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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Black Dragonflight-US Faction Only Mounts
1Arcangon EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US271
2Willshattner  Black Dragonflight-US251Not updated
3Heathmann MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US241
3Zeraphole DepartedBlack Dragonflight-US241Not updated
5Clique Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US238Not updated
6Amp EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US236
6Bubblevision EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US236
8Hellicon MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US235Not updated
8Myrkul Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US235Not updated
8Arighon Better StrangersBlack Dragonflight-US235Not updated
8Breakingbad EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US235
12Drznae EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US234
13Deynastus Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US231Not updated
14Shøckér Dark IntentBlack Dragonflight-US228
15Silkiejonson  Black Dragonflight-US225Not updated
16Adroit EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US224
16Kolkinev EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US224
18Kostamojin RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US222
19Darius ÀpocalypseBlack Dragonflight-US220
19Ryujinjaka MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US220Not updated
21Dotcöm Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US219Not updated
22Malistat ÀpocalypseBlack Dragonflight-US217
22Firefirefire Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US217Not updated
24Angeliic Klaatu Verata NictuBlack Dragonflight-US215Not updated
25Wickedclownx MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US214
25Wickedcløwnx Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US214Not updated
25Vicvega Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US214
25Lightsteel MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US214
25Buttsmcgee Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US214Not updated
25Lexdiamond Sinners and SaintsBlack Dragonflight-US214Not updated
31Crude RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US213
31Ponabeshush The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US213
33Pyrannor The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US212
34Malamalam SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US211
34Jadeflame Distinct ÄdvantageBlack Dragonflight-US211
36Conviction EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US210
36Saiyurî is ProBlack Dragonflight-US210
38Katatafish is ProBlack Dragonflight-US209
38Zzairzz RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US209Not updated
40Ardezar EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US208
40Grimmshaw  Black Dragonflight-US208Not updated
40Loltsuyu  Black Dragonflight-US208
40Spånky Gym LeadersBlack Dragonflight-US208Not updated
44Riventide EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US207
44Flashchan RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US207
44Aimshott RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US207Not updated
47Lloth Hella Timez IncBlack Dragonflight-US206Not updated
47Pjennings Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US206
47Zalana The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US206
47Confussed EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US206
47Greyshado LiveBlack Dragonflight-US206
52Tanfana EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US205Not updated
52Nimo SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US205
54Noxbox FHBlack Dragonflight-US204
54Felwhisper VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US204
54Felscar VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US204
54Felcraft VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US204
58Taurenmage  Black Dragonflight-US203Not updated
58Chizu MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US203
58Bayou  Black Dragonflight-US203Not updated
58Beavischop  Black Dragonflight-US203Not updated
58Reqz FHBlack Dragonflight-US203
63Felbrew VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US202Not updated
63Felthorn VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US202Not updated
63Churche Murderous IntentBlack Dragonflight-US202Not updated
63Malicarr ÀpocalypseBlack Dragonflight-US202Not updated
67Braulqtzz  Black Dragonflight-US201Not updated
67Boomoleon Legion Of SorrowsBlack Dragonflight-US201Not updated
69Hawkeeye EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US200
69Sandeezy ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US200
71Zrazzty Fires of HeavenBlack Dragonflight-US199Not updated
72Iamsancho MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US197
72Loqutous Borg CollectiveBlack Dragonflight-US197
72Lokein Breath Of The DyingBlack Dragonflight-US197Not updated
72Bìrchmon  Black Dragonflight-US197Not updated
72Akuema  Black Dragonflight-US197Not updated
77Smallfrye Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US196Not updated
77Penant MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US196Not updated
79Sabien AspirationsBlack Dragonflight-US195
79Grimfee The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US195
81Felripper VendettaBlack Dragonflight-US193Not updated
81Whirt Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US193Not updated
81Thrasís NecrosisBlack Dragonflight-US193Not updated
84Clemencia  Black Dragonflight-US192Not updated
84Divadropdead ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US192
84Rosalya EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US192
84Dïamond  Black Dragonflight-US192Not updated
88Yicken RuinationBlack Dragonflight-US191Not updated
88Lejola EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US191
88Superfly ImminentBlack Dragonflight-US191
91Plagueis Cause of DeathBlack Dragonflight-US190
91Kanagias subparBlack Dragonflight-US190Not updated
91Enh Ranglefang IncBlack Dragonflight-US190Not updated
91Idarath Klaatu Verata NictuBlack Dragonflight-US190Not updated
91Fourtwente FHBlack Dragonflight-US190
96Captncaveman Distinct ÄdvantageBlack Dragonflight-US189
96Arthass FHBlack Dragonflight-US189
96Diri  Black Dragonflight-US189Not updated
96Tööthless Diana and Scotts BankBlack Dragonflight-US189Not updated
96Gsspot The Cougar ClubBlack Dragonflight-US189Not updated

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