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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Faction Only Mounts
1Reichel Legiãø dø ApøcalipseAzralon-US279Not updated
2Terranoize DamnationAzralon-US278Not updated
3Phizix DamnationAzralon-US275Not updated
4Terranoise DamnationAzralon-US274Not updated
5Jovenzinha HazarDAzralon-US273Not updated
6Pinkie Murloc n RollAzralon-US270Not updated
6Cayennee UnscarreDAzralon-US270Not updated
8Arlethe Mighty DragonsAzralon-US268Not updated
9Kryptic A Game of RaidsAzralon-US266Not updated
10Hølywind ShowtimeAzralon-US261Not updated
11Protheuz Kamikaze RaidersAzralon-US256Not updated
12Archangelos Rise AboveAzralon-US255Not updated
12Chtm ShowtimeAzralon-US255Not updated
12Rallia  Azralon-US255Not updated
12Daniie A Rul Shach KigonAzralon-US255Not updated
12Palashb Pug and PrayAzralon-US255Not updated
17Arthas Ultimus EdictumAzralon-US254Not updated
18Véiodosaco ObscureArtAzralon-US252Not updated
19Furiel ShowtimeAzralon-US251Not updated
19Semperdão HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US251Not updated
19Entropius ExileAzralon-US251Not updated
22Juke DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US248Not updated
22Jackdaniell ExcidiumAzralon-US248Not updated
24Imorih Wasted YearsAzralon-US247Not updated
24Lightwraith ExileAzralon-US247Not updated
26Handor HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US246Not updated
27Hooroby The Last LegionAzralon-US245Not updated
27Austeru Sons of AesirAzralon-US245Not updated
29Demofire VipersAzralon-US244Not updated
30Arganthe Rise AboveAzralon-US243Not updated
30Cearáa DamnationAzralon-US243Not updated
32Mahht Blood FuryAzralon-US242Not updated
33Nathure Toca do GoblinAzralon-US241Not updated
33Psÿche Ultra ViolenceAzralon-US241Not updated
33Vastor Bro HymnAzralon-US241Not updated
36Chrony SeekAndDestroyAzralon-US240Not updated
36Lordderfell GUARDIANS REBORNAzralon-US240Not updated
36Tylord  Azralon-US240Not updated
39Ilithira Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US239Not updated
39Phey A Game of RaidsAzralon-US239Not updated
41Latskap Stack e AoEAzralon-US238Not updated
41Lockmau The RichAzralon-US238Not updated
41Paximmus Hell AngelSAzralon-US238Not updated
44Hitashi UltimaAzralon-US237Not updated
44Caçadorcaste FluxAzralon-US237Not updated
44Akrom PARAMITAAzralon-US237Not updated
44Xerneas Esquadrão SquirtleAzralon-US237Not updated
44Zandar Endless FearAzralon-US237Not updated
44Noroty DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US237Not updated
44Zonbi DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US237Not updated
51Derg DamnationAzralon-US236Not updated
51Dricawicca  Azralon-US236Not updated
51Miguël Ghøst MenaceAzralon-US236Not updated
51Sonata ExcidiumAzralon-US236Not updated
51Sawtina Toca do GoblinAzralon-US236Not updated
51Ryuki DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US236Not updated
57Kveldulf DamnationAzralon-US235Not updated
57Shinn WiderstandAzralon-US235Not updated
59Khiddo Ghøst MenaceAzralon-US234Not updated
59Lovy The True HordeAzralon-US234Not updated
59Sleepless ExcidiumAzralon-US234Not updated
59Dhemon Justiça feita no machadoAzralon-US234Not updated
59Tanx DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US234Not updated
59Dalvia  Azralon-US234Not updated
65Splinther Stack e AoEAzralon-US233Not updated
65Wish Keep CalmAzralon-US233Not updated
65Bellydancer Breaking DownAzralon-US233Not updated
65Ninawilliams Fear knightsAzralon-US233Not updated
69Haelan The Last LegionAzralon-US232Not updated
69Jimmyseven BullsAzralon-US232Not updated
69Raystelina Løg HørizønAzralon-US232Not updated
69Durgha Revenge of the DamnedAzralon-US232Not updated
69Backfire ExcidiumAzralon-US232Not updated
69Trafic ExileAzralon-US232Not updated
69Ryugalizer UndefeatedAzralon-US232Not updated
69Molly ValknutAzralon-US232Not updated

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