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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azjol-Nerub-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Eladriell Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU270Not updated
2Geestring Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU251Not updated
3Silvasurfa Fidelis AmicitiaAzjol-Nerub-EU244Not updated
4Aniz FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU241Not updated
5Adulian FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU240Not updated
6Swifthawk Just a FleshwoundAzjol-Nerub-EU238Not updated
6Randypandy Just a FleshwoundAzjol-Nerub-EU238Not updated
6Gnarlsbarkly A Little Bit RandomAzjol-Nerub-EU238Not updated
9Arithor A Little Bit RandomAzjol-Nerub-EU237Not updated
10Missbliss In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU235Not updated
10Soralon Just a FleshwoundAzjol-Nerub-EU235Not updated
12Infekt IntegerAzjol-Nerub-EU233Not updated
13Xinjiao  Azjol-Nerub-EU230Not updated
14Axiomw Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU229Not updated
14Stare ReanimateAzjol-Nerub-EU229Not updated
14Irrelevent  Azjol-Nerub-EU229Not updated
17Anorexia ReanimateAzjol-Nerub-EU228Not updated
18Eluna Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU227Not updated
19Algie ChewondisAzjol-Nerub-EU226Not updated
20Deathstroke Nox EternumAzjol-Nerub-EU225Not updated
20Reference The CircusAzjol-Nerub-EU225Not updated
22Tajak In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU224Not updated
22Kithren Foxy FightersAzjol-Nerub-EU224Not updated
22Tylanol A Little Bit RandomAzjol-Nerub-EU224Not updated
25Khonsu IncinerateAzjol-Nerub-EU223Not updated
26Caitir HavenAzjol-Nerub-EU222Not updated
26Voice Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU222Not updated
28Zervark ConsiliumAzjol-Nerub-EU221Not updated
29Cravex ConsiliumAzjol-Nerub-EU220Not updated
29Iceberg Act IVAzjol-Nerub-EU220Not updated
29Sinnister FlareAzjol-Nerub-EU220Not updated
32Thrôr Ember DawnAzjol-Nerub-EU217Not updated
32Follee QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU217Not updated
32Vikkie The ReunionAzjol-Nerub-EU217Not updated
35Bawss Blood Of InnocentsAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Maseli Brotherhood of the LightAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Teyendebe The Lost VikingsAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Avy NerubianAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Azriah ÇorruptAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Eolos The OutcastAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Ghostwalker HavenAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
35Tommieboy The Wolf PackAzjol-Nerub-EU216Not updated
43Trixies Acta Non VerbaAzjol-Nerub-EU215Not updated
43Bigbluejim HavenAzjol-Nerub-EU215Not updated
45Bunjo In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU214Not updated
45Osira IntegerAzjol-Nerub-EU214Not updated
45Lorthegar Nox EternumAzjol-Nerub-EU214Not updated
48Silverblast PiusAzjol-Nerub-EU213Not updated
48Markakozza The Moolah CartelAzjol-Nerub-EU213Not updated
48Ultrashadow Guardians Of ChaosAzjol-Nerub-EU213Not updated
48Warceng The Fallen OneAzjol-Nerub-EU213Not updated
48Tharísse Semper FidelisAzjol-Nerub-EU213Not updated
53Azzack ConsiliumAzjol-Nerub-EU212Not updated
53Dodgytank We Pro YoAzjol-Nerub-EU212Not updated
53Yiosakis Vita LunaAzjol-Nerub-EU212Not updated
53Kinomi Primal EvolutionAzjol-Nerub-EU212Not updated
57Shandara Shade of the MoonAzjol-Nerub-EU211Not updated
57Fïshtank ChewondisAzjol-Nerub-EU211Not updated
57Bobobobobo  Azjol-Nerub-EU211Not updated
60Ashanei QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU210Not updated
60Tankerbell QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU210Not updated
60Raquel QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU210Not updated
63Shoren ReanimateAzjol-Nerub-EU209Not updated
63Mykah The Wolf PackAzjol-Nerub-EU209Not updated
63Pukana In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU209Not updated
63Shaedes In AeternumAzjol-Nerub-EU209Not updated
63Solvang QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU209Not updated
68Growyrm QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
68Larvamortis QuartzAzjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
68Andunos ValhallAzjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
68Polydeuces  Azjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
68Lodewijkxvi zuupAzjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
68Awhorable  Azjol-Nerub-EU208Not updated
74Neetz  Azjol-Nerub-EU207Not updated
74Alensa  Azjol-Nerub-EU207Not updated
74Kitami Swe ParadiseAzjol-Nerub-EU207Not updated
77Xiombane Lost Souls Of The DarkAzjol-Nerub-EU206Not updated
77Iridia Iron BrewAzjol-Nerub-EU206Not updated

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