
30Treel kinetiggerBlackhand-EU243Not updated
35Isilion L E V E L U PBlackhand-EU242Not updated
35Brodash kinetiggerBlackhand-EU242Not updated
35Breshor  Blackhand-EU242Not updated
38Klééo Addicted to RagefireBlackhand-EU241Not updated
38Laidyoscar Usual SuspectsBlackhand-EU241Not updated
38Baituran Next plsBlackhand-EU241Not updated
41Rindswood PhantasticHordeBlackhand-EU240Not updated
42Maladicta Wahre HeldenBlackhand-EU239Not updated
42Doreana MythicBlackhand-EU239Not updated
44Feuerforst Genesis of EquilibriumBlackhand-EU238Not updated
44Demenzia SingleplayerBlackhand-EU238Not updated
44Feraltio InfusedBlackhand-EU238Not updated
47Xardia DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU237Not updated
47Zadonk  Blackhand-EU237Not updated
49Krotchy Die Vereinte HordeBlackhand-EU236Not updated
49Wowhexer ApostasyBlackhand-EU236Not updated
49Daeti dUUHmBlackhand-EU236Not updated
49Simca DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU236Not updated
49Ljubica HelixBlackhand-EU236Not updated
54Garowen Last Line Of DefenceBlackhand-EU235Not updated
54Chiquitah SenselessBlackhand-EU235Not updated
54Héjem titaniumBlackhand-EU235Not updated
54Hínterlíst eX nihiloBlackhand-EU235Not updated
54Blackkyd Guardians of GloryBlackhand-EU235Not updated
59Déádpóól Genesis of EquilibriumBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Sundela In TenebrisBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Iskariôt CassiopeiaBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Unddubistweg Unleashed InsanityBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Magichammer Gefährliches HalbwissenBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Kishuna MadfrogGamingBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Palamedes NachtschwärmerBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Zhujin BurningSoulsBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Bankuslongus Auktionshaus KartellBlackhand-EU234Not updated
59Saikuri  Blackhand-EU234Not updated
69Bòób Götter der DunkelheitBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Nerdja Obscura VeritasBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Arsari deprecatedBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Allérseelen Chaos ProjectBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Brynhîld dUUHmBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Shyathis TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU233Not updated
69Gazaille DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU233Not updated
76Avantarts eplexBlackhand-EU232Not updated
76Linlasa dUUHmBlackhand-EU232Not updated
76Reeda Chaos ProjectBlackhand-EU232Not updated
79Terastrasza Wing of FireBlackhand-EU231Not updated
79Canachen nilBlackhand-EU231Not updated
81Kylïa HostileBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Katorie RetaliateBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Lenaia Mächtig viel MojoBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Theryion ParadoxaBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Óðinn SecurumBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Dìmìtrì Guardians of GloryBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Ævayani VeteranenheimBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Mazadon HostileBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Vanithas BloodlustBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Lirdnaet TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Nirran Lok NaradBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Loreén Is InfectedBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Cilyana Bund der VerdammtenBlackhand-EU230Not updated
81Sylàndra is a Straw Hat PirateBlackhand-EU230Not updated
95Pûmba Reditio PravumBlackhand-EU229Not updated
95Maryana HostileBlackhand-EU229Not updated
95Styýxx Dunkler AufbruchBlackhand-EU229Not updated
95Mytos Da Dirty DozenBlackhand-EU229Not updated
95Hasháshin eXedoBlackhand-EU229Not updated
95Boethiah DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU229Not updated

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