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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Kiwi Old and ClassicAzshara-EU267Not updated
2Ryzen Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU265Not updated
3Mucca WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU263Not updated
3Bösesjuju Zeit ist GoldAzshara-EU263Not updated
5Borderland CutAzshara-EU260Not updated
6Foxî WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU259Not updated
7Finellaa  Azshara-EU254Not updated
7Kristallpala NightlifeAzshara-EU254Not updated
9Tagarien  Azshara-EU251Not updated
9Zoeytwo  Azshara-EU251Not updated
9Barbisia  Azshara-EU251Not updated
12Nyme SignAzshara-EU248Not updated
12Moredot  Azshara-EU248Not updated
14Arpexìa AdvanceAzshara-EU247Not updated
14Neato improvedAzshara-EU247Not updated
16Ealdgyth Inglourious BAzshara-EU245Not updated
17Knalleri  Azshara-EU244Not updated
18Kîllertomate  Azshara-EU243Not updated
18Gomero Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU243Not updated
20Jesh  Azshara-EU241Not updated
20Druffi  Azshara-EU241Not updated
22Sitiveni InsomniaAzshara-EU240Not updated
22Blackxardas Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU240Not updated
24Pyroblade Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU239Not updated
24Battlewise fallen ângelAzshara-EU239Not updated
24Lethe RefresheDAzshara-EU239Not updated
24Jevi AdvanceAzshara-EU239Not updated
28Kishaja TryforceAzshara-EU238Not updated
29Akîona Team SheriffAzshara-EU237Not updated
29Gîulîa Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU237Not updated
31Forsta Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU236Not updated
31Ranyka AdvanceAzshara-EU236Not updated
31Zungjin Dark MojoAzshara-EU236Not updated
34Shakà CutAzshara-EU235Not updated
34Mertahasi impudenceAzshara-EU235Not updated
34Buzzie WiPeSPoRTsAzshara-EU235Not updated
34Nightpics Inglourious BAzshara-EU235Not updated
34Illusion High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU235Not updated
34Vîvîenne ReincarnationAzshara-EU235Not updated
40Ghostfinger Inglourious BAzshara-EU234Not updated
40Karyanna CutAzshara-EU234Not updated
40Anvarne Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU234Not updated
40Shazíra  Azshara-EU234Not updated
40Abbygail  Azshara-EU234Not updated
40Zahai VariaAzshara-EU234Not updated
40Râyjin GuiltyAzshara-EU234Not updated
47Icemanberlin Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU233Not updated
47Mîzukî unheilbarAzshara-EU233Not updated
47Bankione  Azshara-EU233Not updated
50Paero Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU232Not updated
50Crusaden MoonzlingeAzshara-EU232Not updated
50Canâ MoonzlingeAzshara-EU232Not updated
50Waero Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU232Not updated
50ßlxlß RefresheDAzshara-EU232Not updated
55Camuel CutAzshara-EU231Not updated
55Anteiá Black Rock ClanAzshara-EU231Not updated
55Ozekens Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU231Not updated
55Lekki Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU231Not updated
55Suhler Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU231Not updated
60Kenanfausto  Azshara-EU230Not updated
60Baero Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU230Not updated
60Elorment Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU230Not updated
60Cataria Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU230Not updated
64Linwankuen Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU229Not updated
64Lahna  Azshara-EU229Not updated
66Krollgar MoonzlingeAzshara-EU228Not updated
66Merturís eXiLiûMAzshara-EU228Not updated
66Achenuu Lost DestinyAzshara-EU228Not updated
66Elaelaelaela MoonzlingeAzshara-EU228Not updated
66Zayu Chromatische KolibrisAzshara-EU228Not updated
71Yarune AvalaniaAzshara-EU227Not updated
71Apothecarius CutAzshara-EU227Not updated
73Irõh Blazed RedemptionAzshara-EU226Not updated
73Evuldar SmashBrôthersAzshara-EU226Not updated
73Sedit HarlekinZAzshara-EU226Not updated
76Remdaklu Dark MojoAzshara-EU225Not updated
76Hoarmurat Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU225Not updated
76Nocthas  Azshara-EU225Not updated
76Elenâ Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU225Not updated
76Nue Drunken HeroesAzshara-EU225Not updated
81Cáym Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Müh Lost DestinyAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Bonestripper Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Nelacar SturmreiterAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Tschabysk CutAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Caedis Black Rock ClanAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Drumnb Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Lethøn Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU224Not updated
81Ardera Hominii NocturniAzshara-EU224Not updated
90Umhaunjetz CutAzshara-EU223Not updated
90Leiza Inglourious BAzshara-EU223Not updated
90Kituya  Azshara-EU223Not updated
90Neolithikum RESIDENT EVILAzshara-EU223Not updated
90Reversion Inglourious BAzshara-EU223Not updated
95Lifezone Lost DestinyAzshara-EU222Not updated

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